Retractable Golf Impact Screen Explained!

A golf impact screen is a must-have element in a simulator system for displaying the image and tackling the harsh impact of high-speed golf balls. However, it has problems associated with it, such as bounce-back and screen puckering. 

Although there are multiple ways to deal with these issues, many golfers just don’t want to baffle their minds with them and that’s where retractable golf impact screens come in. 

If you’ve heard the name but don’t know enough about them, today is your lucky day because this conclusive guide contains everything you need to know on the subject matter. 

Let’s hop into it.

Types of Retractable Golf Impact Screen

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of retractable golf impact screens and discussing the available options in the market, let me give you some insight into its major types.

Manual Retractable Golf Impact Screen

Regarded as the most basic type, a manual retractable golf impact screen is popular among golfers because of its versatility and practicality.

A manual pull-and-release system operated by a hand crank is used to retract or extend the impact screen, allowing you to adjust it at your desired height.

Below is a visual demonstration of a manual retractable golf impact screen by The Lawn Engineer. He is using SIG™ PREFERRED FINISHED GOLF IMPACT SCREEN.

This guy is spilling deep details!

Furthermore, the manual impact screen is easy to install and can be used in a small place, which makes it an economical choice for most golfers.

Electric Retractable Golf Impact Screen

If manually operating your golf impact screen bothers you, look for an electrical retractable golf impact screen. 

Operated by a motor that automatically retracts or extends the screen, this impact screen is the optimal solution to satisfy your golfing needs. 

All you need to do is press the designated button, and your impact screen will drop down in front of you. Watch this YouTube video by KGG Sports to have a clear idea.

Nice and smooth!

As this Homecourse Retractable Impact Screen is electrically powered, its installation is a bit complex and costs more than a manual retractable impact screen. However, it’s faster and more reliable, making it worth every penny.

Hydraulic Retractable Golf Impact screen

A hydraulic retractable golf impact screen is the most upgraded type, which extends and retracts using a hydraulic pump.

Although it’s the most efficient innovation in retractable impact screens, most golfers don’t see it as a profitable option because of its high installation and maintenance costs. 

However, if you’re only looking for quality, this is the one you should get.

Best Overall Retractable Golf Impact Screen: Par2Pro Stealth Retractable Impact Screen

Credit to Par2Pro

I have ranked Par2Pro as the winner of the day not only because of its popularity among the golfer community but also because of its unmatched quality.

Powered with an electric motor, this retractable impact screen works with a remote control feature, which makes it a perfect choice for home garages, basements, and living areas. 

Regarding its quality, the impact screen is durable enough to remain flat even after a long time of use and provides the best combination of great impact protection, reduced bounceback, and low noise.

In addition, the picture quality of Par2Pro is second to none. The screen provides a smooth finish to show high-definition pictures with vibrant colors to elevate your golfing experience. 

The screen comes with a 107.5″ projectable height and various width measurements ranging from 8′ to 18′, allowing you to select the one that fits your surroundings and budget. 

Installing the screen is also easy and quick, which includes a few simple tools. It also includes an attachment pack that allows you to attach it to a SportScreen and the floor.

The only drawback of the Par2Pro impact screen is its price. However, if it means more than your money, I’ll give you a green signal.

Watch this YouTube video by Par2Pro Golf Simulator & Analyzer to see this retractable golf impact screen in action:

Retracts and expands real quick!


✅ High-definition picture

✅ Extremely durable

✅ Stays flat

✅ Noise cancellation 

✅ Low bounceback

✅ Bright white screen

✅ Includes attachment pack


❌ Expensive price

Runner-Up Retractable Golf Impact Screen: HomeCourse Retractable Golf Simulator Screen

Credit to ShopIndoorGolf

If you’re looking for a premium-quality retractable impact screen that allows you to turn your garage or living room into a golf simulator studio, HomeCourse might be your perfect choice.

This electrically powered impact screen provides the easy utility with a remote control feature and takes less than 30 seconds to drop down so you don’t have to wait every time you want to practice.

The screen provides surprising impact resistance by stopping the ball at point-blank distance. It also reduces most of the noise produced by golf balls. 

Another cool feature of this retractable impact screen is its rollback feature, which sends the ball right to your feet via little flexes at the screen bottom. 

