Does Mini Golf Burn Calories? Let’s Find Out!

Mini golf is a different experience for different people!

Many people take it as a fun activity, but for some, it’s a healthy way to maintain physical fitness. 

However, before regarding it as a proper exercise, we need to know does mini golf burn calories.

To find out, let’s hop into this conclusive guide!  

Does Mini Golf Burn Calories?

Playing a round of mini-golf takes you through a considerable amount of physical activity. 

Most of the time, you walk from hole to hole, hitting and collecting your golf ball.

Additionally, you also have to move here and there to restore your golf ball in case it falls off the course.  

Although it isn’t an intensification physical activity, it does burn some calories.

On average, One hour of playing mini-golf burns 200-300 calories, according to the online sources.

Here’s some insight from the wiki forum;

Depends on gender, height, weight etc. But if you are an average size male (5’10” 165) you will burn about 300 calories an hour walking/carrying your clubs.

Wiki User

Depends on how active the game is, but I would say anywhere from 100 to 200 tops.

Wiki user

Based on this, we can propose that mini-golf impacts different people differently in terms of burning calories. 

Mostly, it depends on several variable factors affecting your game. Let’s look at them. 

Factors Affecting the Rate of Calories Burned in Mini-Golf

1. The Mini-Golf Course Conditions

The first thing to affect the number of calories you’ll burn while playing mini-golf is the course itself! 

If the course is lengthy, you’ll have to walk more distance in order to move from one hole to the other.

Similarly, if the course difficulty is greater, you may not be able to go through it swiftly.  

Furthermore, the added hurdles like loops, slopes, and water traps will increase your playtime on the course.  

All of this allows you to burn more calories as compared to a regular mini-golf course.

2. Activity on the Course

The rate of calories burned while playing mini-golf also depends on the rate of activity on the course.  

Some golfers play actively, while others take their time to complete a round.  

In short, the faster you’ll move, the more calories you’ll be able to burn!

3. Your Body Type

Another great factor that impacts the number of calories burned on a mini-golf course is your body type. 

Athletic people with masculine body types usually burn more calories as compared to normal people.

In addition to this, your age, weight, height, and gender also count when it comes to burning calories.

If you’re a female, you’ll burn fewer calories than most men. However, if you’re pregnant, you’ll burn more calories than other female players.

4. Type of the Game: Mini-Golf vs. Putt-Putt Golf

Lastly, the type of miniature golf you’re playing has to do a lot with how many calories you burn. 

Most people confuse putt-putt golf with mini-golf, but they’re not exactly the same thing. 

Putt-Putt courses are shorter, simpler, and easier as compared to mini-golf courses, leading you to less physical activity.  

As a result, you can only burn 100-150 calories in one hour of putt-putt golf. 

Other Health Benefits of Playing Mini Golf

Besides being a great physical activity, mini-golf also comes with other health benefits. 

Here’s a brief look at some highlighted ones;  

1. Improves Mental Health

Mini golf can improve your mental health by a great deal.

Hitting golf balls and breathing fresh air while experiencing a beautiful environment can be therapeutic for you.  

In addition to this, socializing and team working on the course allows you to release mental stress.

Furthermore, remembering the number of holes and played shots can also improve your memory. 

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Typically, intense exercises result in increased heart rate, which may not be good for the long term. 

However, playing mini-golf keeps your heart rate at an optimum level resulting in improved cardiovascular health. 

As you walk on the course, you burn calories and get some light cardio exercise.

3. Provides Strength & Flexibility

While playing mini-golf, you allow your arms, legs, and core of your body to engage in constant motion. 

This not only strengthens your muscles but also improves your body’s overall flexibility.

Furthermore, the range of motion in your shoulders and hips also increases due to the swinging motion of the club. 

4. Develops Focus & Concentration 

As you pave your way through a mini-golf course, you need to pay attention to every single shot.

This requires focus and concentration.

Playing mini-golf more often allows you to develop these abilities, which can also be helpful in other areas of your life.

Is Mini Golf a Proper Exercise?

After knowing the fact that mini-golf does burn a considerable amount of calories, it’s time to address whether it’s proper exercise or not.

The amount of calories burned in one hour of normal exercise ranges from 400 to 500 based on the above-discussed factors. 

Whereas playing mini-golf can burn 200-300 calories. 

By comparing these figures, mini-golf can’t be regarded as proper exercise.

However, you can take it as a light exercise for maintaining optimum mental and physical health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of exercise is mini-golf?

As per the number of calories burned during one hour of playing mini-golf, it can be regarded as a light exercise.

Does your gender affect the number of calories burned while playing mini-golf?

Yes, your gender directly affects the number of calories you burn while playing mini-golf. Male golfers tend to burn more calories as compared to female golfers.

Can I lose weight playing mini-golf?

Although playing mini-golf burns calories, it’s not enough to lose weight. You have to burn at least 1000-1500 calories per day in order to maintain your body weight.  

Final Thoughts: Does Mini-Golf Burn Calories?

Mini golf is a great fun sport with added health benefits for people of all age groups.

As you’ve read through these articles, it allows you to maintain your mental health and does burn some calories. 

However, I won’t recommend you to take it as proper exercise if you need to burn more than 300 calories a day. 

Enjoy the sport and cherish the additional perks that come with it. 

Happy golfing! 

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