How Long Does Mini Golf Take? Let’s Find Out!

Whether you’re a golfer or just another person who wants to enjoy some leisure time, playing mini-golf can be the best recreational activity for you. 

Furthermore, the game doesn’t take 3-4 hours to play an 18-hole round which makes it even suitable for taking a short break from a busy routine. 

How long does mini golf take? It depends on several factors and today’s article includes everything you need to know about them!

Let’s hop into it! 

Factors Affecting the Length of Your Mini Golf

Before discussing the deep details about how long does mini-golf take, let’s put some light on the factors that affect the length of your mini-golf round. 

1. Size of Mini-Golf Course

Size matters, especially when you’re going to play mini-golf! 

Playing a complete round on a 15000 sq.ft course takes twice as long as compared to playing a 6000 sq.ft course. 

In addition to this, it’ll also affect the number of holes you’ll be able to play. 

Larger the size of the mini-golf course, larger the opportunity to play more numbers of holes.

2. Difficulty Level of the Course

Different mini-golf courses have different difficulty levels which affects the overall time consumed in completing a round. 

Courses that include tricky obstacles like sand traps, watering holes and loops, have a higher degree of difficulty, thus, take more time to compete.

Watch this short youtube video by @samjagoda to have a better idea about mini-golf course difficulty; 

3. Your Golfing Skill

In addition to the difficulty level of a mini-golf course, your golfing skills also matter a lot in determining the overall completion time of your mini-golf round.

An experienced golfer can better predict the course conditions and it takes minimum numbers of strokes for him to complete a round. 

This takes him one step ahead of a normal person. In other words, he’s faster than a normal person!

4. Number of Strokes

The length of your mini-golf game also depends on the number of strokes it takes you to get the ball in the hole.

If you can manage to putt the ball in minimum strokes, you’ll be done with a round in comparatively less time.  

5. Who’s in Your Team?

Young golfers are more efficient in playing mini-golf as compared to children or senior golfers. 

This is because children take more time in analyzing the game and older people are slower in moving around the course. 

Depending upon who’s playing in your team, your mini-golf timing will be affected. 

6. Number of Players at the Facility

The total number of players at the mini-golf facility also affects the timing of your mini-golf game.

If you visit the course in peak timings, you can expect to wait for a long time in the queue.

Most people visit the course on Saturdays and Sundays where the course is busy. if you don’t wanna wait, it’s advised to visit in non-peak timings. 

How Long Does a Normal Round of Mini-Golf Take?

Generally, there’s no fixed timeframe for playing a round of mini golf; however, based on the numbers of holes and the players, here are some approximate timings. 

How Long Does a 9-Hole Round Take?

A 9-hole is the shortest round of mini golf which doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete. 

If you have good golfing skills and there are 4 players on the course, you can be done with playing a round in 20-25 minutes.  

How Long Does an 18-Hole Round Take?

An 18-hole is a full round of mini-golf which takes around 40-45 minutes. This is almost double as compared to a 9-hole round.

How Long Does a 27-Hole Round Take?

For those who wanna spend at least an hour on a mini-golf course, playing a 27-hole round is the best option. 

Sometimes, It can even take more than 60 minutes if you’re playing casually.

How Long Does a 36-Hole Round Take?

Most people play a 36-hole only for practicing as it takes more time and effort. 

A normal 36-hole round of mini-golf will take 80-100 minutes, again, depending on your golfing skills, playing style and numbers of players on course. 

Number of HolesTime Required
9-Hole20-25 minutes 
18-Hole40-45 minutes 
27-Hole60-70 minutes 
36-Hole80-100 minutes 

How to Play a Fast Round of Mini-Golf?

Although mini-golf is now a short game of golf, it can become even shorter if you play fast enough.

I mean, a complete 18-hole round that consumes 40-45 minutes can be played in 20-25 minutes by following specific steps;

  • The first person to get the putter and the golf ball immediately starts playing. 
  • As he moves to the next hole, the other players start playing other holes, cruising through the course randomly. 
  • Every golfer keeps their score to them while putting simultaneously. 

Although this technique is fast, it requires you to know the course by heart and be precise in your strokes.

If you’re an experienced golfer, you’ll easily putt one hole is 1 minute and the whole 18-hole round won’t take more than 20 minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take your personal golf club to a mini-golf course?

All mini-golf facilities provide special putters to the player; however you’re free to bring your own putter to the course. 

What is the average size of a mini-golf course?

On an average, mini-golf courses range from 6000-20000 sq.ft, in terms of their size.

How does rain affect the length of your mini-golf game? 

If it rains before or during your mini-golf game, you’ll need to wait depending on the course conditions which delays the completion of the round. 

Final Thoughts

Playing mini-golf is a great way to enjoy your fun hour, particularly if you don’t have much time to indulge yourself in time taking activities. 

As I have laid down every bit of information you need to know on “how long does mini golf take?” In this conclusive guide, I think there’s nothing much left to discuss. 

Before leaving for your nearest mini-golf course, make sure to green check all the factors affecting the length of your game and you’ll be alright.  

Happy golfing!   

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