TruGolf Signature Golf Simulator: An In-depth Analysis

Most golfers love the TruGolf Signature Simulator because of its high-end technology and cutting-edge realistic graphics that provide them with an ultimate golf experience… It’s their virtual golf heaven! 

But with many other options like Full Swing Pro, TrackMan, and OptiShot 2 on the market, choosing the right golf simulator becomes difficult.

If you’re going through the same dilemma, hop into this conclusive guide where we have an in-depth analysis of TruGolf Signature Trim to know whether it’s worth it or not. 

TruGolf Signature Simulator: Overview

Credit to TruGolf

The Signature Trim lies in the professional category of TruGolf simulators and comes with the maximum features that a golf simulator system provides to lift your game to the next level. 

Running on TruFlight 2, this simulator features the latest technology from TruGolf, which allows you to play every shot with unparalleled accuracy, just like you’d play on a golf course.

The three high-speed overhead cameras capture every ball and club data at 3200 FPS, in conjunction with sonic triangulation technology to provide instant feedback so you don’t feel any lag or delay in your gameplay. 

To display this data, the simulator features a swing analysis screen where you can view and interact with different metrics, which provides great assistance in game improvement.

Its real feel mat improves your ball striking by providing real feedback on club-turf interaction. 

To further amplify your golfing experience, TruGolf runs on E6 Connect simulator software, which is an industry-leading brand in its category. 

It opens your access to 27 famous golf courses, driving ranges, putting and chipping areas, mini-games, practice modes (like stroke play and best ball), and online events.

You can also keep track of your progress by viewing session history and analyzing historical data. 

Here’s a quick E6 Connect experience to stir your imagination:

Highlighted Features

✅Bigger size

✅3 high-speed overhead camera system

✅Simultaneous club and ball data

✅Uninterrupted play for both right-handed and left-handed golfers

✅No marked balls

✅E6 Connect software 

What’s in the Box?

Base Variant Includes:

  • HD 1080p 4000+ Lumen Projector
  • TruGolf Level (3) Computer
  • 21″ Touch Screen
  • TruFlight 2 Tracking System
  • Premium Green Turf
  • Full Enclosure
  • Fabric Interior
  • Portable Speaker Audio
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • 2-Year Expanded Subscription

Pro Upgrade Includes:

  • Laser HD 1080p 4500+ Lumen Projector
  • 27″ Touch Screen
  • Soundbar Audio

Source: TruGolf

Setting Up TruGolf Signature Simulator

The installation of TruGolf Signature Simulator may take longer, but once it’s done, you’ll have everything you need for a brilliant practice session. 

Before installation, make sure to have the necessary equipment, including:

  • A computer with two open USB ports on the motherboard
  • 110-volt power (a standard electrical outlet)
  • A halogen spotlight mounted just forward of the tee position on the hitting mat (to illuminate the sensors properly)
  • Dark floor covering (the more contrast between the dark floor and the white golf ball, the better)
  • A plumb bob
  • A drill
  • A piece of masking tape

Installation process for the simulator:

  1. Position the camera housing:
  • 48″ in front of the tee position (where you place the ball for a full shot)
  • Centered with the tee position
  • Parallel to the screen
  • 110″–124″ above the floor and level
  1. Verify that the Sensitivity Adjustment Knob is pointing toward the screen (away from the tee position) and then secure the camera housing to the ceiling (with the supplied mounting screws).
  1. Using a plumb bob, determine the exact center (both side-to-side and front-to-back) of the camera housing and mark that location on the floor with a small piece of masking tape.
  1. Place one golf ball on the masking tape and another golf ball in the exact center of the tee position.
  1. Attach the power cable.
  1. Plug both cameras into the appropriate USB ports. Make camera alignments and final settings for shot testing. Once you’re comfortable with the calibration and settings, you’re all set to golf.

Source: TruGolf

Installation process for E6 Connect:

Before installation, makes sure your PC meets the following specs to run E6 Connect:

  • Intel i5 Processor (2 GHz or greater)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Nvidia 1070 graphics card or equivalent
  • Dedicated GPU with DirectX 11 Support
  • 25GB of hard drive space
  • Windows 10 (required)
  • Internet connection (required)
  1. Double-click the E6 Connect icon on your desktop to begin the installation.
  2. After installation, the license activation screen (below) is displayed.
  3. Click the red login button under “Activate” and then enter the email and password for your account.
  4. The Select License screen appears. Select the license you want to use with this computer and then select Activate.
  5. Perform “system configuration” and allow “admin permissions” to get to the “main menu.”
  6. On the main menu, start playing your game in whatever mode you want to begin with.

