Best Indoor Golf Clubs in New Jersey

New Jersey is famous for different tourist attractions, but if you’re there for a vacation, you’re not just going to visit the Morris Museum or the Monmouth.

I mean you want some fun, don’t you? And what better way than a night out with friends at the most famous indoor golf clubs in the city! 

So if you’re up for the fun in a golf-forward environment, dive into this article because I have come up with the best indoor golf clubs in New Jersey that you’d love to visit.

Best Indoor Golf Club in New Jersey: Swing Loose Indoor Golf

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How about a little music in the background, your favorite food and drinks, and a little golf competition?

Swing Loose Indoor Golf provides a unique golfing experience through its concierge-style services and private hitting bays outfitted with true-to-reality TrackMan simulator setups.

Want to make real progress? The club has the finest golf pros who’ll help you through all stages to amp up your game, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or scratch golfer.

One of the best things about this indoor golf club is the Callaway Fitting Studio where you can work on your golf swing and get custom-fitted clubs per your requirements.

If you feel like your grip material needs an upgrade, don’t worry because you have Re-Grip facilities right at the club where your master grip specialist will upgrade your grips for a more comfortable golfing experience. 

Need a little break from golf? Head to the lounge area, have some drinks, and relax.

Whether you want to bring your favorite foods and drinks or want the club to serve you something special, it’s all your choice.

For those who want more, the club offers both monthly and annual membership packages which include extra perks that a serious golfer would enjoy. 

If you want to know more, have a look at these unbiased reviews about Swing Loose Indoor Golf:

Fantastic place. Great simulators with large clear screens and plenty of room. The place is clean and has a great feel. Staff is friendly and very helpful. Prices are reasonable too! You won’t be sorry, highly recommended!

Dimensional Dental

Definitely recommend!! Really cool place. Really nice owners, right when we came in they were all so welcoming and helpful. We all had an amazing time!!

Charles Schwartz 

Featured Amenities

✅ Open to All
✅ Private Hitting Bays
✅ Good Food and Drinks 
✅ Special Events
✅ Good For Kids
✅ Wheelchair Accessible
✅ Bike and Car Parking
✅ Accepts Credit Card and Apple Pay

If you’re a non-member, the club charges for one bay are $69 per hour. For members, the rates depend on the membership plan:

Monthly Membership$119 (Includes 3 Hours Daily)
Annual Membership$1285 (Includes 3 Hours Daily)

Source: Swing Loose Golf 

Just for Golf Lovers: The Eagle Club

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If you’re a serious golfer who’s looking for a place with top-class golf facilities to practice golf all year round, The Eagle Club might be the perfect place for you.

The training facility allows you to experience next-level indoor golf by practicing on best-in-class GC Hawk golf simulator systems and driver ranges. 

With David Glenz Golf Academy, you can sign up for golf lessons, which include advanced techniques like video analysis and diagnostics and custom training plans with practice drills to amp up your game.

Another cool thing about this club is the Nitroflex Fitness Gym where world-class professional trainers and athletes are available 24/7 to improve your flexibility and rotational power by fixing the biomechanics of your game. 

Want to bring some healthy competition to your game? Why not?

You can participate in a membership event to evaluate your game or host one by becoming a member. Choose from a daily membership plan to an annual plan and enjoy exclusive benefits at the club.

Many people who’ve been to The Eagle Club love it, especially because of its golf-focused environment:

Awesome setup. The simulator is very accurate and easy to use. The staff is extremely accommodating and available for any questions you have. Great place to keep your game sharp all year round!

Jason P.

This place is AWESOME. it’s super private so you don’t have to deal with people being around you when you play. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. The simulator software is foresight sports, which is super high quality. I will be going there every week. Give this place a shot

Gabe Rowe

Featured Amenities

✅ GC Hawk Simulators
✅ David Glenz Golf Academy Lessons
✅ Nitroflex Fitness Gym
✅ Good for Kids
✅ Car and Bike Parking

In terms of pricing, the club charges for both peak and non-peak hours remain the same.

Session DurationSession Charges 
1 Hour$50
2 Hours$100
3 Hours$150
4 Hours$200

Source: Eagle Golf 

Best Indoor Golf: Topgolf

Credit to Topgolf

Located in the commercial hub of Edison and the suburbs of Mt. Laurel, Topgolf offers two branches in New Jersey because it’s the only place you’d want to go for a Saturday night.

