Best Indoor Golf Clubs in Chicago: Let’s Explore them!

Playing golf in Chicago and its suburbs is pure pleasure until it snows. 

Because the weather is a huge disadvantage to being a golfer in the city, indoor golf clubs are on trend, and many golfers are looking for the best ones to practice golf year-round.

If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place because I have come up with the finest indoor golf clubs in Chicago that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

Let’s explore them.

Best Overall Indoor Golf Club: Play 18 Chicago

Credit to Yelp

Located in the heart of the loop, Play18 is the ultimate venue to work on your golf game all year round. 

With its best-in-class PGA tour golf simulator setups and personal driving bays, the club is all set to give a great golfing experience.

Whether you’re just a beginner or a pro, Play18’s staff will help you through all stages to take your game to the next level, and if you’re serious about your game, the club also offers a membership so you can practice golf on a regular basis.

If you want to host any event, bring your friends and coworkers to Play18 because this place offers everything you need for a private party or a business gathering.

With a full bar and lodge, the club offers top-shelf services to accommodate all your recreational needs. You can have some food and drinks after playing a round of golf in a relaxed country club atmosphere.

Many people seem satisfied with their visits to this club. Let’s look at what they say:

We had the absolute best experience when visiting play18 in Chicago! It wasn’t too busy like the other indoor golf experiences in Chicago and the employees were beyond helpful and here to make us happy! Plus $50 an hour versus $100 is definitely worth it.

Joanna Richardson

This is a spectacular facility located just a block away from Millennium Park. Play18 Chicago is a great place to learn how to play the game or sharpen your skills using their sweet simulators and driving bays.

Walter Lis

Featured Amenities

✅PGA tour simulators 

✅Full bar and lounge

✅Good for kids

✅Valet parking

✅Bike parking

The cost for one simulator or driving bay is $40 for one hour, which is very reasonable compared with other clubs in Chicago. 

Valet parking is also offered by the club at the rate of $13 for four hours, which can save you a lot of time during peak hours.

Source: Play18

Most Modern Indoor Golf Club: Five Iron Golf 

Credit to Yelp

If you’re looking for a unique combination of professional-level indoor golf and a relaxing atmosphere to have some fun and entertainment, Five Iron Golf is sure to become your next destination.

Located in the posh area of River North, the vibrant neighborhood of The Loop, and the affluent Lincoln Park community, it has three branches in the city of Chicago because of its popularity among golfers and party lovers. 

Don’t believe me? Hear it from them:

Wow! What an amazing experience at Five Iron Golf! The staff made the experience the best for all ages (4-48).

Katie Trennephol

Came here to kill some time while the wife was shopping. Me and the kids had an absolute blast! Staff were more than kind and excellent! Would give them 10 stars if I could!

Jassir Rayyan

Super solid facility & staff. Came in with friends and loved it so much I became a member the next day. Super easy to reserve bays online and extra convenient that they’ll store your clubs for you. 10/10!!!

Collen Mares 

To provide you with a high-tech golfing experience, the club offers the latest indoor golf simulator systems and top-tier driving ranges, as well as TrackMan golf lessons to guide you through your game.

If you’re serious about your game, Five Iron also provides appointments with PGA professionals and club membership with a 20% discount on rentals and billings so your regular practice sessions don’t disturb your budget.

Want some extra fun than just golf? The club is all set to satisfy you with event spaces, a full bar, fantastic food and drinks, different mini-games, widescreen TVs, and much more.

Featured Amenities

✅Full bar service

✅Car and bike parking 

✅Wide-screen TVs

✅Staff wears masks 

✅Wheelchair accessible

Popular times to visit the club are the weekend evenings. Club rentals vary according to these times:

Half HourFull Hour
Off-Peak Rentals$25$50
Peak Rentals$32.50$65
Source: Five Iron Golf

Just for Golfers: My Chicago Golf

Credit to My Chicago Golf

My Chicago Golf is best suited for serious golfers who want to work on their game all year round with top-notch golf facilities.

It’s a private training facility where you can experience next-level indoor golf by practicing on best-in-class GCQuad golf simulator systems and driver ranges. 

