Best Office Putting Set: Top Picks!

Looking for some product advice on best office putting sets?

Whether you wanna bond with your coworkers or just enjoy some leisure time, I’ve come up with the best office putting sets available on the market, in this conclusive guide. 

Let’s hop into it!

What is the Best Office Putting Set?

Based on my research, I rank GoSports Battle Putting Game as the best office putting set because it includes the whole equipment and has a premium build quality. 

I also considered Neon Executive Putting Set but because it lacks a putting mat, I’ve ranked it as runner-up of the day. 

I’ve also evaluated some other products on the similar parameters that I’ve used for the above discussed products.

Here are my top 5 best office putting sets:

1. Overall Best:  GoSports Battle Putting Game

2. Runner Up: Neon Executive Putting Set

3. Best Putting Experience:SLZK Putting Carpet

4. Best Portable Design: JEFF World Putting Cup 

5. Notable Mention: GoSports Pure Putt Challenge Mini Golf Course

Overall Best: GoSports Battle Putting Game

Credit to amazon

I’ve ranked Amazon’s Choice, GoSports Battle Putting Game as today’s winner because of its satisfied community reviews, wonderful quality, and unmatched features.

The putting green mat is designed for 2-on-2 mini golf battles, which’s a great way to enjoy with colleagues and friends at the office. 

Thanks to its portable design, you can also take it to house parties and picnic events.  

Coming towards the quality, it’s a premium build. 

The putters are made of aluminum material, while the mat mimics real green grass. 

One of the best things about this putting set is that you don’t have to buy anything separately. 

The package includes the following; 

  • Putting green (1x)
  • Putting cups (2x)
  • Two-way putters (2x)
  • Putting cups (12x)

In terms of price, the putting set is a bit expensive, but it’s a great value for money.

Want more insight? Watch this YouTube by The Novoa Family;

Pretty decent putting game! 

Pros and Cons of GoSports Battle Putting Game

✅ Premium built
✅ Includes everything
✅ Best for office use
✅ 2-on-2 putting game
❌ Expensive 

Runner Up: Neon Executive Putting Set

Credit to amazon

Whether you want to kill extra time at the office or you’re planning a trip with friends, the Neon Executive Putting Set can be your ultimate partner. 

The package includes a putter, two golf balls, and a putting hole, all packed in a premium-quality case that’s small enough to be carried with one hand. 

The case has straps inside that hold the golf equipment for maximum protection.

The putter and the putting hole are made with good-quality aluminum material to ensure durability,  so you get value for money.

However, the light weight of the putting hole needs to be improved so that it stays in place while you’re having a putting practice session. 

Besides the putting hole, it is a reliable choice!

Pros and Cons of Neon Executive Putting Set

✅ Includes complete kit
✅ Includes protective case
✅ Portable design
✅ Best for home and office use
❌ Putting hole is lightweight

Best Putting Experience: SLZK Putting Carpet

Credit to amazon

SLZK Putting Carpet offers a quality putting experience with its finely built carpet and ball return function that ensures a firm stance. 

Its portable size measuring 9′ x18″, can be easily adjusted in your office or any other place to enjoy the putting game.

The surface of the mat has stroke alignment guides printed at 3, 5, and 7 feet, allowing you to practice three key putting lengths.

To increase your competency, the putting hole is provided on an inclined ramp, which may disturb your viewing angle, but after a few hours of regular practice, you’ll get used to it. 

Coming towards its drawbacks, it doesn’t include golf clubs and golf balls, which you’d have to purchase separately.

Need more insight? check out this YouTube video by SLZK:

Great for game improvement! 

Pros and Cons of SLZK Putting Carpet

✅ Premium built
✅ Ball return feature
✅ Training assists Marked distances
❌ Has a steep on-ramp incline
❌ Doesn’t include golf putters  

Best Portable Design: JEFF World Putting Cup

Credited to amazon

Want to practice putting anywhere, anytime? JEF Putting Cup can make that happen! 

Because of its lightweight build and portable design, you can play wherever you want.

It works on a battery to provide a ball return feature, which makes it easy to practice putting… All you need is a ball and a putter!

The product is made durable with A-grade plastic material, and to bring some realism, it features a green mat with white markings, which improve alignment.

Want to know how it works? Watch this YouTube video by lehllle


Pros and Cons of JEFF World Putting Cup

✅ Lightweight and portable design
✅ Automatic ball return feature
✅ Reasonable price
❌ Doesn’t include putters and balls
❌ Battery is cheap

Notable Mention: GoSports Pure Putt Challenge Mini Golf Course

Credit to Amazon

The GoSports Pure Putt Challenge is another exciting putting game for all golfers who want more than just putting practice. 

You can add up to four players to play different putting challenges, making it the best choice for a home or office putting setup. 

To ensure durability, the mat is woven with premium material that can be easily rolled out so you can take it anywhere you want. 

Additionally, the cutting mat is printed like a mini golf course to add realism to your game. It also comes in another design for shuffleboard and curling for maximum fun.

The package includes the following;

  • 10-foot premium putting rug (1X)
  • Premium colorful golf balls (16X)
  • Scoreboard (1X)

Pros and Cons of GoSports Pure Putt Chalange Mini Golf Course

✅ Good-quality material
✅ Colorful practice balls
✅ Can be played by up to 4 players
✅ Two game options: Original Pure Putt Challenge and ShuffleBoard & Curling
❌ Doesn’t include putters

Quick Comparison of Best Office Putting Sets

Here’s my rating of above discussed best office putting sets in a quick comparison;

ProductsGoSports Battle Putting GameNeon Executive Putting SetSLZK Putting CarpetJEFF World Putting CupGoSports Pure Putt Challenge Mini Golf Course
No. of Players2-4 players1 player2 players1 player1-4 players
MaterialAluminum and plasticPlastic and MetalPlastic and foamPlastic and metalPlastic and foam
Hand OrientationRight & Left Right & Left Right & Left Right & Left Right & Left 
Rating 4.5/54.3/54/54.1/54/5

Best Office Putting Set: A Buying Guide! 

Buying the best putting set for the office isn’t as easy as it looks. 

You have to learn the details and go for the best product, but luckily, I have taken care of that part for you. 

Here are important things to consider before making a purchase decision;

1. Quality 

First, make sure what you’re buying is exactly what you want. 

Always check for the product’s quality. It may be costly, but money can buy you peace of mind. 

2. Utility 

Second, always check for utility! Don’t go for a product that cost more but offers a limited usage.  

3. Price

Third is the price. If the product is cheap, don’t expect too much from it. 

The more you spend, the more you get, but don’t fall for overpriced products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I practice putting it in the office?

Buying a putting golf set can help you practice putting at the office. These sets are made portable, so you can practice anywhere you want.

Which club is used for putting?

Wedges are the standard clubs used for putting. However, you’ll probably use putters if you’re using indoor putting mats.

Can you practice putting on rugs?

No, a carpet’s speed and texture make it unsuitable for practicing distance control. Putting green mats are precisely designed to control these measures and are best suited for putting practice.

Final Thoughts: Best Office Putting Set

Whether you’re a golfer or not, having a putting set in your homes and offices is a must.

Not only does it help to kill free time, but feels therapeutic too. 

As you’ve read through this article, I’ve laid down everything about the best office putting sets available online. 

Unable to decide? here’s some advice;

If you’re looking for a putting set to have fun, buying GoSports Battle Putting Game and  GoSports Pure Putt Challenge will suffice you.

For those who’re always on the go, a portable product like  Neon Executive Putting Set or JEFF World Putting Cup would be suitable. 

See you in the next one! 

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