How to Fix Outside to Inside Golf Swing

What matters the most while taking a golf shot is your swing and club path! 

Most amatuer golfers who take an outside-to-inside approach while swinging their club are often found struggling with it. 

Are you one of them? Not anymore! 

Dive deep into this conclusive guide to know everything on how to fix outside to inside golf swing.   

With me!

How Outside-to-Inside Golf Swing Can Become a Problem?

Before we even get into the discussion about fixing your outside-to-inside golf swing, it’s important to understand how it can become a problem for you.  

Here’s what happen when you hit the ball from outside;

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As you swing your club, assuming that the clubface is square to the target line on impact, you  may get subjected to slice. 

Although you were thinking that the ball will curve back to the right as you approach it from the left, things don’t always go 100% as planned and that’s exactly where the problem occurs.  

To save yourself from the slice, you must fix that problem! 

How to Fix Your Outside-to-Inside Golf Swing? 

Now that you know how an outside-to-inside golf swing can become problematic for you, let’s look at some key steps to fix it.

1. Fix Your Takeaway

Many right handed golfers are set to approach the ball through an outside-in swing from the moment their club goes into motion.

You might assume that your club goes for the outside swing path on takeaway but actually you’re setting it for an inside path.

The real problem in this situation is with your takeaway. 

When you’re swinging your golf club, try turning your shoulders away from the target while keeping your hands and wrists quiet at the beginning. 

This will take your club on a correct path, allowing you to avoid the slice and execute a proper takeaway.   

2. Improve Your Transition

Rushing your transition from backswing to downswing can be beneficial for gaining speed and hitting the ball with full potential. 

However, it may get you in trouble with your outside-to-inside swing.   

What happens here is that your legs stick in a place and you don’t get enough time to rotate your lower body toward the target.

This causes a poor execution of outside-in swing, allowing the slice to follow.

To fix your transition, take time to smoothly switch from backswing to downswing, letting your lower body move before hitting the ball. 

You can also try hitting some short range targets to improve your transition.

3. Take a Break From the Course

Although the issue happens while you’re on the course, it can be cured off the course! 

When playing on the course, you’re confident with your default swing style and prefer to play with it even if it’s not correct. 

Taking a break from the course and practicing different routes to break your previous swinging habit can help you get on the right track. 

You can start with taking professional instruction, swing lectures and practicing various drills to fix your outside-to-inside swing.      

Here’s a swing improvement lecture from Danny Maude YouTube channel; 

Pro tips  from Danny Maude!

It won’t be easy for you to take that path but once you get over it, things will be better in the long term. 

Effective Drills to Improve Your Outside-to-Inside Swing

As I’ve mentioned that you can practice various drills to fix your slice, let’s have a brief look at them. 

1. The Tees Drill

If you have a grass practice area, using the tees as training aid can be helpful for improving your club path.

The drill works in a simple way. 

  • Create a line of tees, placing them next to each other and parallel to the target line. 
  • Now place the golf ball in that line and hit it using the outside-in approach. 
  • This will provide a great feedback, sending you clubhead in a proper outside-to-inside direction. 
  • You can also reverse the tee positions to test your swing using irons.
  • Hit the golf ball with solid contact and clip the tee just after the impact. 

For more understanding, watch this youtube video from Golf Channel;

This is so simple!

2. The TV Drill

Upon taking your golf shot, you try pointing the butt end of your golf club to the out and right side of the target line.   

However, most golfers make small mistakes during this process which results in unexpected outcomes. 

Here’s the cure for it using the TV Drill;

  • Take your regular setup and head on to your practice range.
  • Swing back and through slowly, moving your body in a flexible way.
  • When your hands are high, see if your club’s butt end is pointed right of the tangent line
  • Execute you swing while focusing on your clubpath

Although it looks like normal practice, it’s essential to build a specific angle for hitting the golf ball properly. 

Once your angle is fixed, your clubface will be square to the target, resulting in a beautiful draw.   

For more insight hop in this YouTube video by US Golf TV

Looks basic and effective!

3. The Counter Aim Drill

Aiming your target is also important while taking a golf shot and it is hard for amatuer golfers to simultaneously focus on their aim and the clubface direction.  

That’s where the Counter Aim Drill comes in!

The technique is to aim your clubface and body in opposite directions allowing your clubface to stay square while the club path shifts towards right. 

To practice the drill;

  • Start with aiming your clubface at the target.
  • Aim your body to the right of the target.
  • Take the shot.

Wanna know more about it? Hop into this YouTube video by Matt Fryer Golf;

The best aim improvement drill!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are right-handed golfers more subjected to slice?

Normally, right handed golfers approach the ball through an outside-in swing from the moment their club goes into motion. This sets them for the inside path on takeaway, resulting in a slice. 

Should I swing outside-in or inside-out?

As swinging outside-in often results in slice, amatues golfers are advised to swing inside-out to promote better draw ball flight and distance. 

Which is the best drill to improve your swing with Irons? 

Practicing Counter Aim Drill with a set of 6-Irons is best from improving your swing.

Final Thoughts: How to Fix Outside-to-Inside Golf Swing?

Hitting your golf ball with an appropriate golf swing is crucial for bearing out proper results. 

As most golfers are accustomed to an outside-to-inside swing from early stages, it is difficult to break old habits. 

However, this conclusive guide includes everything that you need to fix the problems associated with this type of swing. 

Stilling have a question? Jump into the comment box!

Happy golfing! 

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