Can You Play Mini-Golf When Pregnant?

Are you a female golfer who’s expecting to be a mother? Then you might be curious whether playing mini-golf is one of the several things you’ll need to avoid in your current situation! 

Most obstetricians will recommend you not to, but you must’ve heard about Made in Chelsea star Luise Thompson, who cradled her bump into a mini golf course. 

Although the answer to this question doesn’t seem straight, this conclusive guide will address all your queries regarding playing mini-golf when you’re pregnant!

Let’s hop into it!

It All Depends Upon the Trimester You’re In… 

Playing mini-golf while pregnant comes with potential risks and hazards, not just for you but also for your baby. 

As your body goes through different changes over the course of pregnancy, it’s important to manage through these phases for playing mini-golf. 

First Trimester

A common phenomenon that many pregnant women experience through their first trimester is fatigue and sickness, but this shouldn’t stop you from playing mini-golf. 

Going through hormonal changes may detract your interest in golf, but you can try life hacks to overcome the energy deficit. 

Reducing the number of holes and not going too hard on your golf swings also helps you maintain the necessary conditions for your baby’s safety. 

Second Trimester

The second trimester is a critical stage of pregnancy because every movement you make directly impacts your womb.   

As your belly starts protruding, the shift in your body’s center of mass may have a negative effect on your game. 

However, you’re also recovering from first-trimester symptoms, which means that you’ll regain your regular energy to practice mini-golf. 

Wearing golf maternity gear can make you comfortable and ensure your baby’s safety while swinging. 

Although your movements are restricted, you’ll still be able to keep your posture in place for enjoying a round of mini-golf.

Here’s a glimpse of real-life mini-golf experience during pregnancy from lpgawomensnetwork;  

This was the best trimester for me to play and practice because I had more energy and my bump wasn’t big enough to be in the way.  Over time, my center of mass started to lower slightly and with the added weight it kept my posture in place through the swing. 

Trillium Rose

Third Trimester

At this final stage of your pregnancy, you’ll be making plans about the baby’s delivery which is a sensitive matter. 

In addition to the increase in your weight, you’ll also experience nausea and fatigue as you did in the first trimester. 

This is a clear caution for you to slow down!

While you’re on a mini-golf course, avoid unnecessary walks and use a golf cart instead to conserve your energy. 

Plus, make sure that you’re accompanied by a partner who collects your golf balls, as I wouldn’t recommend you bend in this condition. 

Tips to Comfortably Play Mini-Golf During Pregnancy 

Besides the risks associated with playing mini-golf during pregnancy, you can still manage to enjoy the game by following a few useful tips that help you keep safe on a golf course.

Let’s have a brief look at them;

Focus on Your Swing and Balance

Focusing on your swing and balance while you’re in the early stages of pregnancy will not only improve your ability to play efficiently but also keeps you optimistic and energetic. 

As the hormonal shifts in the body soften your muscles, swinging too hard can cause severe aches and scratchiness.

Plus, you also need to keep yourself balanced to avoid falling. 

This can be achieved by going easy on your swing and maintaining a smooth tempo that keeps your body balanced. 

Once you get used to this, you’ll have a finer experience than you expected.

Watch this youtube video by Learn Golf from Scratch For a better understanding;

Just observe and apply!

Stay Hydrated & Pack Snacks 

Staying hydrated plays a key role in boosting your energy and limiting fatigue while playing mini-golf. 

Taking random sips of water and crunches of snacks can maintain your glucose level to help you keep fresh.

Not just this, but it also helps your baby stay nourished. 

However, I’d recommend you avoid eating too much to save yourself from feeling dizzy or fainting.

Slow Down A Bit & Breathe Fresh Air

While playing a 9-hole round of mini-golf, a true golfer is always enthusiastic about beating every hole; however, preggos aren’t recommended to go that hard on their passion. 

Slowing down a bit to regain your energy levels is a great way of compromising the adverse impacts of physical activity on your overall health.

In addition to this, taking fresh air and sunshine will improve physical strength by providing the necessary amount of Vitamin D to your body.  

Just play a few holes randomly, take the necessary breaks, and enjoy your day!   

Use Putter Suction Cup 

Putter suction cups are meant for older people with pot bellies who’re unable to bend to collect the golf balls. 

This can also be used by pregnant women to eliminate the need for bending.

All you need is to attract the suction cup to the top of your putter’s grip and press it on the ball to suck it up. 

Now lift the putter and grab the ball from it. Simple!   

Use a Golf Cart      

Walking improves your heart rate and ability to overcome physical activities like golfing; however, on warmer days, it can also become a risk.

As pregnant women are prone to heatstroke, dehydration, and fatigue, it’s best to use a golf cart instead of walking. 

This not only keeps you safe on the course but also conserves your energy to help you play efficiently. 

Avoid Playing in the Last Month of Pregnancy  

Unexpected events are expected in your final month of pregnancy. At this stage, any physical activity can compromise your baby’s safety. 

Furthermore, the slightest mishap can cause internal and external injuries, which only makes the whole thing more complex.  

Due to these reasons, you should consider quitting golf until you deliver your baby. 

Watch Blair O’Neal talking about golfing while pregnant in this youtube video by Golf Channel;

Every pregnant woman should watch this! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I play mini-golf after giving birth?

If you went through a normal delivery, you can play mini-golf after 6-7 weeks however, if you underwent a C-Section, you should wait for 12-13 weeks before continuing your game. 

Is it safe to play 18 holes of mini-golf during pregnancy?

Generally, it’s considered a safe activity for pregnant women, but you can’t just go on and play like normal golfers. Consulting a doctor and taking necessary precautions are a must for your safety.

What activities should pregnant women avoid while playing mini-golf?

To keep yourself healthy and sound, try not to swing too hard, avoid walking and keep yourself hydrated while playing mini-golf.  

Final Thoughts: Can You Play Mini Golf When Pregnant

Although playing mini-golf is safer as compared to other sports, indulging yourself in any kind of physical activity isn’t recommended during pregnancy. 

If you still wanna golf, this article provides you with every information regarding playing mini-golf during pregnancy.

However, before you leave for the course, don’t forget to consult your doctor!  

Happy golfing! 

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