Mini Golf Course Ideas: Themes, Obstacles, Elements, and More

Whether you’re starting a mini-golf business or just setting up a course at home, you want your mini-golf space to look fantastic. 

Looking for some ideas? 

Today’s your lucky day because this conclusive guide contains the best mini-golf course ideas including themes, obstacles, elements and more.

Let’s hop into it!

First Things First: Important Factors to Consider!

Before we discuss our mini-golf course ideas, let’s bring some considerable factors under the spotlight.

1. Location of Mini-Golf Course

Mini golf can be played in both indoor and outdoor environments and it affects the overall features of a mini-golf course.

That’s why it’s important to note the location of a mini-golf course before brainstorming its theme or design.

2. Size/Area of Min-Golf Course

The area affects a mini-golf course in the same way its location does.

In addition it also decides the type of decorations and size of obstacles which can be used in a mini-golf course. 

A small size mini-golf course can facilitate small obstacles like loops, swings and tunnels whereas you can fit mazes, water traps and other big hurdles in a large size mini-golf course.

3. Difficulty of the Course

A mini-golf course is designed and decorated based on the required difficulty level. 

If you’re building a course with a low difficulty level, you’ll only have limited options to choose from.

For a course with higher difficulty, multiple hurdles and obstacles are available. 

4. Number of Holes

Typically, a mini-golf course has either 9-holes or 18-holes depending upon its length.

However, these holes have hurdles and obstacles placed before or next to them. 

Having a greater number of holes in your mini-golf course increases the opportunity of placing more obstacles which affects both the design and difficulty of the course.   

Mini-Golf Course Ideas

1. Best Overall Idea

Mini golf mostly is played for fun!

That’s why the best idea for building a mini-golf course includes creating an environment which inspires you to have fun.  

Start with spectacular design which includes lighting, water, fire features, landscaping and changes in elevation. 

Choose a balanced difficulty to address all your putting needs.

Give yourself the opportunity to decide on the number of holes, obstacles, contours, and other customization of your own choice. 

This kind of design won’t just be catchy but will also be practical. 

Watch this YouTube video by Roger Knight to have a better understanding;


2. The Themed Mini Golf Course

Themed mini-golf courses are quite common and are very attractive for many costumes.

Many famous indoor golf courses follow iconic themes like Jurassic World, tropical safai and dragon’s quest.   

You can either adapt these or create new ones as per your taste and customer demand. 

However, don’t stress on copying the exact same style. 

Take the liberty of customizing your mini-golf course as per your requirements, resources and limitations.

Here’s a Youtube video from Brooks Holt to give you a real time experience of a themed mini-golf course;

 There’s giant Dinosaurs in there!

3. Indoor Mini-Golf Course 

Constructing a mini-golf course in an indoor environment is beneficial in multiple ways.

First it lets you enjoy the game irrespective of weather. 

Second, it comes with multiple options to decorate your course, particularly for playing at night. 

You can start with a basic layout plan and enhance it further with various hurdles and obstacles like windmills, railroads, statues, tunnels and much more.

In addition, there is always room for ambiance and lighting. 

Use spotlights, neon signs and glow-in-the-dark themes to level-up your mini-golf course.

You can also take inspiration from KISS by Monster Mini-Golf or Twilight Zone Mini-Golf for even better ways to decorate your course. 

Wanna take a look? Hop into this YouTube video by Explore Vegas

This is epic!

4. Adventure Mini-Golf Course   

Adventure golf is one of the most sought after types of mini-golf. 

If you’re lucky to have a large area and natural resources which suit an adventure mini-golf course, why go for anything other than this? 

But you go for it to make sure that you’re fully aware of its limitations and obligations.

First, stay away from man-made obstacles and try using on-course resources to create whirls, dives and pitfalls.

Second, you’ve to focus on creating natural hurdles like sand traps and waterfalls.

For a better idea, watch this YouTube video by meetoo;

A lot of fun! 

Coming towards decorations, you can use tropical plants, gigantic animals and other large sized statues.       

You can also go for themes like pirate island, jurassic world or safari park. 

5. The Budget Route

If you don’t have enough resources to build an epic mini-golf course, limiting yourself to the basics is a wise move.

A straightforward design with minimalist features will maximize the space and keep the installation cost low at the same time.

You won’t have too many options, such as adding hurdles and contours, but at least you’ll get a facility to enjoy your leisure time.

Furthermore, It’ll be super easy to build and doesn’t consume much time. 

All you need is a basic layout plan, some minimal decorations and mandatory obstacles to build one for yourself. 

Check out this YouTube video by NothingTo DoCrew that can be used as an effective guide for building a budget mini-golf course;

Build it in under an hour! 

How to Construct? 

Building a mini-golf course isn’t rocket science but it takes a lot of time and energy.

However, you can make it easy by breaking it into steps and focusing on the task at hand. 

From planning the layout to providing the final touch, there’s a stepwise process to be followed. 

The easiest way is to hire a contractor who’ll get your job done for you, but If you’re a DIY guy, this YouTube video by beckyradmini golf might help.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How many players can play a round of mini-golf?

It’s recommended to not exceed the limit of five players per round to play a comfortable and safe game according to mini-golf etiquette. 

What is the size of a mini-golf hole?

The average depth of a mini-golf hole is 4 inches, and the average diameter is 4.25 inches.

How long does it take to play 18 holes of mini-golf?

An 18-hole round of mini golf roughly takes 2-3 hours depending on your playing speed and style. 

Wrapping Up: Mini Golf Course Ideas

Mini-golf is a fun sport and it should be played that way!  

To make it happen, you need to have an entertaining environment that’s both practical and eye-catching at the same time. 

As this article includes the most amusing mini-golf courses ideas for both domestic and commercial use, it can always be referred to as a beacon. 

You can pick the idea that suits you best in terms of both cost and quality, but make sure to cover important perimeters as a minimal error can result in a major disappointment.

Happy golfing!   

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