TruTrack 2 Golf Simulator Technology: Unpacking the Mystery

If you want to buy a golf launch monitor that delivers the experience of a professional launch monitor but for a fraction of the price, TruTrack 2 is the right choice for you.

After going through several article posts, community forums, and YouTube videos, I’ve come up with an in-depth analysis of TruTrack 2.

Without further ado, let’s hop into it.

TruTrack 2: An Overview

TruTrack 2 falls in the portable range of home golf launch monitors introduced by TruGolf that is focused on improving your golf game by providing an almost-similar experience to TruFlight 2.

The technology uses three rows of optical sensors to calculate club and ball data at the point of impact, which is then displayed on a swing analysis screen.

The system uses sonic triangulation positioning technology to capture ball flight characteristics, enabling you to precisely measure your shots under real-world conditions.

The coolest thing about the real-feel golf mat of TruTrack 2 is that it provides real feedback on club-turf interaction to improve your ball striking, and every shot feels like a real fairway experience.

TruTrack 2 takes the lead over its competitors because of its unique and portable design consisting of lightweight aluminum that can be easily installed to your hitting bay, and you can move it somewhere else.

The experience is further enriched with the E6 Connect simulation software that enables access to 27 famous golf courses, driving ranges, putting and chipping areas, mini-games, practice modes (like stroke play and best ball), and online events.

Have a glimpse of the TruTrack 2 simulator in this YouTube video by TruGolf:

TruTrack comes in three different variants.

TruTrack Vista 8

The Vista 8 model costs around $11,000 for the base model and $14,000 for the pro model and is the most affordable variant among the Vista series. 

It gives you all the basic facilities of a golf launch monitor, including accurate data analysis and stunning graphics. 

Setting up this simulator may be time-consuming, but it’s not rocket science. You’ll get there by simply following the instructions.

If you just want to practice your game and don’t require any extra features, Vista 8 would be a wise choice for you.


✅ Stunning graphics
✅ Accurate metrics
✅ Affordable Price
✅ Great for practicing


❌ Takes extra time setting up

TruTrack Vista 10

Vista 10 costs $17,000 for the base model and $19,000 for the pro model and comes as an upgraded version of Vista 8.

It boasts a premium quality build and is more lightweight compared with Vista 8. However, it takes the same amount of time setting it up. 

The larger display and brighter colors of Vista 10 give a mind-blowing graphical experience, and its level 2 computer gives you smooth gameplay through enhanced processing. 


✅ Premium build
✅ Larger display
✅ Lightweight frame
✅ Brighter images


❌ Takes extra time setting up

TruTrack Vista 12

Vista 12 is the top-of-the-line model in the Vista series, which comes at around $20,000 for the base model and $24,000 for the pro model.

It is larger compared with Vista 8 and Vista 10 and is surprisingly lightweight and more portable than both models.

It has a level 3 computer and a larger display so that your golfing experience is maximized. 


✅ Portable design
✅ Brighter and bigger display
✅ Ultra-lightweight frame
✅ Level 3 computer


❌ Expensive (a little less than TruFlight 2)

What Features Does TruTrack 2 Provide?

✅ Portable design
✅ 3 high-speed overhead camera system
✅ Simultaneous club and ball data
✅ Numeric display
✅ Session history data
✅ Uninterrupted play for both right-handed and left-handed golfers
✅ No marked ball

What’s in the Package?

TruTrack Vista 8: 

  • HD 720p Projector
  • TruTrack 2 Tracking System
  • TruGolf Level (1) Computer
  • 21″ Touch Screen
  • Premium Fairway Turf
  • Side Nets
  • Containment Brim

TruTrack Vista 10: 

  • HD 720p Projector
  • TruGolf Level (2) Computer
  • 21″ Touch Screen
  • TruTrack 2 Tracking System
  • Premium Green Turf
  • Portable Speaker
  • Side Nets

.TruTrack Vista 12: 

  • 21″ Touch Screen
  • TruTrack 2 Tracking System
  • Premium Green Turf
  • TruGolf Level (2) Computer
  • HD 1080p Projector
  • Portable Speaker
  • Side Nets

Source: TruGolf

Measurable Data Points in TruTrack 2

To help you analyze and improve your game, TruTrack 2 accurately measures a whole lot of data points.

