Can You Fit Golf Clubs in a MINI? Let’s Find Out!

If you love small cars, then there’s no doubt that you’re a MINI lover!  

However, if you’re a golf lover too, the first thing that’s gonna come to your mind is, can you fit your golf clubs in a MINI? 

Apparently, you might think that you can’t, but to unveil the truth, let’s jump into this conclusive guide.

With me!

How Much Space is Required For Fitting the Golf Clubs in a Car?

Before we get into the discussion on whether you can fit golf clubs in a MINI or not? Let’s figure out the space required by your golf clubs to fit in a car.

Primarily, it depends on the size of your golf bag, which contains all your putters, drivers, woods, and irons. 

The average golf bag that is 48-50 inches tall will roughly demand 7-8 cubic feet of storage to fit in. 

If your car’s trunk is large enough to provide that much space, then you’re good to go. 

However, if it’s smaller than that, you can try folding the rear seat to expand the storage of your vehicle. 

Can You Fit Golf Clubs in a MINI? Let’s Find Out! 

After knowing the space required by your golf clubs to fit in a car, let’s see if they can fit in your MINI! 

Can You Fit Golf Clubs in a MINI Cooper?

The MINI Cooper comes with a 2-door design which has almost 9 cubic feet of boot space. 

Normally, there is plenty of space to fit in small golf bags, but when it comes to woods and drivers, you’ll need to make little arrangements. 

Folding the rear seats increases the total storage capacity up to 13 cubic-feet, which can easily accommodate two sets of drivers and irons.

You can even put a complete golf bag in your MINI Cooper. However, you’ll have to fit the drivers diagonally to protect them from damage. 

Here’s what a mini owner from northamericanmotoring says about MINI’s storage capacity; 

With the seats down and the front seat pushed forward, I can even fit a road bike in my mini (with the front wheel off). So golf clubs should be no problem.


For a better understanding of MINI Cooper’s boot space, hop into this YouTube video by Mini of Portland;

The trunk opening is a bit small, but you’ll manage! 

Can You Fit Golf Clubs in a MINI Clubman?

If you ask me about the MINI Clubman, I’m not even ready to believe that it’s a MINI! 

I mean, the manufacturer has a reputation for making small cars, but the Clubman defies it through its 6-door design. 

With its huge 17.5 cubic feet boot space, it’s all set to fit a couple of golf bags without having to fold the rear seats. 

Although you’ll need to fit the woods and drivers diagonally, you won’t face any trouble doing this.

You can even fit a pushcart in your MINI Clubman by folding the rear seats forward. 

Don’t believe me? Watch this YouTube video by MINI of Portland to realize how huge MINI Clubman is;

That’s quite big! 

Can You Fit Golf Clubs in a MINI Countryman?

The MINI Countryman is like a twin to the MINI Clubman! 

Both the cars have a similar look and almost the same storage space of 17.5 cubic feet, which means that the Countryman can easily fit two golf bags in its trunk.  

The only difference is that with Countryman, you don’t get the rear trunk doors like Clubman. 

This makes the trunk opening a bit smaller, not allowing you to insert a pushcart. 

In addition to this, the woods and drivers also have to go diagonally.      

For more insight on MINI Countryman’s boot space, jump into this YouTUbe video by John C. Crapper;

Looks huge!

Can You Fit Golf Clubs in a MINI Convertible?

MINI Convertible is the tiniest model offered by the company, which comes with a 2-door design and a convertible roof. 

The car has a boot space of 5.7 cubic feet which expands to 7.5 cubic feet after folding the rear seats forward.

This expanded storage is still smaller than the MINI Cooper’s regular nine cubic-foot boot space.

With this kind of car, you may be able to fit some clubs, but I’d say you forget to fit golf bags into it. 

Another problem with MINI Convertible is that its trunk opens like a pick-up truck, not even allowing you to fit a whole set of clubs which clearly unqualifies the car in a golfer’s list. 

Watch this short youtube video by MallofGeorgiaMini to know how tiny the car is; 

Too petite!  

Can You Fit Golf Clubs in MINI? Community’s Poll! 

Aside from the facts that we’ve discussed on the subject matter, I’d like to have community’s opinion before moving toward the final verdict.   

Here’s a real-time review from northamericanmotoring forum;

I picked up my MINI, I had 3 adult males and three full sets of golf clubs in bags for a 45 minute jaunt to the course. Had to move the front seats up a little further than normal, but that was it. The bags were stacked slightly diagonal with the headcovers behind the left side of the driver’s seat.


Besides carrying your golf clubs in your MINI, many golfers have suggested other ways to carry them. 

Like, you can simply carry them over the roof! 

Here’s the original idea from mini2 forum;

You might try carrying a bag over the roof rack, or attach a rear rack for that, and still go golfing with 4 sums. I saw a TV commercial (US) the other day, in which golfers put golf bagas on the roof of an old MINI, as compared to storing large bags in an American car(Buick or GM Commercial).


This might seem crazy, but it’s totally doable 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MINI Convertible a good choice for golfers?

MINI Convertible has the smallest boot size, which doesn’t even allow it to fit a complete set of golf clubs. This makes it a bad choice for golfers.

Which MINI has the largest boot space?

The MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman have the largest boot space of about 17.5 cubic feet. The Clubman also has a 6-door design that provides a larger trunk opening.

Can you fit a pushcart in MINI?

Generally, you can’t fit a pushcart in a MINI. However, you may be able to fit it in a MINI Clubman with the rear seats folded. 

Final Thoughts: Can You Fit Golf Clubs in MINI? 

MINI is not a huge car, but it’s large enough to carry your golf clubs if you fit them right!

As you have read through this article, the MINI Countryman and Clubman are best suited to golfers because of their huge boot spaces. 

A MINI Cooper will also work after making some adjustments; however, a MINI Convertible is not recommended at all… unless you just have to carry mini-golf putters.

Still, have queries? Jump into the comment section! 

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