Best Golf Hitting Mat for SkyTrak

SkyTrak offers unlimited freedom to choose custom simulator equipment including golf hitting mats. 

This facility might also turn into a disadvantage if you don’t know which one to pair with your golf simulator. 

But hey! Don’t you worry because I’ve got your back with the best golf hitting mats for SkyTrak in this conclusive guide. 

Let’s hop into it!    

What is the Best Golf Hitting Mat for SkyTrak?

For my list of best golf hitting mats for SkyTrak, I have analyzed various crucial factors such as compatibility, quality, portability and functionality.

Based on these factors, the Fiberbuilt Grass Series 4×7 Studio Mat stands out as the top choice, meeting all the mentioned criteria. 

The Net Return Pro Turf comes in second as it also offers a unique set of features.

Additionally, my list includes other noteworthy golf mats that you may want to consider;

  1. Overall Best: Fiberbuilt Grass Series 4 x 7 Studio Mat
  2. Runner Up: Net Return Pro Turf
  3. Best Budget Pick: Fiberbuilt Deck Mat
  4. Best Realistic Golf Mat: SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat
  5. Notable Mention: Country Club Elite Golf Mat

1. Overall Best: Fiberbuilt Grass Series 4 x 7 Studio Mat

Credit to Fiberbuilt

Our today’s winner Fiberbuilt Studio mat is one of the best reviewed hitting mat to be used with a SkyTrak launch monitor. 

It’s a 4’x7’ single-sided mat which includes 4’x4’ performance turf mat, 1’x4’ hitting section of genuine fiberglass and 2’x4’ performance spacer with easy lock connections. 

To provide a real like experience, the mat generates pure ball contact by allowing golfers to swing down. 

In addition, you can practice while keeping your ball flight numbers close to real fairway grass. 

The mat also has added medical benefits because of its no-club-bouncing design which reduces the risk of wrist injury.

Fiberbuilt offers a lot in terms of durability. 

With its capacity to withstand 300,000 shots, you can play without worrying about damage. 

The only drawback of this hitting mat is that it doesn’t support a wooden tee.

However, I don’t see it as a major con because it won’t impact your overall performance.  

Top Features

  • Includes performance turf, hitting section and performance spacer
  • Generates pure ball contact
  • Prevents wrist fatigue through no-club-bounce design
  • Withstands 300,000 shots without getting damage

User Experience

Besides my research on Fiberbuilt Grass Series golf mat, I’ve also gathered some real-time user experience. Watch this YouTube video by Play Sim Golf;

Unparalleled durability and features!   

Pros and Cons of Fiberbuilt Grass Series 4 x 7 Studio Mat

✅ Durable construction
✅ Easy lock connections
✅ Realistic experience
✅ Prevents wrist fatigue
✅ Includes hitting section
✅ Includes performance spacer
❌ Doesn’t support wooden tee

Fiberbuilt has a few drawbacks but it balances the equation with its unique features that no other golf mat provides at this price point.

2. Runner Up: Net Return Pro Turf

Credit to The Net Return 

Net Return Pro Turf is made for those who want something more than just a traditional golf mat. 

With its 6’x10’ size that’s compatible with the SkyTrak launch monitor, this huge golf mat lets you play with ease by providing continuous ball run.

To ensure the durability, the mat is made with high quality nylon material and includes a 5mm foam-backing. 

This provides a soft-feel surface which reduces the wrist pain and vibration associated with the regular mats. 

Another cool thing about this golf mat is that it can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Despite its large size, it offers great portability because of its ability to roll up like a carpet. 

Net Return Pro doesn’t include any specific sections like the Fiberbuilt Grass Mat however, it can be used for putting practice.

The only drawback of this golf mat is its high price minimalistic construction which may not be suitable for amateurs. 

Other than that, it’s a fantastic choice! 

Top Features

  • Comes with a huge size to provide continuous ball run
  • Ensures durability through high quality nylon build
  • Reduces wrist pain and vibrations
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

User Experience

Still want to learn more about Net Return Pro Turf, Watch this YouTube video by Paul Crawly;

That’s a gigantic golf mat! 

Pros and Cons of Net Return Pro Turf

✅ Large Size
✅ Durable Construction
✅ Soft-feel surface
✅ 5mm foam backing
✅ Reduced wrist pain and vibrations
✅ Can be used outdoors
❌ Not suitable for amateurs
❌ Expensive price

For those who want a large surface area and want to utilize their golf mat for more than just swinging, Net Return Pro Turf is the best choice. 

3. Best Budget Pick: Fiberbuilt Deck Mat

Credit to Amazon

If you’re looking for a golf mat that delivers great performance without breaking your bank, take a look at the Fiberbuilt Deck Mat! 

It’s a 1.77’x1.33′ oval-shaped mat that easily pairs with your SkyTrak launch monitor and lets you enjoy the freedom of playing virtual golf from the comfort of your home.  

Because of its small size and next-level portability, you can also take it to outdoor practice ranges. 

This mat is made of genuine Fiberbuilt grass to give you a real fairway feeling, but you can’t use it as a fully functional hitting mat or putting green on other Fiberbuilt models.

A tee assembly system with pre-drilled assembly stabilizer holes allows you to fix the mat to grass or any other surface so that your mat would stick to the surface during your hitting sessions.

