What is Mini Golf? Is It the Same As the Putt-Putt?

Are you a golf lover who doesn’t find enough time from his busy schedule to pursue their passion? Why don’t you try mini-golf?

Even if you’re a normal person who just wants to have some recreational fun, mini-golf is your answer. 

Don’t know much about it? Worry not and dive deep into this conclusive guide to know everything about mini-golf.

With me! 

What’s Mini Golf: A Brief Overview!

If you wanna enjoy the thrill of golf in a casual manner, mini-golf is exactly what you’re looking for!

It’s simply a miniaturized form of real golf, which mostly focuses on short games such as putting and chipping. 

The only difference is that you use a putter throughout the game instead of drivers and irons.   

As mini-golf doesn’t require you to have an athletic body and professional golfing skills, it’s a huge source of entertainment, even for non-golfers. 

Furthermore, it can be treated as a great training tool for practicing short games in less time. 

Have a look at the complete 18-hole round of mini-golf in this youtube video by That’s Amazing;

That is amazing!

How to Play Mini Golf: Mini-Golf Rules

Now that you have an idea about mini-golf, you might be thinking about how to play it. I’ve got you there! 

Mini-golf is played in groups of four or fewer to ensure that you’re having a quality time on the course. 

A standard round consists of 18 holes; however, you can choose between multiple options depending on how much time you wanna spend on it. 

The options include;

  • 9-Hole
  • 18-Hole
  • 27-Hole
  • 36-Hole

For more on mini golf length, hop into this article.

The round starts when the first player to get the putter and golf ball plays his shot. 

Before he proceeds to the next hole, every other player in the group must take their first shot.

You’ll have a limit of six shots per hole to putt the ball. If you can’t, you’ll move to the next hole. 

Mini-golf courses also contain obstacles and hurdles like sand traps, water traps, windmills, and loops. 

If by any chance, your ball goes off the course or into the water trap, it’ll be replaced from where you hit the ball. 

The score is calculated based on strokes. Whoever completes the round with the minimum number of strokes wins the game! 

For more insight on mini golf rules, watch this youtube video by Putt U Miniature Golf

Explained nicely! 

Keep this in Mind while Playing Mini-Golf: Tips & Tricks

While playing mini-golf, you need to ensure that you’re playing it right. Let’s look at a few tips & tricks that can significantly enhance your game.

1. Start With the Basics

Playing mini golf may look similar to regular golf, but that’s not the case as the course is smaller and the rules are different. 

Hitting a ball from a short distance requires proper putting skills, a firm grip on precision, and the ability to analyze each shot simultaneously. 

You can achieve this by choosing the right putter that provides comfort and ease of use. 

2. Analyze the Course

Mini golf courses come with various designs and obstacle details which means that you can’t win the game using the same approach every time. 

I mean, you’ll have to play different speeds, angles, and techniques whenever you enter a new course. 

That’s why I’d recommend analyzing the course before you begin to play because it allows you to plan your strategy as you go along. 

Some golf courses also offer maps to guide you through your game, but if there isn’t one, just take an overview of the playing area and plan your way through the game. 

3. Improve Your Stance 

Focusing on your body posture and foot stance while playing mini golf is crucial for playing a proper putting shot. 

Normally, your back should be at 40-45 degrees, while your shoulders and feet should be in a slightly wider position to make you feel relaxed and confident.

Improving your stance also helps with the assessment of ball speed and distance and visualizing the outcome of your shots prior to playing it. 

4. Use Your Imagination to Visualize the Outcome

Mini golf allows you to plan your shots carefully.

This provides you with enough time to imagine the result of every shot before even playing it. 

Plus, you can also imagine the flight and the role of a golf ball and its behavior with the putting green obstacles to help you become an experienced putter.    

Many professional golfers use this technique to play accurate putts; however, It’s not wise for you to expect the same results because it takes a lot of practice to improve your visualization capabilities.   

5. Focus on Your Ball Speed & Distance Control

Hitting your ball with a precise amount of force is key to controlling the ball’s speed.

Once you master the ball’s speed, you’ll know exactly how much force it requires to land the ball closer to the hole. 

Certain factors affecting the ball speed include putting green conditions like slopes, contours, side banking, and obstacles.

Tacking these technicalities requires the player to have considerable ball speed and distance control abilities. 

6. Use Hand-Eye Coordination

Mini-golf players require a high degree of hand-eye coordination to hit a putt in the center of the club head and return the putter to a desired position.

Furthermore, there’s also the need to control the putter path direction and club face angle for playing a standard shot.  

Using proper hand-eye coordination can help a lot in scoring high without even using much skill and technique.  

Mini golf vs. Putt-Putt Golf: Are They Same?

Besides mini-golf, you must’ve heard about putt-putt golf. 

Both terms are often confused, but are they really the same, or is there a difference? Let’s find out!

As I’ve already discussed mini-golf, I’ll just go with a brief overview of putt-putt golf and then move on to the difference between the two.

What is Putt-Putt Golf?  

Putt-Putt golf is a modern but simple version of mini-golf that requires even less skill to play. 

The courses are designed with easy obstacles such as ramps, pipes, rails, and statues to lower the difficulty and provide a fascinating look. 

In addition to this, it’s relatively faster to play, which makes it more popular among common people.

Difference Between Mini-Golf & Putt-Putt Golf

Here are the basic differences between mini-golf and putt-putt golf;

Mini-GolfPutt-Putt Golf
All players play their strokes before moving to the next hole.The first player must finish a round before the second player starts.
Par ranges from 2-6 for each holeMaximum par of 2 for each hole
Includes obstacles like sand traps, water traps, and pits Includes obstacles like rails, pipes, and slopes

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to play 18 holes of mini-golf?

An 18-hole round of mini golf roughly takes 2-3 hours, depending on your playing speed and style. 

Does mini-golf require proper skill?

Although playing mini-golf requires proper putting techniques, even a non-golfer with almost zero skills can play a good 9-hole round.

What kind of golf clubs are used for Playing Mini-Golf?

Mini golf mostly involves putting, and putters are the standard golf clubs used to play the last strokes and knock the ball into the hole. Mini-golf putters are slightly different from real putters.

Final Thoughts: What is Mini-Golf?

Although mini-golf seems like a casual game, it’s an official sport played all over the world. 

Furthermore, it’s great for recreational activity and can use as an effective training tool for improving your short game. 

As I’ve discussed everything in this conclusive guide, it can be referred to as a beacon whenever you need to satisfy your queries regarding mini-golf. 

Happy golfing!  


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