Indoor Golf Toronto: Best Places to Go

Looking for indoor golf simulator facilities in Toronto? You’re more than lucky because this giant Canadian metropolitan offers some of the latest indoor golf clubs in the world to satisfy your appetite for the game.

However, the problem with such abundance is that it becomes hard to choose the best place for yourself. 

Don’t panic! Because where there’s a problem, there’s me… with a solution. 

Hop into this conclusive guide and explore the best indoor golf simulator facilities in Toronto that won’t leave you wanting. 

Best Overall Indoor Golf Club: The Sand Trap Golf Simulator, Bar & Lounge

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If you’re in an ardent mood for a night out with friends at Toronto’s most premium indoor golf location, look no further than The Sand Trap Golf Simulator Bar & Lounge! 

The club is built to offer an elite indoor golfing experience with its high-end infrastructure and four top-notch Full Swing golf simulator systems that allow you to play almost 100 famous virtual golf courses. 

With these PGA-endorsed setups, you can also learn golf in a remarkable way by taking guidance from experienced PGA tutors who use effective teaching methods and techniques to bring out the best version of you.

For those looking for more potential than just golf, the club also hosts private parties and events, including birthday parties, alumni nights, and fundraisers. 

With regard to entertainment, it’s nonstop! The club has a licensed bar where you can have your favorite drink while watching big games on large-screen TVs at your semi-private booth.

You can also check in on special events like karaoke nights and music parties for more fun. 

Almost every person who visited The Sand Trip seems to love it. Here are some recommendations:

Had a great time at The Sand Trap! The staff was very friendly, drinks were great, and the facility was super clean. 10/10 recommend going if you’re looking to get some practice over the winter season.

Emily Valbonesi

Katy and Kiki were the absolute best. Such great service!! Shot tracking was very accurate and the experience was amazing. Would recommend 10/10

Dewain Chin

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Featured Amenities

  • High-end infrastructure
  • 4 Full Swing simulators
  • PGA lessons
  • Private event spaces
  • Semi-private bar 
  • Delicious drinks
  • Parking 

The simulator rentals at The Sand Trip vary in peak and off-peak hours:

Simulator RentalsPeak HoursOff-Peak Hours
Group (2 or more)$60$50
Source: Sand Trap

Best for Serious Golfers: Swing Golf Lounge

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Located in Etobicoke, a 15-minute ride from downtown Toronto, Swing Golf Lounge is a perfect place for golfers who don’t want to miss out on their practice sessions even in winter.

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, the club facilitates you with its finest TrackMan radar technology simulators that offer unmatched precision to uplift your game. 

In addition, you can play multiple virtual golf courses with stunning 4K graphics to broaden your golfing experience.

If you’re looking for professional assistance, the club provides you with industry-leading facilities and experienced PGA teachers who can help you develop techniques and interpret analysis by focusing on skill, etiquette, and strategies to play golf. 

Furthermore, there are golf lessons containing one hour of instruction with video analysis so you can focus and work on weaker areas of your game. 

Looking for some competition? Good! Swing Golf Lounge hosts indoor golf leagues for both male and female golfers, allowing you to enjoy some friendly golf contests in a golf-centered environment. 

Aside from golf, the club has a bar that offers delicious food and drinks so you can sit and relax after a round of golf. 

Because of these facilities, visitors often recommend this place to new golfers. Here are some happy reviews:

Best Simulator I’ve used in the last 3 years by far. Very accurate. Awesome owner and staff. Very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!

Ant Graham

Impressive facility with a great environment for any event with friends or taking lessons with the state of the art technology!

Cam McCullough

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Featured Amenities

  • TrackMan radar technology
  • Professional golf instructions
  • Golf lessons
  • Golf leagues and events
  • Full bar
  • Accepts card pay
  • Parking

In terms of pricing, the club charges differently for standard, teaching, and championship bays:

BaysMon–Fri (Before Noon)Mon–Fri (After Noon)Mon–Fri (5 p.m.–close) and Weekends
Source: Swing Golf Lounge 

A Decent Place to Practice: Target Indoor Golf

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For those who’re looking for nothing but a decent taste of golf at a reasonable price, Target Indoor Golf might just be the right place for you.

With its industry-leading golf simulators that are powered by stereo vision technology, the club offers the latest golf simulation facilities to elevate your experience. 

