Indoor Golf Rhode Island: Best Spots For You!

Rhode Island is a famous vacation destination with its colorful local culture, beautiful views, and historical destinations, but that’s not enough for a golfer!

I mean, you want some golf activity, and when it comes to this, what’s better than spending quality time at the most famous indoor golf clubs in the state!

However, if you’re new here, finding the right spots might be a struggling experience, but you can leave it to me as I’ve come up with the best indoor golf clubs in Rhode Island that won’t leave you wanting. 

Let’s explore them! 

Overall Best: X-Golf Lincoln Rhode Island

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If you’re looking for an indoor golf facility with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, you wouldn’t want to miss out on X-Golf Lincoln!

With its state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators that offer unmatched accuracy and realism, combined with VR gaming, the club is all set to give you a high-end golfing experience. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, X-Golf’s coaches always have something to deliver regardless of your ability. 

You can take 30- to 60-minute golf lessons, which involve various methods and techniques to improve weaker areas of your game.

Want to take a break? Why not! 

Besides indoor golf, the facility also has expertise in cuisine. You can enjoy your favorite drinks and delicious food at its full bar or just get them delivered to your golf simulator space. 

The club also has event spaces with accommodation for up to 50 persons, where you can hold birthdays, employee parties, bachelor parties, business events, and much more. 

Many people who’ve been to X-Golf give it a green signal. Look at these reviews:

XGolf Lincoln is a great spot. The simulators have become very accurate as the franchise continues to update the software and make it better. The staff is awesome. Always helpful, friendly and accommodating. They have a good bar and basic menu if you’re hungry.

Gregg Jackson

Such a great experience. The simulators are the best I have ever seen and overall experience was fantastic. Great beer selection, great food and amazing staff!

Manuk Ozcan

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Featured Amenities

  • VR golfing experience
  • Golf lessons
  • Food and drinks
  • Private event spaces
  • Lounge and bar
  • Offers packages
  • On-site parking

Regarding pricing, the simulator rentals at X-Golf Lincoln vary according to your time of visit:

TimingPrice (Per Hour)
Mon–Fri (Open–4 PM)$45
Mon–Thu (4 PM–Close)$55
Fri–Sun (All Day)$65
Source: X-Golf Lincoln 

Runner-Up: Rhode Island Indoor Golf

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Rhode Island Indoor Golf is a new establishment that provides a year-round golfing experience, which makes it a perfect spot for golfers who don’t want to compromise their practice sessions. 

The club offers a great ability to work on your game with its industry-leading TrackMan 4 simulator systems that allow all-weather gameplay with multiple exotic virtual golf courses. 

In addition, you can consult PGA teachers and coaches who’ll assist you at all levels of your game to bring out the best in you. 

If you want more, the club also offers private golf lessons with local golf professional Meghan Clark.

Apart from golf, Rhode Island Indoor Golf provides entertainment for non-golfers!

Whether you’re planning a bachelor party, a business networking event, or a birthday, the club has got your back with its private event space and catering service.

Here are some happy reviews:

Great experience, will definitely go back. Jeff was awesome and very helpful with anything we needed. The facility had top of the line Trackman technology, and was very clean. Highly recommended!

Mike Schrems

RIIG is an awesome place to work on your game. Their trackman units are top of class when it comes to golf simulators. The building is clean and the employees were helpful. Perfect practice for avid golfers and also fun for those looking to learn.

Rayn Barry

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Featured Amenities

  • TrackMan 4 simulators
  • Private simulator bays
  • Lessons with PGA coaches
  • Private event spaces
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Parking

Simulator rentals at RIIG are calculated per hour per bay:

TimingPrice (Per Hour)
Source: Indoor Golf Rhode Island

Best Private Experience: V Golf Simulator Suites

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V Golf Simulator Suites provide an eminent opportunity for a golfer who is not much of an extrovert and just wants to practice golf in a private space. 

