Best Portable Golf Club Cleaner Online

The worst thing you can do to yourself on a golf course is to let your dirty golf club ruin your score!

There are many ways to clean a golf club, but the best way is to use a dedicated golf club cleaner. 

If you’re struggling to choose the best one for yourself, you got lucky because I’m here with the five best golf club cleaners that can make your life easy. 

Best Overall Golf Club Cleaner: Grooveit Golf Club Cleaner

Credit to Grooveit

I have ranked Grooveit as the best golf club cleaner not only because of its unmatched features but also because of its popularity among golfers.

Mike Newton, a professional golf coach, wants every golfer to have one of these:

His golf club is as good as new! 

The cleaner is made of heavy-duty nylon bristles which are strong enough to clean every type of dirt from the club and a self-contained tube that pours a cleaning solution to clean stickier grime.

A pistol grip is also provided on the tube so you don’t lose the grip even if it gets wet during cleaning.

To clean your club, just brush it with the bristles, pour some water using the tube, and clean it with a dry towel… It’s that easy.

Once it becomes your daily golf product, you’d want to carry it with your golf clubs. 

The magnetic hook provided at the top of the tube allows you to attach it to your golf bag with cord-free mobility so you can use it even away from the bag. 

You can buy this golf club cleaner for $25 with a three-year replacement warranty, which is a fair price for what you’re getting. 


✅ Quality build

✅ Pistol grip for firm holding 

✅ Self-contained tube included

✅ Magnetic hook for portability 

✅ 3-year replacement warranty

✅ Value for money


❌ Doesn’t include a towel

Runner-Up Golf Club Cleaner: The Buddy Golf Club Cleaner

If you want your club cleaner to watch your back while you’re out on the course, get yourself The Buddy Golf Club Cleaner.

I mean, it’s just like your best buddy…

This box-shaped cleaner is designed with breakthrough brushes that massage and take the debris out of the club quickly without using any wet solution.

To clean stiffer dirt and grime, the top and the bottom of the box feature specialized brushes that perform detailed cleaning to get the job done. 

Don’t believe me? Watch this:

See how the Buddy Golf Club Cleaner cleaned an iron by just inserting and rubbing it back and forth!

The bristles are made of high-quality rubber that are gentle enough to clean the clubs without scratching them and strong enough to provide longevity. 

In addition, The Buddy innovatively offers portability. It has a universal fit design that lets you fit it to a golf car or any pulling cart so it’s always there with you. 

Regarding the price point, The Buddy is a little expansive. It’ll cost you $70, but if we look at it, I’d say the price is well-justified for a product like that. 

If you don’t like the regular black finish, you can choose between other vibrant customizations that cost an extra $15. 


✅ Fast and easy to use

✅ Innovative design

✅ Breakthrough brushes

✅ Durable nature 

✅ Fits in golf car or golf cart

✅ Doesn’t require an extra room on the cart


❌ Highly-priced

❌ Doesn’t include a cleaning solution

Best Value for Money: Callaway Premium Golf Club Brush

Credit to Amazon

Tagged as Amazon’s Choice, the Callaway Premium Golf Club Brush might be your best pick if you’re looking for a small and easy-to-use accessory for a reasonable price.

This cleaner is equipped with dual-sided brushes which can be used for cleaning both irons and drivers. 

To make it last, the bristles are made of premium-quality nylon material which is hard enough to clean the toughest spots from your golf club.

One of the best features of the Callaway Premium Golf Club Brush is its ergonomic design which makes it handy and super comfortable to hold while you’re cleaning your club. 

The cleaner also ensures portability with a carabiner clip, which lets you attach it to your golf bag and access it without detaching it from there. 

Many people who’ve used this product seem satisfied with their experience.


✅ Dual-sided brushes

✅ Ergonomic design

✅ Portable nature 

✅ Can be used for golf shoes

✅ Reasonable price


❌ Doesn’t include a cleaning solution and towel

Best All-in-One Package: ToVii Golf Club Cleaner

Credit to Amazon

ToVii Golf Club Cleaner includes everything that you’ll ever need to clean that golf club of yours. 

You get a dual-faced cleaning brush that has nylon bristles to clean wood and wire bristles to clean irons. 

In addition to this, there’s a spike provided on the tip of the brush that easily cleans tough dirt in grooves, but it can be harsh if not used properly.

To provide a better grip, the handle is made with a high-quality plastic material that’s easy to get used to once you get your hands on it.

Want to carry it to a golf course? Just fix it to your golf bag using the carbine clip provided at the bottom of the brush and you’re all set. 

The awesome thing that comes with this cleaner is a set of three large-sized micro-fiber towels that are gentle on the club but wipe out every kind of filth from it.

There’s also a foldable divot tool in the package that holds your golf club while you’re cleaning it. 

One thing that this all-in-one kit misses is a cleaning solution, but for those who want to keep their club dry, it’s a win-win situation.

Overall, it’s a great kit for a reasonable price.


✅ Dual-sided brushes

✅ Includes groove spike 

✅ Ergonomic design

✅ Includes towels

✅ Includes foldable divot

✅ Reasonable price


❌ Doesn’t include cleaning solution

❌ Spike can be harsh sometimes

Best Cleaning Solution: STIXX Golf Club & Grip Cleaner

Credit to Amazon

If you’re looking for a cleaning solution to keep your golf equipment in its best form, STIXX Golf Club Cleaner is the only thing you need to buy.

This quick and easy-to-use product is a bio-detergent solution that is made non-sticky and odorless to give efficient cleaning for your golf clubs, balls, and even grips.

Want to know how it works? Watch their demo:

Just spray and wipe!

A very useful tool that comes with the solution is an aluminum clip that conveniently attaches the bottle to your golf bag so it’s there when you need it. 

The bottle itself is made small (85 ml) to enhance its portability, but for a small amount of solution, the price is quite high. 

To ensure the quality of the product, the company gives a money-back guarantee which can be claimed if anything goes against its promised terms and conditions.


✅Non-sticky and odorless

✅Good for golf balls and club grips

✅Includes aluminum clip

✅100% money-back guarantee 


❌ Small-sized bottle (85 ml)

❌ Highly-priced

Buying Guide: Things You Must Know Before Buying

Before you buy any of the above-listed products, I want you to know about certain factors that can affect your experience with each of them. 

Functionality is the first thing you’ll want from a cleaner. I mean, why would you spend your money on a product if it doesn’t get the job done?

The next thing you’ll want to ensure is longevity. If you want your product to last for a considerable time, you’ll have to go for a durable product.

Last but not least is the budget. Money is always a big decision-maker because nobody wants to spend extra. 

So if your selected product filters through all these stages, I’ll give you a green signal on that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make your golf clubs look new? 

Golf clubs require proper maintenance to keep it looking new. You can use golf club cleaners to clean it and apply liquid solutions to give it a shiny look.

Do wire brushes damage a golf club?

Wire brushes that are specially designed for golf clubs are safe to use for cleaning iron golf clubs but can be harsh on wood. 

What if I use soap and water to clean my club? 

Using soap and water to clean your club is safe, but bio detergents are more effective in cleaning stains and dirt. Using a golf club cleaning solution is the best way to keep your golf equipment clean.


Having a golf club cleaner is a must because this small tool can save your day if you have it at the right time.

That’s why I have listed the best golf club cleaners with the best portability options that anyone could ask for.

So get yourself one and don’t lose any score because clean clubs mean better golf!

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