Uneekor Eye XO: An In-Depth Review

When it comes to overhead golf launch monitors, Uneekor Eye XO is considered one of the most precise and fastest products available on the market right now. 

But before making a purchase decision, make sure that it beats all the other golf launch monitors in the $10,000 price segment.

For that, we’re going to dive deep into this golf launch monitor and discuss everything about it, including the pros, cons, and much more.

Let’s hop into it. 

Uneekor Eye XO: Overview

Practicing golf can be difficult due to the many complexities that come with it, but things can become much easier with the Uneekor Eye XO golf launch monitor. 

With the Eye XO bar containing high-speed cameras, this golf launch monitor can flawlessly capture ball movement to provide instantaneous and accurate feedback on every shot. 

In addition, it has high motion sensors that can record up to 3,000 fps slow motion videos of the club impacting the ball and ball spin so you can visualize and improve in real time.

Uneekor Eye XO uses its patented non-marked ball technology which opens your gateway to multiple metrics and a full range of precision data that can be super helpful in game improvement. 

The fun multiplies when the launch monitor is paired with industry-leading golf simulation software, including Uneekor Refine, GS Pro, E6 Connect, and TGC 2019, which allow you to play multiple golf courses, mini-games, practice modes, and online events.

Offering flexibility for both left- and right-handed golfers through its unique overhead mount design, the launch monitor provides you with infinite opportunities to master your passion.

Watch Uneekor Eye XO in action in this YouTube video by Golf Simulator Videos:

The gameplay is exciting! 

Prominent Features

✅ Eye XO bar with high-speed cameras

✅ Slow-motion video recording 

✅ Photometric sensors 

✅ Non-marked ball technology

✅ Simultaneous club and ball data

✅ Uninterrupted play for both right-handed and left-handed golfers

✅ Easy to install

What’s in the Box?

  • EYE XO launch monitor
  • Mounting bracket with leveler
  • USB drive with ViewSoftware
  • Calibration chart
  • 11 feet power cable, adapter, and connector
  • USB ethernet adapter with 60 feet ethernet LAN cable
  • (400) EYE XO Club stickers
  • Screws (M4 32 mm and M6 15 mm)

Source: Uneekor

Setting Up Uneekor Eye XO

Setting up Uneekor Eye XO is a matter of minutes as it’s an overhead golf launch monitor, but before beginning with the procedure, make sure that you have a steady surface that supports almost 30 pounds of load. 

  1. Gather the required tools for installation
  • Ladder
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Screws (M4 32 mm)
  • Bracket
  • Sensor bar
  1. Mount the bracket
  • The Eye XO sensor and bracket come attached together in the box.
  • Remove the sensor from the bracket by slightly loosening the black M6 15 mm screws.
  • Measure 3.5 feet from the middle of the sensor to your tee position.
  • Place the ladder under the ceiling mounting position.
  • Climb the ladder and place the bracket flat against the ceiling.
  • Make sure that the hinges are facing down toward the ground and the logo closest toward the hitting screen.
  • Make sure that the center point is aligned with the tee position on the mat.
  • With the bracket in position, grab 10 silver M4 32 mm screws.
  • Screw all the screws in order.
  1. Install the sensor
  • The sensor bar comes with six black M6 15 mm screws already inserted.
  • Make sure all six screws are about halfway screwed into the bar and even in length.
  • Slide the sensor bar with the six screws up and over through the bracket hinges. 
  • Make sure the screws are secured in the hook part of the hinges.
  • If the screws do not go into the hinges, adjust by tightening the screws just a little.
  1. Set up connections
  • Take out the ethernet LAN cable from the box.
  • Connect one end with the tag that reads “Connect this side of LAN cable to Sensor ONLY” to the sensor.
  • Connect the other end DIRECTLY to your PC ethernet port.
  • Take out the power cable, power adapter, and power connector.
  • Connect all three accordingly and connect the “Power Connector” end directly to the sensor.
  • Turn on the red switch.
  • Check the connection status.
  1. Install the software

Depending on the package you purchased, you’ll have to install the golf simulation software to finalize the setup process. 

You can choose between:

  1. Uneekor’s Ignite, Refine, or Refine+ 
  2. E6 Connect
  3. TGC 2019
  4. GS Pro

To install the software:

  • Insert the USB drive with the software package into your PC.
  • Transfer the license code sent from support@uneekor.com to the USB drive.
  • Install the software.

Credit to: cdn.shopify

Measurable Data Points on Uneekor Eye XO

Source: cdn.shopify

Measurable Club Data

  • Club speed
  • Club path 
  • Club face to path
  • Club face angle
  • Club lie angle
  • Smash factor
  • Dynamic loft
  • Impact point (vertical & horizontal)

Measurable Ball Data

  • Ball speed
  • Side and back spin
  • Side and launch angle
  • Land angle/angle of descent
  • Flight time
  • Distance to apex
  • Carry, run, and total distance 

In addition to these data points, Uneekor Eye XO also measures ball, club, and swing optix using its Optix technology.