With its most modern facilities and tech-savvy environment, the club offers top-notch golf simulator setups and climate-control hitting bays to carry all your golfing needs at different skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s just stepped into the game or a regular player who wants to further improve their skills, the club offers appointments with PGA pros who can assist you in many ways to bring the best out of you. 

Can’t cope with regular golf lessons? No problem!

The club also offers 30-minute express lessons which can help you build up your game to the next level.

You can also bring kids to the Kidzone facility where different methods are used to unleash their golfing potential, along with fun games and free kids’ meals on special events. 

Besides a regular golf experience, if you’re up for a night out with friends, Topgolf might be the place you’re looking for with its best amenities.

Enjoy the chef-crafted menu at the unique bar, play exciting mini-games, or have leisure time at the rooftop terrace… Have fun your way.

Because of these endless entertainment options, many people seem to like this place. Let’s look at some reviews:

Great time and good food! The heaters were perfect, forgot it was a chilly NJ evening. Definitely will go back!

Kimberly Walton

Amazing experience. Had a blast. I went at night time. It’s rained and we barely even noticed. Food and drinks were amazing. Staff was super friendly and helpful. I recommend!

Anthony Parris

Featured Amenities

✅ All-Weather Hitting Bays
✅ Lessons With PGA Pros
✅ Unique Bar
✅ Toptracer Games
✅ Outdoor Seating
✅ Waiter Service
✅ Good for Kids
✅ Free On-Site Parking

Popular timings to visit the club are weekend evenings. The club charges vary according to peak and non-peak hours:

10 AM–12 PM12 PM–5 PM5 PM–1 AM

Source: Topgolf

Notable Mention: Golf Kings

Credit to Golf Kings

Want to unleash your golfing potential at a premium indoor golf facility? Head toward the Golf Kings.

The club offers Dual-Radar Trackman simulator setups and professional-quality hitting bays that take your golf experience to the next level.

If you wish to make a real difference in your game, you can take private coaching sessions with PGA pros who can help you develop your skills and build up a strong game. 

Another thing you’re going to love about this club is the Pro Shop.

The club offers a full-service pro shop where you can go for quick re-gripping sessions and purchase the best golf equipment from industry-leading brands. 

In addition to this, the club also hosts special events. So if you want to enjoy a memorable evening at a decent place, Golf Kings is open for you.

The club also has a positive response from visitors. Here are some happy reviews:

Owners have done an amazing job keeping facility clean and safe during these trying times! Everyone is friendly and always willing to help you improve your game. I highly recommend Golf Kings for a great time book your slot ASAP!

Doreen M.

Great place. Will be back for sure. I scheduled a foursome at a local course with some old friends but the weather wasn’t looking good. I was able to book a bay here and we had more fun than we would have had out on the links.

Doug Hanley

Featured Amenities

✅ Dual-Radar Trackman Simulators
✅ Re-Grip Shop
✅ Full Service Pro Shop
✅ Hosts Special Events
✅ Good For Kids
✅ Car and Bike Parking

Club charges are relatively higher for a non-member, but if you plan to go on a regular basis, a $100 membership plan can reduce your charges.

Per-Hour Charges$65$40
Extra Perks$10 off instruction lessons
2 hours monthly free play 

Source: Golf Kings

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring food to Swing Loose Golf?

Swing Loose golf allows you to bring whatever food or snack you like. You can also order your favorite food at the club or from the nearby restaurants. 

Is indoor golf good for my game?

Yes. If you want to improve your game by having in-depth analysis of your progress, an indoor golf simulator is a fruitful solution recommended by many PGA pros.

What golf simulator does Topgolf use?

Topgolf uses full-swing golf simulator technology which is similar to the one used at PGA Tour by many pro golfers like Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods.


Now that you have read this article, I’m sure you’ve decided your next destination for having fun. 

If you’re a golf enthusiast, I’ll recommend you to visit Swing Loose. But for those who want to hit the club for more than just golf, Topgolf is the perfect place to land. 

Want some sage advice? Don’t get blurred by the hype and look for a place that delivers exactly what you want. 

That’ll be your best place. Have fun!

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