The image quality of the HomeCourse impact screen is also very clear and vibrant, which provides a realistic on-course experience. 

Don’t believe me? Watch this YouTube video by Golf Swing Systems:

Seems cool to me!

Talking about the cons of this retractable golf impact screen, one is its installation, which is a bit tricky because of the complex electrical wiring, and the other is its price, which is even more than Par2Pro. 

If you can make a compromise with that, it’s worth giving it a try.


✅ Clear and vibrant image

✅ Premium quality

✅ Point-blank impact resistance

✅ Noise cancellation

✅ Remote control


❌ Complex installation

❌ Expansive price

Best Budget Retractable Golf Impact Screen: METech Impact Screen Ready-Made Kit

Credit to METechs

Want to enjoy the ease of using a retractable golf impact screen but don’t have enough money to spend? Don’t worry because we always have budget options, like this METech retractable impact screen. 

It’s also an electrically powered golf impact screen, but unlike others, it comes as a ready-made kit that requires no hassle in the installation, and you can easily mount it to a ceiling, wall, or any other angled surface.

Made with 100% polyester material, the screen provides good impact resistance against high-speed golf balls and has great soundproofing qualities. 

In addition, image projection is admirable because of its sharpness and clearness. 

The impact screen comes with a 120′ hanging height and multiple width options, ranging from 94′ to 105′, making it suitable for garage, basement, and commercial use. 

Although this retractable impact screen covers every basic feature, it’s not durable enough to last long and may interrupt the retractable function by getting damaged. 

Other than that, it’s a considerable option budget-wise. 


✅ Clear and vibrant image

✅ Impact resistance

✅ Noise cancellation

✅ Easy installation 

✅ 100% polyester build

✅ Economical price


❌ Not durable to last long

❌ May interrupt the retraction function if damaged 

Retractable Golf Impact Screen: The DIY Route

If you’re not convinced by a ready-to-install retractable golf impact screen, you can also go for a DIY project. However, for that, you need to have a proper understanding of the process, and who knows better than the one who’s already done the job?

Let’s hear it from pcgolfer who posted his DIY project details on the Golf Simulator Forum:

I made an attempt at a DIY retractable enclosure in December for my first ever build. I meant to make a post about it but I haven’t been too happy with it / I’m not quite finished yet. It’s functional so I’ve been spending my free time playing instead of tinkering (read the full post here

Didn’t get it from the post? Let’s break the whole process into a few simple steps:

  • Start with taking proper measurements of your space.
  • Attach two heavy-duty shelf brackets to the wall at the required height.
  • Place an EMT conduit over these brackets and secure it with a pillow block bearing.
  • Attach the impact screen to it.
  • Use an EMT conduit at the bottom of the screen for retraction purposes.
  • Attach a pulley system operated with a hand crank to provide manual retraction. 
  • Build the enclosure using curtains, securing it with heavy-duty velcro and fabric glue.
  • Test the system by moving the hand crank in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

Still confused? Watch this detailed YouTube video by The Lawn Engineer:

Very informative!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size retractable impact screen do I need?

The size of the impact screen you need depends on the size of the hitting area you’re looking to cover. To cover a small area, a smaller screen might be sufficient. However, if you’re looking to cover a larger area, such as a whole driving range, then you’ll need a larger screen.

Which type of retractable impact screen should I buy?

Well, there’s no right answer to this because that entirely depends on your requirements. If you play more often, getting an electric retractable impact screen would be beneficial. Looking from the budget point of view, a manual retractable screen will do great. 

How much room do I need behind the impact screen?

Normally, it’s recommended to leave at least 12’–16′ space between the impact screen and the rear wall for a proper golfing experience on a simulator system. 


No matter what your impact screen needs are, there’s a retractable golf impact screen that’s perfect for you. All you need to do is to dig deep enough to find it, and this article will be your ultimate guide in doing that.

Before I leave, here are some bonus tips to help you find the right one.

First, consider where you will be using the screen. You can choose a smaller screen that’s easier to store if you’re going to use it at home. 

Next, consider your budget. Retractable golf impact screens can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Choose the one that fits your pocket and meets your needs.

Finally, be sure to read the reviews. The best way to judge a product is by the opinions of those who have used it.

Catch you at the next one! 

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