How Much Mini-Golf Costs? Is it Expensive?

If you’re looking for some recreational fun without spending too much, playing mini-golf is your best option.

With that said, you must be thinking, how much does mini-golf cost? 

Honestly, the price for playing mini-golf keeps fluctuating because of various factors, and 

In today’s conclusive guide, I’m gonna take a closer look at them.

Let’s hop into it! 

How Much Does a Round of Mini-Golf Cost? Is it Cheaper than Regular Golf?

Everybody knows that mini-golf is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment you can enjoy. 

If you look at the price for playing a standard 18-hole round of mini-golf, it costs you between $15 to $20 for a single person. 

For a 9-hole round, which children and senior golfers often prefer, you should expect to pay somewhere between $6 to $10.

However, these prices don’t include the replay prices for a course. 

Normally, replaying an 18-hole course will cost you $5 to $7, and a 9-hole course is expected to cost $2 to $3 per replay.

For those who’re crazy about mini-golf and want to play a full 36-hole round, the prices are $25+.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re looking for putt-putt golf, the prices are different. 

Coming towards regular golf, an average 18-hole round costs you around $60-$80 based on various factors.

Comparing these costs with those of mini-golf, there is a huge price gap which makes mini-golf much cheaper than regular golf.   

Factors Affecting the Cost of Mini Golf: What Goes into the Cost?

Mini-golf prices keep getting affected by various factors. Let’s have a detailed analysis of what goes into the cost of playing mini-golf.

1. Number of Holes 

The first and foremost thing to affect the cost of mini-golf is the total number of holes you’re going to play. 

Playing a 9-hole round of mini-golf costs you less money, but if you go for an 18 or 27-hole round of mini-golf, the expected price is almost double.

Furthermore, some mini-golf clubs also have a fixed price for all day, while others charge you according to the number of rounds played.   

2. Number of Players 

Secondly, the cost of playing mini-golf also depends on how many players are there on the course.

I mean, a 9-hole round of mini-golf that costs $6 for one person will cost around $20-24 for 4 players. 

However, the price may vary if all the people on your team are not the same age.  

3. Player’s Age

Another important factor that affects the cost of playing mini-golf is the age group of players. 

Depending on your age group, you can expect to pay different prices for playing the same no of holes.

Additionally, if you’re lucky enough, you can also enjoy special discounts for children and senior golfers. 

4. Course Location

Believe me or not, location does matter in determining the cost of playing mini-golf.

Typically, it’s the neighborhood, cost of living, the popularity of the game, and no. of facilities in the area that decide the prices. 

In simple words, playing a round of mini-golf in Las Vegas costs you more as compared to that in San Diego. 

5. Course Quality

Mini-golf courses that are built well, have cool decorations and are equipped with the latest obstacles tend to cost more.

In addition to these, some mini-golf courses also have themed interiors to make them look catchy to their audience. 

Playing a round of mini-golf on a well-decorated golf course costs more than on an average golf course. 

6. Type of Mini-Golf 

The cost of playing mini-golf is also expected to vary based on its type.

Playing a round of putt-putt golf costs different from regular mini-golf.

Similarly, if you’re going for crazy golf or adventure golf, you’ll experience a price difference.

How Much Does Mini-Golf Cost? Some Real Examples

Besides the fact that you know mini-golf is economical, I want you to look at some real examples of mini-golf prices. 

How Much Does Safari Golf Cost?

As mentioned by the name, safari golf is a type of mini-golf that is very popular for its adventurous safari theme and economical rates.

The price for an 18-hole round of safari golf is around $13 for adults and $11 for junior players.    

An interesting fact about safari golf is that you get to play a free round if you manage to score hole-in-one. 

Although it’s not easy to score a hole-in-one, who knows, you might get lucky!   

How Much Does KISS by Monster Mini Golf Cost?

KISS by Monster Mini Golf is an indoor mini-golf club in Las Vegas, themed after the rock and roll band KISS.

The club is famous for providing a glow-in-the-dark indoor mini-golf experience which costs $12 per person for an 18-hole round.

However, visiting the place on special occasions may help you find discounted rates.

How Much Does PopStroke Golf Cost?

Backed by Tiger Woods, PopStroke is one of the best mini-golf that you can experience at a justified price point. 

Although it is not that expensive, you’re expected to pay higher prices than Safari and KISS mini-golf.

On average, here are the prices for an 18-hole round of PopStroke Golf;

All-day pass$25
Group (10+)$10 (per person)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play indoor mini-golf?

Indoor mini-golf like KISS by Monster Mini costs you $12 for a complete 18-hole round. 

How much does regular golf cost?

On average, playing regular golf is expected to cost you from $60 to $80 for an 18-hole round.

Is PopStroke Golf worth it?

Although PopStroke golf costs a little higher than other forms of mini-golf, it provides a great mini-golf experience at a justified price.  

Final Thoughts: How Much Does Mini-Golf Cost?

Mini-golf is a fun activity that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank.

As you’ve read this article, I’m pretty sure you know how much mini-golf costs, depending on various factors.  

I’ve also laid down some real-time examples so you may have a better understanding of mini-golf prices that are always fluctuating. 

Still, got some queries? Jump into the comment box! 

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