Is Mini-Golf a Sport? Can You Play it Professionally?

Although mini-golf is enjoyed by a lot of people as a recreational time pass, I keep wondering, is it even a proper sport?

I mean, there are mini-golf events but can you play it professionally? 

To resolve the mystery, let’s jump into this conclusive guide!   

Is Mini-Golf a Professional Sport?

Mini-golf is often treated as a casual fun activity, however, it’s much more than that. 

Besides being a good physical activity, it is an acclaimed professional sport.

The championships and tournaments of mini-golf are managed by the World Minigolf Sport Federation on an international level. 

The federation has 51 countries in its membership with every country having its own governing body.

These governing bodies arrange national-level events for both amateur and professional-level players.

This means that if you’re good at the sport, you can start a career and be a professional mini-golfer.

Being a professional is poles apart from being a casual player in both mini-golf and putt-putt golf.  

However, with practice and dedication, you can move mountains! 

How Did Mini-Golf Become a Professional Sport?

To learn how mini-golf became a professional sport, we got a peek into its past!

As per mini-golf history, the first national-level tournament of mini-golf, known as the Tom Thumb Tournament, was played in the U.S. in 1930.

The qualification rounds for this tournament were arranged in all 48 states of the country making it a national-level sport.

From there on, the sport is being played professionally all across the world.

Watch this interesting YouTube video by British Pathé featuring Tom Thumb Golf Course from the old days; 

Represents a classic game of mini-golf! 

What Makes Mini Golf a Professional Sport? 

Besides the fact that mini-golf is a low-intensity game, it’s still a professional sport and there are valid reasons behind it.  

Let’s have a one-by-one look at them;

1. Resemblance to Regular Golf

Although mini-golf is dissimilar from regular golf in multiple ways, the basics always remain the same.

Besides the differences in rules and costs of playing, here are some commonalities among these sports: 

  • You’ve to use a putter when it comes to putting 
  • You’ve to read the greens for guessing the appropriate speed and angle 
  • You’ve to get the ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes for winning
  • In both, the player standing further from the hole takes their shot first

In simple words, mini-golf can be regarded as a short game of golf. 

2. High Competency

Although mini-golf looks simple, it has got a high level of competency.

You may think I’m exaggerating here but this is something you can only tell after experiencing it. 

To win a proper 18-hole round of mini-golf, you not only have to be a consistent player but also a great planner. 

As you proceed through the course, you’ve to plan your shots in advance while managing the time and keeping the score. 

Here’s a valuable read on mini-golfing tips to improve your mini-golf performance. 

3. Promotes Mental and Physical Health

Playing a round of mini-golf takes you through a considerable amount of physical activity. 

Most of the time, you walk from hole to hole, hitting and collecting your golf ball.

As you walk on the course, you burn calories and get some light cardio exercise.

This keeps your heart rate at an optimum level resulting in improved cardiovascular health. 

In addition to this, you allow your arms, legs, and core of your body to engage in constant motion. 

This not only strengthens your muscles but also improves your body’s overall flexibility.

Furthermore, hitting golf balls and breathing fresh air while experiencing a beautiful environment can be therapeutic for you.  

Want to learn more about mini-golf health benefits? Hop into this article.

4. Popularity of the Sport

The popularity of mini-golf among common folks is another reason why it’s played professionally. 

Even after facing multiple depressions throughout its history, the sport still survived.

As a matter of fact, many mini-golf players aren’t even regular golfers. 

This much popularity is enough to make a sport qualify on a professional level.

Is Mini-Golf an Olympic Sport?

The straightforward answer to this question is NO!

Although mini-golf is played on an international level, it’s still not an Olympic sport. 

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no golf in the Olympics. The regular game of golf is one of the 35 sports played at the event. 

This might possibly pave the way for mini-golf to be an Olympic sport one day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When did mini-golf become a professional sport?

Back in 1930, with the inauguration of the Tom Thumb National Level Tournament, mini-golf became a professional sport.

How’s mini-golf different from regular golf?

Besides having similar basic principles, both sports have different rules and costs of playing. 

Can I start a career in mini-golf?

Yes, if you’re good at the sport, you can start a career and be a professional mini-golfer.

Final Thoughts: Is Mini-Golf a Sport?

Once again, is mini-golf a sport? Yes, mini-golf is a professional sport that’s extremely popular among common folks.

Whether you wanna make a career out of it or just need to enjoy some leisure time, mini-golf’s always at your service.

As you read through this article, I’ve laid down every bit of information regarding the subject matter.

Still, have queries? hop into the comment section! 

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