With My Chicago Golf’s Improvement Program, you can sign up for golf lessons, which include advanced techniques like video analysis and diagnostics and custom training plans with drills to boost your game.

People who’ve visited this golf club recommend this place, especially for its golf lessons. Let’s see what they have to say:

Highly recommend My Chicago Golf for anyone looking for lessons. I worked with Marcus and had a great experience which resulted in a much improved swing in a short amount of time. Very professional and very friendly. Was able to spot my weakness and address them right away.

Jesse Rivera

Marcus is truly the best golf coach in Chicago. He is extremely patient and works with you in detail regarding your swing. I can’t thank him enough!

Frank Armatys

Great place to hit some balls. Standard GCQuad simulator setup, nice, well kept, good people. Thanks to Brian for being super accommodating.

Pablo Lopez Domowicz

The coolest thing about this club is the basement facility that allows you to host events and have fun with friends, and it’s best for off-season practice. 

Featured Amenities

✅Basement facility

✅Good food and drinks 

✅Private & social events 

✅Good for kids

✅Wheelchair accessible

✅Private lot parking

In terms of pricing, the club offers different simulator rentals and packages based on your visit times and duration:

Simulator Rental Rates

Rates (Per Hour)
Peak Hours$50
Non-Peak Hours$75
Source: My Chicago Golf

Simulator Packages

Rates (Peak Hours)Rates (Non-Peak Hours)
3-Hour Sim Sessions$200$135
5-Hour Sim Sessions$318$212
10-Hour Sim Sessions$600$400
Source: My Chicago Golf

Notable Mention: Topgolf Swing Suite 900

Credit to Swing Suite 900

Topgolf allows you to experience a new way to play golf in a luxury indoor environment with the most modern facilities available in Chicago.

With its wide range of top-notch golf simulator setups and hitting bays, the club is fully equipped to satisfy all your cravings for golf.

If you want more than just a casual experience, the club provides golf lessons with professional golf teachers to improve your game through different skill levels.

Want some party at the club? Why not? 

Topgolf Swing Suite is all set to facilitate you with a separate bar, private lounge, food menu provided by Aster Hall, and a lot of mini-games like hockey, baseball, and football.

Somebody’s always celebrating something at Topgolf, and if you’re looking for a place to host any private events, this might be your best pick in Chicago.

While I was researching, I encountered many visitor reviews that show a positive response to the club. See for yourself: 

We had a blast. The bartender made an oh’so delicious poinsettia (cranberry mimosa) 😋. The various games were amusing. Our time was up far too soon. I would return and would recommended. It’s a pricey afternoon but a relatively covid safe activity. 

M. G

Fun way to spend some time with the kids. While I would have preferred to work on my game, we dodged zombies, tossed a few touchdowns, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Seth Traubenberg

Food was stellar and so was the service. It was super easy to reserve a spot for my friend’s birthday and they made sure that everything was smooth.

Avery Harris

Featured Amenities

✅Private event spaces

✅A unique bar


✅Fantastic food and drinks

✅Lesson with pros

✅Free Parking

The prices at Topgolf Swing Suite are super affordable compared with other indoor golf clubs that provide relatively the same experience:

DaysPrice (Per Hour)
Source: Swing Suite 900

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring your own clubs to Topgolf Swing Suite?

Yes, you can bring your club to Topgolf Swing Suite, but they also offer clubs for men, women, and kids without any additional charges.

What is golf season in Chicago?

Golf season in Chicago is typically April through November, but you can practice all year round with indoor golf facilities.

What is the age limit at Topgolf?

All age groups are allowed at Topgolf, but anyone under 18 must be supervised by a 21+ guest.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this article, I’m pretty sure you have learned enough about Chicago’s indoor golf clubs to decide the best one for you. But one can only know the truth by actually experiencing the place. 

So I’d recommend you to visit the one you’ve considered but also try others because who knows, you might like the one you didn’t even consider. 

For instance, if you’re a serious golfer, My Chicago Golf may be a better experience than the Play 18 or Five Iron Club.

Happy golfing! 

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