Best Indoor Golf Clubs in NYC

New York is a city of diversity, where you can find world-class entertainment centers to fill your cravings for fun.

Looking for indoor golf clubs? Certainly, you can hope for the best, but finding one in such a dense place is a hassle. 

If you’re a busy New Yorker who loves golf, continue reading because I’m going to take you to the best indoor golf clubs in New York City.

Best Indoor Golf Club in NYC: The Hack Shack

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If you want to enjoy golf in a state-of-the-art atmosphere with top-notch indoor golf 

facilities, head to The Hack Shack. 

The club provides Trackman simulator setups where you can play over 40 courses around the world to unleash your golfing potential. 

For golfers who want more than just a normal golf experience, the club provides golf lessons with well-recognized teaching professionals who will take your game to the next level. 

Want to bring competition to the game? Why not! 

At The Hack Shack, you can join different leagues and compete with different golfers in weekly tournaments where you can also win cash prizes.

Coming toward the entertainment, the club hosts a different kind of experience with catering and open bar services right at the driving range so you can enjoy your food and drinks while swinging the club.

Many people who’ve visited The Hack Shack seem satisfied with their experience. Let’s look at some reviews:

Such a fun activity! The bar had great drinks and the golf was so fun. The simulator made it so fun and easy to improve your swing. Will definitely be coming back!

Cynthia Patsos

Fantastic all around – top notch simulators (that also allow for putting), the bays are spacious and with private tv’s/couches, and there is a bar with snacks and drinks to relax at before/after your game! Ownership/staff is also very friendly and professional. Better than the competition!

Evan Shaffer

Best golf simulator in NYC. Can’t beat the prices or the atmosphere.

Alec Miller

Featured Amenities

✅ Trackman Golf Simulator Setups
✅ Open Bar 
✅ Fantastic Food and Drinks
✅ Open for All
✅ Accepts Credit Cards
✅ Good for Kids
✅ Wheelchair Accessible 
✅ Bike and Car Parking

In terms of pricing, the club offers different packages with different charges:

Golf Lesson TimingPrices (Peak Hours) Prices (Off-Peak Hours)
1 Hour$70$45
1.5 Hours$105$70
2 Hours$140$90
2.5 Hours$175$115
3 Hours$210$135
3.5 Hours$245$160
4 Hours$280$180

For golf lessons, the prices depend on the time and number of players in a lesson:

One Person Golf Lesson TimingPrice
30 Minutes$110
1 Hour $190
1.5 Hours$270
Two-Person Golf Lesson TimingPrice
1 Hour$215

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Best Indoor Golf Club for Serious Golfers: Konnectgolf

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Located in the heart of Manhattan, Konnectgolf is NYC’s inclusive indoor golf club where serious golfers would want to pay a visit. 

To deliver an incredible golfing experience, the club offers eight Trackman simulator studios that use the latest breakout technology to develop proper golfing skills.

For those who want to amp up their game through professional training, the club offers golf lessons with the best-class teaching professionals who use the most modern techniques to elevate your game.

The club also offers golf lessons for junior golfers. So if your kid is interested in golf, you can bring him to Konnectgolf for shaping his game through different skill levels.

A lot of people have shared their experiences with Konnectgolf. Here are some prominent reviews:

Amazing place! The staff was super professional and helpful. The facilities were immaculate and well taken care of. I’ve tried many other virtual golf facilities in NYC – and this one exceeds them all in every way.

Jake Duneier

Place is the best. I’ve been a member since inception. I use Konnect 1-3x per week. Energy is amazing, bays and tech outstanding and overall feel is great for casual player or serious golfer.

Justin Marcus

While the club is mainly focused on golf, it does offer a bar and lounge facility with remarkable catering services where you can relax and connect with other people after playing a round of golf. 

If you want exclusive perks at Konnectgolf, the club offers different membership plans that open your access to a private bar and lounge, event spaces, special food menus, and much more. 

Featured Amenities

✅ Trackman Golf Simulator Setups
✅ Golf Lessons With Professionals
✅ Good for Kids
✅ Offers Membership
✅ Bar and Lounge Facility
✅ Bike and Car Parking

The club offers different payment plans depending on peak and non-peak timings:

Peak Hours (1 Hour)Non-Peak Hours (1 Hour)
Standard Bay$90$156
Private Bay$75$126

Credit to Konnectgolf

Most Modern Golf Club: Five Iron Golf

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Five Iron Golf is for those who want to celebrate their Saturday nights with friends at a high-tech urban golf facility that offers everything for golfers and non-golfers alike. 