Source: Uneekor

Accuracy Analysis of Uneekor Eye XO

Uneekor Eye XO has enjoyed the spotlight for delivering the most in terms of accuracy, but I can’t just recommend it based on its reputation.

To give my final verdict, I’ll do an in-depth accuracy analysis, but before that, watch this YouTube video from Carl’s Place:

A tough test to pass! 

After playing 20 shots on the Uneekor Eye XO in an outdoor environment, the results are surprisingly impressive. 

The actual distance between real-life carry distance and simulator carry distance isn’t too much, and the simulator response on ball striking is also instant. 

Regarding the simulation software’s performance, the graphics are stunning, the gameplay is quite stable, and I didn’t notice any lag throughout the gameplay. 

Considering the wind condition, human error, and other outdoor factors, it shows excellent performance. 

So do I recommend it based on its accuracy? A big yes!

Compatible Software With Uneekor Eye XO 

The software compatibility of Uneekor Eye XO is unparalleled, with support for Uneekor’s Refine/Refine+, E6 Connect, and TGC 2019 golf simulator software.

Here’s a brief overview of each simulator software: 

Uneekor’s Refine/Refine+

Source: Uneekor

The Uneekor Eye XO with Refine software package introduces a lot of new features in the world of golf simulation to provide you with an unmatched golfing experience.

The Package Includes:

  • 5 18-hole non-US courses
  • 5 training modes
  • Short game complex with practice, evaluation, and competition modes for both approach and putting
  • Driving range with approach and putting features
  • Course practice with five 18-hole non-US courses
  • Stroke play with five 18-hole non-US courses
  • Challenge modes
  • Entertaining island-target games

Source: Uneekor

E6 Connect Simulation Software

Credit to E6 Golf

Paired with the industry-leading golf simulation software E6 Connect, the Uneekor Eye XO delivers ultimate performance in ultrarealistic 4K visuals that are more than enough to satisfy your hunger for virtual golf.

The Package Includes:

✅ 27 famous golf courses (90+ in expanded subscription)

✅ 17 practice areas 

✅ Putting and chipping areas 

✅ Mini-games

✅ Practice modes (like stroke play and best ball)

✅ Online play

TGC 2019 Simulation Software

Source: The Golf Club 2019

With over 170,000 golf courses and the ability to customize or design new courses, TGC 2019 is the favorite choice of golfers who are always looking for something new. 

In addition, it has great graphics and multiple game modes to give you a full-fledged golfing experience. 

The Package Includes:

✅ TGC library of over 170,000 courses

✅ Range, chipping, or putting practice

✅ Live worldwide tournaments

✅ Online play

GSPro Simulation Software

Source: GSPro

GSPro features advanced ball physics and 4K image resolution to give you a realistic golf simulation experience. 

The software is popular for its unique feature that allows custom course creation and online play within the GS community.

The Package Includes:

✅ 300+ user-created courses

✅ Multiple game modes

✅ Open API developer access

✅ Local and online play 

✅ Live worldwide tournaments

Cost Analysis of Uneekor Eye XO

Although the Uneekor Eye XO has everything that a golfer can ask for, is it worth buying when it comes to the price? 

To find out, let’s jump into a detailed cost analysis!

The launch monitor comes with a $10,000 price tag, which doesn’t include any software package. 

Plus, you’ll have to spend extra dollars for building a golf simulator setup as it doesn’t include a golf simulator enclosure and hitting mats. 

So the total price sums up to $15,000, but if you look at the bright side, the launch monitor performs excellently in terms of accuracy, precision, and measurable data metrics.

In addition, it’s the only golf launch monitor that supports real-time video recording in this price range. 

So you’re getting a golf launch monitor that delivers almost equal to a $40,000 golf simulator for a fraction of the price… What else do you want?

Is it budget-friendly? Maybe not, but it’s definitely worth the money! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uneekor Eye XO better than Uneekor QED?

The Uneekor Eye XO has an edge over the Uneekor QED because of its no-marked ball feature and additional data points measurement. In addition, you can have a detailed look at your impact position.

Is Uneekor Eye XO good for outdoor use?

Although Uneekor Eye XO is built for indoor use, it performs well outdoors too. 

Which simulation software is best with Uneekor Eye XO?

Uneekor Eye XO supports many high-end golf simulation software, but its own Refine+ software is best due to default optimization and Optix features.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this conclusive guide, I’m confident to say that you’ve got your hands on all the necessary information for making a purchase decision about the Uneekor Eye XO. 

As a matter of fact, most of you might have just ordered it. 

If you ask me, I’ll go with the Uneekor Eye XO because it has several advantages over its competitors and comes at a reasonable price.

Happy golfing!

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