How to Fix Outside to Inside Golf Swing

What matters the most while taking a golf shot is your swing and club path!  Most amatuer golfers who take an outside-to-inside approach while swinging their club are often found struggling with it.  Are you one of them? Not anymore!  Dive deep into this conclusive guide to know everything on how to fix outside to … Read more

Golf Swing Types: Everything Explained!

If your golf game isn’t improving even after practicing hard and following proper golf instructions, you might need to pay attention to your golf swing style. Most PGA teachers try to teach their personal swing style because it helps them; however, it’s not necessary that the same approach will work for you.  Instead of practicing … Read more

How to Hang a Golf Impact Screen: Complete Guide!

The impact screen is important… not only because it displays the projected image but also because it tackles the impact of the golf balls that strike it.  As it affects your overall simulator experience, it’s necessary to make sure that it’s working perfectly, and for that, you must hang it in a balanced way.  Don’t … Read more

SkyTrak Connection Problems & Their Solutions

Owning a golf launch monitor is a privilege of a lifetime, especially when it’s a SkyTrak, but before you get overwhelmed by it, you should know about the connection problems that you may experience with it.  Sounds frustrating? Don’t worry because I’ve got your back!  Whether you own a SkyTrak or plan to buy one, … Read more

Tips to Reduce Golf Impact Screen Bounceback

Imagine getting yourself injured because your golf ball bounced back at you from your golf simulator impact screen… Awful!  But it can happen, and if you think I’m talking trash, you better watch this: Although the chances of a golf ball bouncing from the impact screen are rare, you can’t take the risk, provided the … Read more

Golf Impact Screen vs. Golf Hitting Net

Setting up a golf simulator at home can be a complicated task, particularly when you have to decide whether to purchase a golf impact screen or a golf hitting net because it shapes your overall golfing experience on your simulator setup.  As both of them come with pros and cons, most golfers are puzzled when … Read more

Retractable Golf Impact Screen Explained!

A golf impact screen is a must-have element in a simulator system for displaying the image and tackling the harsh impact of high-speed golf balls. However, it has problems associated with it, such as bounce-back and screen puckering.  Although there are multiple ways to deal with these issues, many golfers just don’t want to baffle … Read more

How to Clean a Golf Impact Screen

Many golfers didn’t expect their $1000 golf impact screen to get dirty, but as it tends to get dirty, cleaning a golf impact screen has become a hot topic on golf community forums. Just look at this post from the Golf Simulator forum: Looking for some advice on how to remove dirty ball marks from … Read more

How to Build a Golf Simulator Enclosure

Building a golf simulator enclosure is essential as it provides the necessary structure for a simulator setup and helps you to level up your game by opening multiple possibilities. Although it’s costly to purchase an enclosure and building one for yourself may seem difficult at first, with serious planning and some help from a friend, … Read more