The indoor golf suites at this facility are powered by TrackMan simulators, which are known for their accuracy and precision.

You can play on your choice of professional courses with ultrarealistic graphics or practice on a driving range and putting green to improve your skill.

Furthermore, the club provides golf lessons from Ocean State Golf Academy using multiple instruction methods to teach you golf according to your golfing style. 

One of the best things about this facility is that you’re allowed to bring your personal golf clubs and take assistance from their custom fitting studio regarding your club fitting needs. 

If you want some competition, you can join the TrackNan Virtual League at V Golf to beat other golfers and win incredible prizes. 

For those who visit the club regularly, there are membership plans, gift cards, and special discounts on rentals. 

With regard to entertainment, the club doesn’t have much to offer, but for serious golfers, it has everything! 

Here’s the social proof:

I am a beginner at golfing. I love the privacy that V Golf offers by having my own suite to take swings on the driving range. The technology is very helpful, giving me feedback on how I hit the ball. Will continue to be a customer, a great place to learn the game without any pressure!

aimee joubert

I’ve gone several times and used the range mode. Great way to practice the swing in the off season and to test out new clubs. Very accommodating owner. Wife is happy, as I can’t damage any more furniture in the family room.

george grossi

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Featured Amenities

  • TrackMan simulators
  • Ocean State Golf Academy lectures
  • Allows to take personal equipment 
  • Offers special discounts and gift cards
  • Membership plans 
  • Accepts card pay
  • Parking

Simulator rentals at V Golf are charged according to the number of players in a bay:

No. of Players Prices (2 hr 30 min)
2 Players$80
3 Players$110
4 Players$140
Source: V Golf

A Decent Place to Practice: Shanks Clubhouse

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Looking forward to hitting some golf balls at a less-crowded and decent place? Look nowhere else but the Shanks Clubhouse!

The club is all set to deliver a remarkable golfing experience through its UNEEKOR camera-based golf simulator systems, which can capture up to 300-yard drives just as well as a six-inch chip shot from the fringe. 

You can choose your favorite courses from all over the world, control weather conditions, and play multiple fun games, including darts, speed challenge, target practice, and much more. 

If you want to train, you can use the driving range feature to fine-tune your swing with various data points and watch a slow-motion replay of your swing at contact to analyze and improve your weaknesses. 

In terms of food and entertainment, the club is a BYOB establishment where you can bring your own food and have it delivered to your golf simulator bay.

In addition, you can enjoy your favorite live sporting event on big-screen TVs.

People who’ve visited Shanks Clubhouse often recommend it to other golfers:

Great place. Awesome simulators, really nice space and great owners who help you find the right course and set you up with everything you need> Highly recommended!

Stefan Engels

Incredible simulators with courses from all over the world. Great guys that are helpful in getting everything set up. Lots of fun at Shanks.


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Featured Amenities 

  • Uneekor camera-based simulators
  • Multiple golf courses 
  • Fun games
  • BYOB facility 
  • Large-screen TVs
  • Accepts credit card
  • Parking

Simulator rentals at Shanks Clubhouse are $50 per hour regardless of how many players are in one bay.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a Topgolf in Rhode Island?

No, there’s no Topgolf location in Rhode Island, but you can visit X Golf Lincoln for a similar experience. 

Does V Golf offer food and entertainment?

V Golf doesn’t have a bar service, but it’s a BYOB facility where you can take your own food and have it served in your simulator bays.

What is the Rhode Island Indoor Golf Club famous for?

RIIGC is famous for its unparalleled golf simulator facility, golf lessons, and experienced PGA teachers.

Final Thoughts

Rhode Island is a great place to spend vacations and have recreational activities, especially with its up-to-par indoor golf facilities. 

As this article includes deep details about some of these indoor golf clubs, it can always be referred to as a beacon for selecting the perfect spot according to your golfing needs.

If you’re still indecisive, here’s a pro tip: Try all of them because you may end up loving the one you’re ignoring right now. 

Happy golfing!



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