PuttView Putting Green: Let’s Explore!

PuttView is quite famous for its reputation among the golfer community because of its innovative approach to putting greens that has changed the way of golf by introducing AR technology to its systems.

Bryson DeChambeau, an American pro golfer, considers it the easiest way to practice putting and used the outdoor version of PuttView to prepare for the Porsche European Open 2018.

He seems to love it!

With this kind of hype, you’d think it’s the best thing on the market, but before you spend a handsome amount of money to get one for yourself, you need to know everything about it, and I’m here to unfold the mystery of PuttView putting greens.

Let’s get into it. 

Product Overview

Credit to Sim-U-Golf

PuttView has reinvented practicing golf by incorporating high-end technological advancements in their practice putting green systems.

By allowing you to create AR-generated indoor and outdoor scenarios where you can see real results, it turns your putting green into a playful learning environment.

Made with the finest green grass to stimulate real driving range conditions and provide a durable finish, this putting green delivers the most when combined with state-of-the-art technology.

You can track your performance in real-time by calculating and projecting a putt directly onto the green for instant feedback while practicing.

The putting experience is further improved by a series of amazing features such as ideal line, setup line, swing guide, and much more, which provide additional assistance to step up your game.

Check out this video by PuttView to understand how it works:

Watch, play, and improve… Simple!

When it comes to variety, it has options for every golfer. To have a better idea, we’ll dig a little deeper into them.

PuttView Indoor Putting Greens

1) PuttView Home Series

Credit to PuttView

The home series is built for providing interactive putting practice, along with some entertainment, to golfers at their homes.

Featuring two different variants, P7 Basic and P7 Plus, this putting green allows you to learn with guided practice and fun games.

You can choose between free or guided practice to increase your competency and select from predefined practicing sequences to improve your game.

Performance tracking is also made easy by its ball tracking technology that tracks the ball path in real-time. 

Furthermore, this data can be accessed later for seeing where you stand simply by logging in to your profile.

To give you some real challenge, the green features CNC milled contours which, in combination with the 3% slope, provide many random putting conditions so you feel like playing on a real golf course. 

The size of the mat is 6′ x 10′, which is sufficient enough to satisfy your golfing needs at home but is a bit smaller for a professional putting green. 

Watch this YouTube video by Golf Simulator Videos to experience the P7 Plus:

Once you’re on it, there’s no way back!

Prominent Features:

P7 Basic includes:

✅ Self-assembly

✅ Guided practice

✅ Putting statistics

P7 Plus includes:

✅ All P7 basic features

✅ Tablet remote control

✅ Full customization

✅ Individual templates

2) PuttView Professional Series

Credit to PuttView 

For unlocking the competitive indoor putting experience, PuttView has introduced its professional series that gives you all the tools to unleash your golfing potential. 

Developed by a team of German engineers, this putting green features natural contours that enable you to practice putting in multiple realistic scenarios.

Providing all the standard PuttView features like guided ball tracking, training assists, and fun games, this putting green further elevates your experience by opening your access to a full set of features for practice, coaching, and fun using augmented reality.

In addition, the ceiling-mounted projector gives seamless integration into your space regardless of the mat size, allowing on-the-spot interaction with the stats for instant feedback.

Don’t believe it’s real? Hop into this YouTube video by PuttView:

Fantastic! You’ll love to have one of these putting greens.

The professional series features three different models based on size:

PuttView P812′ x 7’6″
PuttView P1015′ x 9’6″
PuttView P1219′ x 11’6″

You can also benefit from PuttView’s installation services on all these models, where their installation team will do the work, from planning to installation. 

Just select your putting green and leave the rest to them… Simple! 

Prominent Features: 


✅Guided practice

✅Putting statistics

✅Seamless integration

✅Installation services

✅Tablet remote control

✅Full customization

✅Individual templates

3) PuttView Moving Greens

Credit to PuttView

Want to practice on a putting green even more advanced than the professional putting green? Try the PuttView moving green.

It innovates your putting experience by allowing you to recreate any putt by changing the slope according to your need.