Located at Herald Square, FiDi, and Flat Iron, the club provides a tech-savvy golfing experience through its top-tier driving ranges and practice areas that are well optimized for both professional and casual golfers.

If you want to learn from PGA professionals, they’re here for you at the best-in-class Trackman lesson studios. You can also take a membership plan for an in-depth learning experience to boost your game through regular lessons with these professionals.

For extra fun, you can head toward the bar which is all set to deliver you the best food and drinks and the lounge area that has widescreen TVs and mini-games like ping-pong, shuffleboard, golden tee, and much more. 

Overall, spending time at Five Iron is fun according to most of the visitors who have been there. Look at some of these reviews:

This place is amazing! Best spot to host a large event, or to hangout with your friends for a fun but casual night out. The team is so incredibly kind, attentive, and high-energy. We hosted a 75-person event there and it was a total success! Can’t wait for our next one.

Edyn Jensen

Great atmosphere and super friendly and knowledgeable staff. This was my first time at the Fidi location (had been to midtown previously) and would highly recommend both. Reasonable prices, great atmosphere, and a high quality product.

Patrick LeCompte

Featured Amenities

✅ Full Bar Service
✅ Car and Bike Parking
✅ Accepts Credit Cards 
✅ Widescreen TVs
✅ Staff Wears Masks
✅ Wheelchair Accessible

Popular timings to visit the club are the weekend evenings, and the club rentals vary according to these timings:

Rentals (1 Hour)
Off-Peak Times$60
Peak Times$75

Credit to Five Iron Golf 

A Decent Place to Play Indoor Golf: Premier Indoor Golf

Credit to Premier Indoor Golf

Real play. Real practice. Real results.

Premier Indoor Golf might be your best pick in New York if you’re up for an exceptional indoor golf experience along with some entertainment.

To deliver the best-quality golf, the club uses true-to-life Foresight GC2 golf simulator setups and best-in-class hitting bays that allow you to play with friends by accommodating up to four persons. 

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner who’s looking for a coach, the club is all set to fulfill your expectations.

With Class A PGA professional Steve Pietsch, who uses video analysis technology to provide fact-based feedback, you can learn some of the best golf lessons to elevate your game. 

A lot of golfers have actually improved their golfing skills at Primer Indoor Golf. Hear it from them:

High-quality equipment, professional environment, and relaxed vibe with a small bar. The simulator suite had impact measurements, swing replay, and just about every metric you could ask for. Definitely will be back when I’m in the area.

Oscar Prom

Nice space with good service. Equipment is top quality. Little pricey but haven’t compared to other places. Overall makes for a fun outing

Andrew Daren

In addition to this, if you’re up for the party, the club serves fantastic food and drinks at its unique bar that can accommodate up to 100 people. 

Want to host a private party? Bring it in.

The special event venue at the club is equipped with a stereo sound system and widescreen TVs that can be used for presentations and cinema-style viewing or to play any sort of music. 

Featured Amenities

✅ Best-in-Class Simulator Setups
✅ 1:1 Golf Lessons
✅ Unique Bar
✅ Private Event Venue
✅ Accepts Credit Cards
✅ Wheel Chair Accessible
✅ Car and Bike Parking

Peak times to visit the club are Tuesdays to Fridays after 4 p.m. and weekends. The rates vary according to peak and non-peak times.

Hourly Rates
Peak Times$95
Non-Peak Times$65

For private lessons, the rates vary according to the lesson timings and number of persons in a lesson.

Lesson Rates
Private Lesson (60 min)$150
Private Lesson (30 min)$80
2-Person Lesson$170

Credit to Premier Indoor Golf

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring your clubs to an indoor golf club?

Many indoor golf clubs encourage you to bring your equipment but it must be clean and well maintained otherwise hitting screens can get damaged.

How long does it take to play 18 holes on a simulator?

An average golfer takes one hour to complete 18 holes on a simulator. It is recommended to add an additional hour for every player on the simulator so you can play a complete round.

How accurate are indoor golf simulators?

If you practice at home, you can expect 90%–95% accuracy from your simulator, but a simulator setup at a golf course, like Trackman, can give almost-perfect results.


Now that I’ve found you the best indoor golf clubs in New York, you can visit any of these to enjoy some leisure time with friends in a golf-forward environment.

Most of you would’ve already made your decision on where to go, but if you can’t decide, ask yourself why are you going there and you’ll know if the place is right for you or not. 

Have a great round!

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