As it comes from the house of Fiberbuilt, the durability of the mat is unquestionably brilliant; it can withstand 300,000 shots before wearing out.

Although it has limited features, it nails the basics which is quite reasonable for a $100 price tag. 

Top Features

  • Small size provides next level portability
  • Made with genuine Fiberbuilt grass
  • Includes a tee assembly system
  • Withstands 300,000 shots

User Experience

In addition to my analysis of Fiberbuilt Deck Mat, here’s a third-party perspective from the Golf Nerd YouTube channel; 

Small but efficient!

Pros and Cons of Fiberbuilt Deck Mat 

✅ Durable construction
✅ Realistic experience
✅ Includes tee assembly
✅ Next level portability
✅ Economical price
❌ Can’t be used as a fully functional hitting mat 

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck has its limitations but if you look at the price, it offers a lot. 

4. Best Realistic Golf Mat: SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat

Credit to Shop Indoor Golf

Made with 100% original ABS polyurethane and teeline turf, SAGPRO Softy is popular for offering maximum quality and realism.

It works great with a SkyTrak launch monitor because of its 4’x10′ compatible size and support for both left and right handed golfers. 

The mat is built to provide better turf density without being too heavy. 

Because of its lightweight, users have initially complained about its slippery nature but once you get used to it, it’s not a big deal.

The hitting strip of this mat is designed to match world-class fairways like Augusta National or Pinehurst.

One of the coolest features of SIGPRO is that you can modify its hitting strip with SIGPRO Softy, SIGPRO 3D, or Preferred Hitting, which can be purchased separately.

Coming towards its major con, you can’t use it in outdoor environments but that doesn’t count if you’re using it with a golf simulator. 

Top Features

  • Provides support for both left and right handed golfers 
  • Provides better turf density 
  • Matches world class fairways like Augusta National
  • Hitting strip can be modified 

User Experience

To learn more about SIGPRO Softy golf mat, hop into this YouTube video by The Indoor Golf Shop;

Feels like real grass! 

Pros and Cons of SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat

✅ ABS polyurethane construction
✅ Lightweight design
✅ Offers 100% realism
✅ Allows modification  
❌ Can’t be used outdoors
❌ Has a slippery nature 

So, if you’re a fan of realism, SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat might be your next choice. 

5. Notable Mention: Country Club Elite Golf Mat

Country Club Elite is categorized as one of the best golf mats on the market because of its unmatched quality and performance.

Made with Long Dense Fiber the The 5’x5’ square shaped golf mat lets you swing down and through the golf mat, stimulating a realistic fairway golf shot. 

Furthermore, It has a True Divot Action design which absorbs the impact of any golf shot and provides a gentle feel while swinging.     

You can also insert a real wooden tee to enjoy an on-course experience while practicing.

Coming towards its construction, the mat offers 1” pile height and a ⅝” foam backing which is both durable and portable. 

The price of Country Club Elite is almost equal to that of Fiberbuilt Grass Series which makes you think twice. 

However, for the golfers who want a clutter free golf mat to step-up their golf swing, it’s worth every penny.

Top Features

  • Stimulates realistic fairway golf shot
  • Comes with True Divot Action design
  • Supports original wooden tee
  • Includes foam backing for gentle feel

User Experience

For more information on Country Club Elite Golf Mat, watch this YouTube video by Real Feel Golf Mats;

That is elite! 

Pros and Cons of Country Club Elite Golf Mat

✅ Durable construction
✅ True Divot Action design
✅ Allows wooden tee
✅ Offers foam backing 
❌ Expensive price 

With all its fantastic features Country Club Elite is one of the finest golf mat for SkyTrak launch monitors. 

If you ask me, I definitely recommend it! 

Quick Comparison of Best Golf Hitting Mats for SkyTrak

Here’s my rating for best golf hitting mats for SkyTrak on the scale of 1 to 10;

Products Fiberbuilt Grass Series 4 x 7 Studio MatNet Return Pro TurfFiberbuilt Deck MatSIGPRO Softy Golf MatCountry Club Elite Golf Mat
ConstructionNylonNylonFiberbuilt GrassABS polyurethaneNylon
SpecialFeaturesNo Club BounceContinuous Ball RunReal Fairway GrassModifiable Hitting StripTrue Divot Action design

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a golf hitting mat important for SkyTrak users?

A golf hitting mat is essential for SkyTrak users because it provides a stable surface for hitting golf balls and prevents damage to both the golf club and the floor.

How do I choose the right size golf hitting mat for my SkyTrak?

It depends on the size of your simulator setup, available space for the mat, and your personal preferences. Generally, a hitting mat that is at least 4 feet wide and 5 feet long is recommended for use with SkyTrak. 

How do I improve the longevity of my golf hitting mat?

To improve the longevity of your golf hitting mat, adapt a regular cleaning routine and store the mat properly.

Wrapping Up: Best Golf Hitting Mat for SkyTrak

Choosing the right golf hitting mat for SkyTrak is crucial to ensure accurate data readings, prevent damage to your golf club and floor, and improve your overall experience.

As this article includes some of the best golf mats available in the market, you can always refer to it for making a purchase decision.

Before I leave here are some words of wisdom;

Go for the Fiberbuilt Studio Mat or The Country Club Elite Golf Mat, if you want a premium experience.  

For something on budget, there’s no better option than Fiberbuilt Flight Deck mat.   

Catch you in the next one! 

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