Best Indoor Golf Clubs in Las Vegas

If you ask me about my idea of heaven, I’ll tell you about playing golf in the finest clubs of the world’s entertainment capital, Las Vegas.

With the advancement in technology, indoor golf is now on the rise, and the city has some of the best indoor golf clubs so far. 

Whether you’re out there in the city looking for indoor golf clubs or planning a holiday to have some recreational fun, this article is your one-stop guide to the best options available in the city of Las Vegas.

Let’s get into it.

Best Overall Indoor Golf Club: Topgolf Las Vegas

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Situated among the most luxurious hotels in the city, Topgolf is the premier entertainment destination in Las Vegas if you’re up for some recreational fun. 

With its most modern facilities, the club offers top-notch golf simulator setups and 107 different climate control hitting bays to carry all your needs at different skill levels.

It provides lessons with PGA professionals for beginners who’ve just stepped into the game and seasoned players who want to further improve their skills. If you’re a busy guy, the club offers 30-minute express lessons which can help you excel in your game.

One of the best things about this indoor golf club is the Callaway Fitting Studio where you can work on your golf swing and get your custom-fitted clubs delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours.

The club also has a Topgolf Pro Shop which has a wide range of golf accessories, Las Vegas logo golf apparel, and souvenir items for people of all ages. 

While I was researching, I encountered some visitor reviews. Let’s look at the public opinion about this golf club:

Very cool Place, it’s Kind of a Driving Range with Foods and Drinks👍🏻 I recommend a Booking when you go in the Evening, cause the waiting Times could be pretty long

Rene Gunzenhauser

The best place to be on a Friday morning! This was our first Vegas activity. We grabbed a 200 level golf area which was perfect. We only planned to stay an hour but ended up adding an extra 30 minutes. We were having such a great time. 

Sausan Hollander

Besides regular golf practice, if you’re up for a night out with friends, Topgolf might be the place you’re looking for with its great amenities.

Featured Amenities

✅ Private event spaces
✅ Five unique bars
✅ VIP cabanas and private suite
✅ Two pools
✅ 48-foot video wall
✅ Toptracer games
✅ Lessons with PGA teaching pros
✅ 900-person concert venue
✅ Free on-site parking

In terms of pricing, the club charges (per hour, per bay) are:

Open–12 PM12 PM–5 PM5 PM–Close
Regular Days$40$55$70

Credit to Topgolf

Most Modern Indoor Golf Club: Five Iron Golf Club

Credit to Yelp

Great atmosphere, live music, golf, food, and booze all in one place. What’s not to like?

The five iron indoor golf club has modernized the urban golf culture by providing the best indoor golf facilities, including top-tier driving ranges and practice areas, so you can have an inclusive high-tech golfing experience.

With its best-in-class simulators and Trackman lesson studios, the club also offers appointments with PGA professionals who can help you in a lot of ways to improve your game.

In addition, if you want regular practice sessions to improve your golf game, you can opt for the club membership which will get you a 20% discount on rentals and other billings. 

Many people who’ve been to Five Iron Club seem satisfied with their experience. Let’s hear it from them:

Kenny, Jacob, Sean, Nora and team are ALWAYS amazing! Great venue and good times for the golf enthusiast!

Danniel Herrera

Wonderful place. Great atmosphere. Wonderful staff. Coming back again!


Great drinks, extremely friendly staff, fun environment. Would definitely go again

Cole Rees

If you want something more than golf, Five Iron Club is all set to satisfy you with its flexible event spaces; full bar service; fantastic food menus; games like ping-pong, shuffleboard, pool, and Golden Tee; widescreen TVs; and much more.

Featured Amenities

✅ Full bar service
✅ Car and bike parking
✅ Accepts credit cards 
✅ Widescreen TVs
✅ Staff wears masks
✅ Wheelchair accessible

Popular timings to visit the club are the weekend evenings, and the club rentals vary according to these timings:

Half hourOne hour
Off-Peak Rentals$25$50
Peak Rentals $32.50$65
Super Peak Rentals$95

Credit to Five Iron Golf 

Best All-in-One Golf Club: Las Vegas Golf Center

Credit to Yelp

Whether you prefer indoor golf or outdoor golf or just want to hit the club on Saturday nights, Las Vegas Golf Center can be the place you’re looking for. 