You can accurately analyze your game data, play realistic short games, and enjoy unlimited virtual golf courses in ultra-realistic graphics.

For a more in-depth experience, you can also go for 18-hole stroke play, which allows you to tour the world, and challenge yourself and other competitive players in multiple game modes. 

In terms of learning, the club offers the most through its exclusive Target Indoor Golf Academy lessons that are particularly developed to shape your golfing skills through short, simple, and point-driven exercises. 

There are also experienced golf instructors who help you in building your game by analyzing and diagnosing your swing on a regular basis. 

If you happen to visit Target Indoor Golf on a routine basis, the facility provides deals and membership cards that offer discounted rates and other perks. 

Many people who’ve been to this indoor golf club give it a green signal. Let’s look at some happy reviews:

Great staff, very helpful and cool. Atmosphere is enjoyable and private hitting bays are well kept. Simulators are pretty good too. Highly recommend it!

Robert Kapuscinski

Love this place. Very friendly staff, clean private rooms, and many golf courses worldwide to select. Cheaper price compared to many other indoor golf centers in GTA. Highly recommended.


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Featured Amenities

  • Stereo vision technology 
  • Multiple golf courses
  • 18-hole stroke play
  • Target academy lessons
  • Exclusive memberships 
  • Parking
  • Cheaper prices

Hourly rates for simulator bays at Target Indoor Golf are as follows:

RatesRegular Bay (Per Hour)Prestige Bay (Per Hour)
Mon–ThuBefore 5 a.m.$18$25
After 5 a.m.$25$30
Source: Target Indoor Golf

Most Modern Facility: Tracer Golf

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If you don’t have a proper schedule for practicing golf, you need a place that’s open 24/7, and that’s exactly what Tracer Golf has managed to do. 

Based on patent pending technology, this club is Canada’s first automated indoor golf facility that makes things simple and easy for you.

No on-duty staff, no lines, and no waiting! All you need is to book an online reservation and go play golf.

The hitting bays are equipped with high-tech golf simulator systems that provide every vital indoor golf facility, including game data, precise feedback, and multiple game modes, allowing you to practice like a pro. 

You can also enjoy up to 50 golf simulator courses with high-end graphics and interact with online players to level up your game through competitive events. 

For a more exclusive experience, the club also features swing vision camera systems at its premium simulator bays that capture your swing from two different angles and instantly review it on screen.

Regarding golf lessons, the club allows access to every golf teacher and PGA pro so you can find the right teacher and improve faster.

Just fill out the form and Tracer Golf will come up with the best recommendations according to your golfing style and needs.

Furthermore, the club hosts private parties and events at budget-friendly costs, allowing you to team up for a healthy social evening. 

Want to know what people say about Tracer Golf? Here are some reviews:

Good experience once you figure out the computer settings. Fun to see your progress and private rooms which is nice. Clean and quiet, able to focus.

Tie Mac

The automation works as advertised. It is very convenient and the facility is clean and everything works well. It’s a super fun experience and great way to practice when you get outside for the real thing. Thanks!

Dan Awadalla

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Featured Amenities 

  • 24/7 service
  • Automated hitting bays
  • High-tech simulator systems
  • 50 golf simulator courses
  • Swing vision camera systems
  • Golf lessons
  • Private event spaces
  • Parking

Simulator rentals at Tracer Golf are the same on all days and vary according to the hitting bays:

Regular BayPremium Bay
Source: Tracer Golf

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an indoor golf simulator cost in Toronto?

On average, indoor golf simulator rentals in Toronto range from $20 to $40 based on your visit times.

Why is indoor golf popular in Toronto?

The popularity of indoor golf in Toronto may be because of several reasons, including its urban demand, business opportunity, and cold weather.

Can you bring your own clubs to indoor golf facilities?

Yes! Most indoor golf facilities allow you to bring your personal golf clubs; however, it’s not mandatory. The facilities provide you with the necessary golf equipment if you don’t bring yours. 


Finding an indoor golf club in Toronto may be difficult, but with a little idea about the city and proper guidance, you can find your perfect golf haven. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, this article contains everything about some of the city’s best indoor golf facilities to let you practice golf all year round.

The city may also have undiscovered gems, so keep digging while you’re here.

Happy golfing!

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