Best Portable Golf Flags: Perfect Picks for You!

When looking for golf flags, all a golfer wants is some practicality, reliability, and aesthetics.

Let’s be honest, you want it to be the talk of the town. 

Selecting a golf flag can be difficult for you, but don’t worry because I’m here to help. After reading this conclusive guide, you’ll end up picking the best golf flag available in the market.

Let’s not waste our time and hop into it. 

Best Overall: THIODOON Golf Flagstick and Golf Flag

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We have ranked THIODOON as the winner of the day not only because it’s the number 1 best-selling golf pin flag on Amazon but also because of its durability and utility that every golfer wants.

The 19’x13′ flag comes in a vibrant red finish that is made of 420D high-quality nylon which keeps it from fading and makes it easy to clean. It is printed with numbers in bright colors so that you can easily spot it on the green grass.

Portability is another must-have feature in THIODOON golf flags. The flagpole consists of five detachable poles that can be easily carried in a golf bag so you can have them wherever you need them.

The putting cups are made of strong and environment-friendly ABS material, and to keep them dry and clean at all times, the bottom has six drainage holes that prevent rainwater from accumulating so that you have no worries.

To avoid rust and provide long life to the flagpoles, they’re made of premium-grade glass fiber which isn’t as strong as metal but helps them withstand the changing wind conditions so that you can resume your game after a windy episode.


✅ Flag made of high-quality nylon

✅ Poles are made of anti-rust glass fiber

✅ Poles are strong enough to withstand winds

✅ Easy to install & portable

✅ Comes with a complete set (flags, poles, and putting cups)

✅ Best for practicing


❌ Poles are comparatively less strong than metal poles

Amazon’s Choice: GoSports Golf Flag

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GoSports comes as the best flag for backyard or even driving range practice, making it Amazon’s Choice in golf pin flags.

The 15’x11′ flag comes in three different colors that offer variety and lets you choose easily between the points you want to play. It doesn’t offer UV protection, but its lightweight canvas material promises longevity to add value to your money.

The package also includes shock-corded flagpoles which are tough against wind conditions so that you don’t have to worry about any damage to them. 

These flagpoles measure 6.7 feet tall each, but they have a foldable design that gives them portability, and you can easily collapse them to 3.3 feet and store them almost anywhere.

Having no putting cups is the only flaw in GoSports flags, but it only matters if you really need them. 

If you don’t want to miss these flags only because of putting cups, you can buy them separately for a few dollars on Amazon.


✅ High-quality canvas fabric

✅ Comes in 3 different colors 

✅ Foldable flagpoles

✅ Offers portability 


❌ No putting cups included

❌ No UV protection

Best Mini Golf Flag: COGOLFING Double-Sided Augusta National

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If you are a golf enthusiast and want some signature flags in your collection, then this mini flag is made for you.

It comes with an Augusta National logo printed on both sides that gives it a unique, iconic look, and the three different colors (green, yellow, and white) allow you to pick between your personal favorite.

The coolest thing about this flag is that the design is double-sided stitched, with a blackout layer in between to provide some quality to the flag and a plastic insert of ⅝’ diameter to attach it to flagpoles.

However, there are no flagpoles included in the package, which may disappoint you, but this flag is all about style and quality.

With the 420D nylon fiber which offers water resistance and a UV coating that gives sun proofing, the flag lives longer than usual and doesn’t fade quickly, so you can enjoy your Augusta National theme. 

The flag is made extremely portable by its 8’x6′ dimensions, and you can literally keep or take it anywhere. 

Guess what? You can even carry it in your pocket. 

When it comes to utility, the COGOLFING flag doesn’t leave you wanting. From the backyard and the garden to the golf training course, you can use it almost anywhere.


✅ Premium-quality nylon fabric

✅ Printed Augusta National logo

✅ Waterproof material

✅ Comes in 3 different colours 

✅ Durable

✅ Portable 


❌ No flagpoles included

❌ Expensive

Best Portable Golf Flag with Huge Size: DURARANGE Putting Green Flags

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DURARANGE comes with a 19’x13′ massive size and vibrant red color to increase visibility from a far distance, which makes it best for backyard or training course practice. 

It’s made durable and water-resistant by a 420D nylon material, and the UV protection coat used in the flag allows it to stand out even in the blazing sun.

It also offers a seven-foot pole that’s the same as a standard golf pole to give you authentic gameplay. The pole can be dismantled and easily connected with help of standard-grade connectors which make it extremely portable.

The A-grade fiberglass material used in poles provides strength so you don’t have to worry about rust or damage, and the pointy end of the pole allows it to pierce into the ground without using a putting cup.

The best thing about DURARANGE is that you can also play an indoor game using the hole cups that come with it. They are made of fine-quality ABS materials and have six drainage holes that keep them dry and clean.

Overall, the buyers seem to be satisfied, but issues have been reported regarding damaged products. For this, the company offers a money-back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about it.


✅ High-quality nylon material

✅ Vibrant red colour

✅ Standard golf size flagpoles 

✅ Money-back guarantee

✅ Good for indoor use


❌ Damage issues 

❌ Pointy end limits use to the soil surface

Notable Mention: Oudain 6-Piece Golf Flags

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If you’re looking for a gift for your golf enthusiast friend, Oudain mini golf flags are the perfect choice. 

They’re one of the most versatile flags that come in a pack of six different colors and three different patterns, including plain, checkered, and USA flags, which look cool and add vibrancy so you can easily find them in the field.

Predicting the wind condition is made easy by its lightweight fabric that flutters in breeze, and durability is ensured by its good-quality nylon material that makes it water-resistant, heat-resistant, and anti-fade so you can use them through blazing sun or heavy winds.

The flag comes in 8’x6′ size with a plastic insert of ⅝-inch diameter, which works with most of the practice poles available in the market. 

Due to its small size, it is very portable and can be stored in a handbag or a closet, but this also limits its use to shorter distances. 

They don’t include any flagpoles and putting cups, which is a pro in terms of portability but a con in terms of utility. 

Oudain flags offer the most when it comes to serviceability. 

You can use them in your garden, backyard, putting green, golf courses, or even indoor setups to have leisure golfing with family or friends.


✅ Variety of colours to choose from

✅ High-quality nylon fabric

✅ Lightweight material

✅ Water-resistant

✅ Heat-resistant


❌ Doesn’t include flagpoles and putting cups

❌ Small size is unsuitable for longer distances

Frequently Asked Questions

What do different colors mean in golf flags?

Different-color flags give different indications in golf: 

Red: The hole is at the front of the green. 

Blue: The pin is at the back of the green. 

Yellow: Pin position is at the back of the green. 

White: Hole position is in the middle of the green.

Do golf flags have a standard size?

Yes, a standard golf flag measures 14’x20′, and a training golf flag measures 8’x6′. 

Are all flags the same height?

There’s no specific rule for flag heights, but it’s recommended by USGA to use at least a seven-foot-high flagpole. 

Final Thoughts

A golf flag is an important accessory in a golfer’s kit, and you must have one according to your requirements. I’ve explained everything about the top 5 golf flags you should consider buying.

Before you buy, always check where you need it and what qualities you want from it. I’d recommend going for a durable and portable flag that lasts longer and can be used in multiple scenarios.

THIODOON is the best flag to buy from all perspectives. But if you want a mini flag with some style, consider buying COGOLFING or Oudain flags.

Happy golfing!

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