This is made possible by the actuators that adjust the slope to varying degrees, turning it into a desirable putting green surface. 

Offering great flexibility on a small footprint, this putting green gives you all the great practicing features such as ball tracking, training assists, a fun game, and much more for next-level putting practice.

For instance, you can play tic-tac-toe, splash, and many other games with your friends while your grip on your shot games keeps improving gradually.

Watch PuttView moving green in action at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show:

Never seen a thing like that. Impressive! 

The mat comes in different shapes and sizes up to 300 sq. ft. that can be installed anywhere using PuttView’s installation services. The options include:

  • Trubreak platform
  • Zen green stage
  • Virtual green

Prominent Features


✅Guided practice

✅Putting statistics

✅Seamless integration

✅Installation services

✅Tablet remote control

✅Adjustable slope

✅Various shapes and sizes

4) PuttView Custom Putting Greens

Credit to PuttView

For golfers who want to train with an increased competency level according to their choice, PuttView custom putting greens offer the optimal solution.

You can create your dream putting setup by selecting one of these greens tailored to fit your needs or get one built for yourself.

The standard size options include up to 270 sq. ft. with Custom Green C1 and up to 500 sq. ft. with Custom Green C2.

Using the same ceiling-mounted projector as the professional and moving green setup, this green delivers the same AR-generated golfing experience to lift your putting skills.

You can use all the assists such as setup lines, swing guide, ideal lines, contour lines, and much more for training and enjoy fun games to have quality time with friends. 

The real challenge is produced by the surface, which is more like a real golf course so you can practice according to the real demands of the game. 

One of the coolest features of this putting green is the multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge friends and improve your golf in a competitive environment.

Overall, it’s the best-suited putting green for universities, colleges, and state-of-the-art practice facilities for putting practice.

Prominent Features:


✅Guided practice

✅Putting statistics

✅Seamless integration

✅Installation services

✅Tablet remote control

✅Custom green design

✅Fits any space

How to Use PuttView Putting Greens

Now that you’ve been thrilled by the most advanced features of PuttView, do you know how to use it? Let me tell you how!

A putting green works with a projector which is controlled with a touchscreen, more preferably a tablet, from where you can operate multiple features and get them projected on your putting green surface. 

That’s it! It’s that easy.

Still, need a better elaboration? Watch this YouTube video by Rolf Kinkel first and then we’ll break it into words:

So the instructor used his tablet to play “shooter,” and it was instantly projected onto the putting green where the other guy can be seen practicing. 

After successfully playing the first round, the instructor toggled to the next round, and it was done in no time.

PuttView Putting Green Cost Analysis

Although PuttView putting greens are great in terms of quality and technology, the decision to declare them the best also depends on their price because an overpriced product, no matter how good, cannot be the best.

It starts at $9,980, which, compared with its finest competitors like Full Swing Virtual Green (starting at $70,900), makes a huge price gap. 

Although you don’t get similar putting green systems for these prices, PuttView is a considerable option as it saves you a lot of money if you’re only looking for a home putting green setup.

The price isn’t low because $10,000 is also a handsome amount that you’ll not just throw away on anything, but it provides a great advantage when you’re looking at the buying options on the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PuttView books legal?

PuttView books are USGA legal, with authentic knowledge for competitive events or just your normal practice sessions.

What makes a good putting green?

The quality of the grass determines the quality of gameplay on a putting green. If the grass suits your region, it will provide less resistance, hence allowing the ball to move swiftly on it. 

Are indoor putting greens worth it?

For someone who wants to improve their short game by practicing at home, indoor putting mats are worth it. 

Final Thoughts

Concluding the whole discussion, I can safely say that PuttView’s reputation isn’t for nothing.

It offers a great putting experience through its highly accurate and instant AR technology that revolutionizes your golfing experience. 

Using it is also not rocket science, and you easily get along with its limitless features, which makes it a perfect tool for home practice or delivering putting lessons. 

Lastly, the price is also reasonable and gives you a good break to enter the realm of virtual greens. 

Based on these facts, I’d give it a green signal.

Catch you in the next one!

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