Source: e6golf

Measurable Data Points in TruGolf Signature Simulator

Credit to TruGolf

TruGolf Signature Simulator precisely measures many important data points, including club data and ball data, that allow you to amp up your game through a side-by-side comparison of your progress. 

Measurable Club Data:

  • Clubhead speed 
  • Club path
  • Smash factor
  • Face angle

Measurable Ball Data:

  • Ball speed
  • Spin rate
  • Height
  • Launch direction
  • Launch angle
  • Landing angle
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance

Accuracy Analysis of TruGolf Signature Simulator

TruGolf claims to be the most accurate golf simulator system, which is true if we look at the statistics. But the question is, how does it perform in day-to-day golf sessions?

Let’s watch this YouTube video by Trugolf Bogey Boys and then we’ll do an in-depth analysis:

As you can see, the simulator didn’t show any delay or lag in overall shorts, except a few nanoseconds delay in this particular shot at 2:05, which is negligible. 

The graphics were awesome, and the terrain detail was very impressive. 

If we talk about the mechanics of the game, you can notice that as the ball hits the impact screen, it shows the ball’s flight, and every minute detail of your shot appears on the screen.

Should we give it a green signal? Not too soon! Let’s look at the community’s sentiment about the TruGolf Signature Simulator in this small talk:

Has anyone tried Trugolf with the newest truflight technology? Im wondering how it matches up with the top of the line simulators like Full Swing or Golfzon. Thanks.


 I have a Trueflight2 system and love it.


Source: Golf Simulator Forum

Considering all of the above, I’m comfortable with buying a TruGolf Signature Trim.

Compatible Software: E6 Connect

The TruGolf Signature Simulator comes with a two-year expanded subscription to E6 Connect, which is one of the best-developed simulator software in terms of graphics, mechanics, and gameplay options. 

E6 Connect’s basic package includes:

  • 27 famous golf courses
  • 17 practice areas 
  • Putting and chipping areas 
  • Mini-games
  • Practice modes (like stroke play and best ball)
  • Online events

But with the Signature Trim, you can enjoy an expansion to 90+ golf courses, which is an extra privilege of buying this golf simulator.

Dive into the cutting-edge graphics and realistic gameplay of E6 Connect in this YouTube video by Par2Pro Golf Simulator & Analyzer Specialists:

 Andrew Stuff describes every minute detail of E6 Connect. Looks impressive!

TruGolf Signature Simulator Cost Analysis: Should You Buy It?

Before answering that question, I’d like you to look at the price and the package that comes with it:

Cost: $39,950 or $399 per month with Acorn Finance


  • HD 1080p 4000+ Lumen Projector
  • TruGolf Level (3) Computer
  • 21″ Touch Screen
  • TruFlight 2 Tracking System
  • Premium Green Turf
  • Full Enclosure
  • Fabric Interior
  • Portable Speaker Audio
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • 2-Year Expanded Subscription

Pro Upgrade Cost: $4,000

Pro Upgrade Specs:

  • Laser HD 1080p 4500+ Lumen Projector
  • 27″ Touch Screen
  • Soundbar Audio

Source: TruGolf

After looking at this, the last thing you’d want me to say is that it’s not expensive… because it is!

Now a thing like that should only be bought if you need more than 80% of what it delivers. 

Considering buying this simulator for just a casual golfing experience wouldn’t be wise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TruGolf simulators good?

When it comes to professional golf simulators, TruGolf is one of the industry-leading brands. It was even ranked as the best overall simulator in 2019.

Does a golf simulator add value to your home?

Yes! It has the potential to attract buyers and increase the resale value of your home. Even if they’re not golfers, they’d be happy with an extra useful room.

How loud is a golf simulator?

Golf simulators can be very loud. The sounds produced by hitting the ball and the ball striking on the impact screen can be noisy near the simulator. That’s why it’s best suited for a basement or a garage.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything about the TruGolf Signature Simulator, I’m sure it’ll help you in deciding if it’s the best golf simulator for you. 

If you look at the pros, it’s premium, accurate, and realistic, but all this luxury costs enough money to buy a brand-new car. 

So before you buy it, think twice! 

Comparing it with other simulators of its tier, it’s safe to say that it’s worth a shot. 

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