Measurable Club Data:

  • Clubhead speed 
  • Club path
  • Smash factor
  • Face angle

Measurable Ball Data: 

  • Ball speed
  • Spin rate
  • Height
  • Launch direction
  • Launch angle
  • Landing angle
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance 

Compatible Software With TruGolf TruFlight 2: E6 Connect

trutrack 2

TruTrack 2 comes with a minimum one-year basic subscription to E6 Connect, one of the most expertly crafted software to make golf simulation more realistic than before.

Basic Package Includes:

✅ 27 famous golf courses
✅ 17 practice areas 
✅ Putting and chipping areas 
✅ Mini-games
✅ Practice modes (like stroke play and best ball)
✅ Online events

But the experience is not limited here. If you want more out of E6 Connect, you can also opt for the annual subscription which expands your access to over 90+ golf courses.

Setting Up TruTrack 2 Launch Monitor

Finding it difficult to set up your TruTrack 2 launch monitor? We got you!

Watch these tutorial videos for Vista 8, Vista 10, and Vista 12 before and during the setup to help you assemble your Vista Series golf simulator.

Vista 12 Setup Tutorial

Vista 10 Setup Tutorial

Vista 8 Setup Tutorial

Common Setup Tutorials

Vista Series Wiring Instructions

Acoustic Sensor Diagnostic 

Source: TruGolf

TruGolf TruTrack 2: Accuracy Analysis 

The built-in technology of TruTrack 2 enables it to perform with unmatched accuracy, but we’ll do a more in-depth analysis to give you a precise idea.

TruTrack 2 Test Video: Spain Golf Academy 

Jordan Spieth, winner of the 2015 Masters and US Open, plays on the TruTrack 2 simulator with E6 Connect and shares his experience in this YouTube video:

Joseph seems very much satisfied with the simulator, especially when it comes to the metrics.

In terms of the golfing experience, the TruTrack 2 technology, paired with E6 Connect features, takes it to the next level.

Many other professionals, including pro golfer Mike Malaska, recommend buying a TruTrack 2 simulator because of its accurate metrics and simulation.

Thus, we can safely say that TruTrack 2 accurately analyzes the data points and gives you the actual numbers. 

TruTrack 2 vs TruFlight 2: A Brief Comparison 

TruTrack 2 simulators have all the necessary technology in terms of both software and sensors to deliver a maximum golfing experience, but does it beat the TruFlight 2 simulators?

To begin with, we’ll look at the price range first so that we can do justice while comparing these two launch monitors.

TruFlight 2 is a professional launch monitor that costs between $30,000 and $40,000, and its popularity among PGA golfers is solid proof of the fact that it’s one of the top-notch simulator systems by far.

TruTrack 2, on the other hand, ranges between $11,000 and $24,000, which is half the price of TruFlight 2.

With this price disparity, you’d expect limited features, but the quality of TruTrack 2 remains surprisingly similar to TruFlight 2.

If you look at the specs of both, it’s obvious that TruTrack 2 doesn’t beat TruFlight 2, but take note that it’s actually not meant to do that.

Both simulator systems lie in different categories and are built to serve different purposes. The advantage of picking a TruTrack 2 simulator is that you don’t have to spend extra dollars if you just want a home golf simulator to practice your game.

In short, TruTrack 2 is not as vast as TruFlight 2, but it nails the basics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are golf simulation setups so expensive?

Golf simulators have multiple high-quality features that are all essential for your golf shots to be recorded, analyzed, and projected onto a screen. That makes golf simulation setups expensive.

What room size is required for Vista 8?

The minimum space required to set up most golf simulators, including Vista 8, is 10′ W x 10′ L x 8.5′ H. Things like player height and arm length can factor into how much space is required. 

How far should I stand from a golf net?

Initially, it will probably be okay to hit from 7 feet; however, it is recommended to hit from about 10 feet. Leaving 1–2 feet behind the net allows the impact of the ball to be fully absorbed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I’d say that TruTrack 2 is undoubtedly one of the best launch monitors available in the market today, particularly when you look at its price tag.

It’s cheap at the price but premium in quality. 

If you’re not a professional, Vista 8 would do for starters. But if you want to expand your skills, Vista 10 and Vista 12 are there in line to enhance your game.

That’s it for TruTrack 2. Catch you in the next one! 

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