Located at the Las Vegas strip, this golf club is the epicenter of golf in the city with its state-of-the-art indoor golf facilities that include top-of-the-line golf simulator setups and hitting bays.

If you’re serious about your game, you’re going to love this place because it offers golf lessons from JJ Academy that will elevate your game through comprehensive teaching and academy curriculum. 

For outdoor golf lovers, who want to play the classic old-school game of golf, the club features a lighted par 3 course and a 113-stall two-tier driving range with a natural turf hitting area where you can also play short games in addition to traditional golf.

Want some party at the club? The Rockstar Bar is all set to give you the best-quality live music and amazing food and drinks so you can spend quality time with your friends. 

A lot of people seem satisfied with this place because of the amazing features available here. Have a look at what they say about it:

Great place to practice on all levels… Service needs some smiles but overall great time … Will go back next week and try out the par 3 course…⛳

James Barbeau

The new Rockstar Bar is a great venue for the tribute bands and karaoke. Fun staff, nice view of the strip. Pretty good bar food, menu could be better. Service really slow when it’s busy.

Lisa Keith

Featured Amenities

✅ 2-tier lighted driving range
✅ JJ Golf Academy
✅ Events at Rockstar Bar
✅ Fantastic food and drinks
✅ Accepts credit cards
✅ Private lot parking
✅ Offers military discount
✅ Bike parking

Prices and range rates at the club vary according to the range sizes you’re going to play:

Range SizeRange Rate/Price
90 Balls on Grass$15

Credit to Las Vegas Golf Center

Notable Mention: Rhoderunner Golf Club

Credit to Yelp

Situated in the Las Vegas Country Club, Rhoderunner Golf Club is the place where only the serious golfers would consider to pay a visit because it’s all about golf.

With its latest indoor golf simulator technology, balanced weight transfer analysis, and high-speed cameras, the golf experience is taken to the next level.

Want to make a real difference in your game? The club offers private golf coaching sessions with professionals who can help you develop your skills and Henry Griffitts Expert Club Fitting to give you the perfect club for improved swings. 

The club also offers B3 coaching for senior golfers where a 20-minute exercise every day using B3 bands can help you get in shape for your golf game.

In addition to this expertise, you can also create your custom experience that includes visits to private golf schools, corporate events, and trips to the world-class facilities at the Las Vegas Country Club. 

Most golfers who’ve been to Rhoderunner Golf Club find it helpful and recommend visiting this place. Let’s hear it from them:

Amazing experience. Showed me instantly what I was doing right and wrong. Feel a lot more confident about where I’m at with my swing now. Can’t wait to play to see the results after only 1 lesson. Gaylord is absolutely the best.

Benjamin Wycoff

I highly recommend Rhoderunner Golf Lessons. Gaylord is a first rate instructor and his facility is state of the art. He’s helped me take 10 strokes off my average score.

Timothy Long

I highly recommend you taking a lesson

Yolonda Stanly

Featured Amenities

✅ Custom Las Vegas golf experience
✅ Private golf coaching sessions
✅ Individual club fitting sessions
✅ Special intro lessons
✅ B3 coaching
✅ Food and beverage

In terms of pricing, varying charges apply on different activities depending on the time limits:

Intro Lesson (60 min)$50
Intro Lesson (90 min)$70
Golf Simulator (60 min)$40
Club Fitting Session$60

Credit to Rhoderunner Golf

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the country club membership in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Country Club offers different membership plans ranging from $500 per year to $4,500 per year. 

How many levels does Topgolf Las Vegas have?

Topgolf Las Vegas is the biggest Topgolf location that has four levels.

Is Five Irons fun for non-golfers?

Yes, Five Irons is for everyone. If you’re not much interested in golf, you can still have quality time with friends at this club.


Most of you would have already made up your minds about the clubs that you’re going to hit on Saturday night, but I’d conclude the whole discussion with some recommendations.

If you are a serious golfer and want the best golfing experience, you should go for Topgolf or Rhoderunner Golf Club because they’re more focused on golf than fun.

For party freaks, Five Iron Club and Las Vegas Golf Center are just the right places because both clubs offer a lot more entertainment other than just golf. 
Wherever you go, make sure that the place serves all your needs. Have fun!

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