How Accurate Are Golf Simulators? Let’s Find Out!

Although golf simulators are widely used to improve and enjoy the game of golf, can we trust them?

At the end of the day, they’re just a piece of technology that can provide false results, and that’s why it’s important to know how accurate golf simulators are.

To find out, hop into this conclusive guide!  

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators?

A straightforward answer to this question would be a “Yes!” because most golf simulators offer 90%+ accuracy.

As golf simulators are made of properly tested and reliable technology, they rarely provide false results.  

Generally, the accuracy of a golf simulator is tested on a scale of 100 yards. 

It means, If you hit a 100-yard shot on a golf course and then play the same shot on your simulator system, the results should be the same.  

Another thing to consider while determining the accuracy of golf simulators is their technology.

Mainly, four components matter the most in this regard;

1. Camera 

When you hit a shot, the camera captures high-speed images of the club and ball to provide statistical data.

Better the camera quality, better the image captured! 

2. Optical Sensors

As the ball moves toward the impact screen, its movement is captured by optical sensors to determine ball speed, club path, launch direction, and other important data.

If a golf simulator has high-res optical sensors, it produces accurate metrics.

3. Radar System

A golf simulator uses either a photometric or radar system to detect the ball’s flight.

Photometric golf simulators require light exposure in order to produce accurate results, while doppler radar works on infrared technology.   

Based on the surroundings, it will affect the simulator’s accuracy.

4. Infrared Light

If you’re using a radar-based golf simulator, make sure that you have a good infrared light system.

Otherwise, it can compromise the accuracy of your device.

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators According to Community

As I’ve discussed some on-paper facts about golf simulators’ accuracy, I also want you to look at people’s opinions.

Here’s some experience-based insight from quora;

It really depends on which one you use. Some of the lower end ones are not as accurate as the higher end ones. The reason for this is the difference in software and how the information/shot date is processed by the monitor.

Peter Drew

Things like trackman and other launch monitors are very accurate, assuming that they’re set up and calibrated properly. 

Stephen Simmons

The majority of the ones in bars are not accurate at all. They use infrared light in an attempt to get basic information about the clubhead, and sometimes about the ball flight.

Bob Areddy

Does Golf Simulator’s Accuracy Matter? 

Golf simulators are used for three basic purposes; 

  • To Improve your golf game 
  • To get equipment fitting
  • To have some recreational fun

If you’re using it to level up your game, you don’t need 100% accuracy, and a slight error is acceptable. 

For instance, if a shot reaches 130 yards on a simulator and it’s 128 or 131 in actuality, it won’t have a great impact on your performance.   

Similar is the case with having fun. You’re there to enjoy, not to measure! 

However, when it comes to getting custom fitting for your golf clubs, you have to be precise. 

A wrong fitting that’s not calibrated according to your swing type and course conditions can ruin your game.  

Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Golf Simulators

Besides the technology, there are some other factors that directly impact the accuracy of your golf simulators. 

Here’s a brief one-by-one look at them; 

1. Golf Simulator Type

Normally, there are two types of golf simulators;

  • Indoor Golf Simulators 
  • Outdoor Golf Simulators

Although indoor golf simulators are considered more accurate, they won’t work perfectly if there’s not sufficient light exposure in your indoor space.

Similarly, an outdoor golf simulator lacks optical sensors to detect club and ball movement indoors.

2. Simulator Software

The golf simulator software that you’re pairing up with your launch monitor also impacts its accuracy.

Most golf simulators come with recommended simulator software that works best with them. 

For example, Trugolf simulators come with E6 Connect software support. 

Using incompatible software with your launch monitor can produce inaccurate results. 

3. Simulator Price

Believe me or not, the price of your golf simulator also has a say in determining its accuracy.

Golf simulators like Flightscope X3, which lies in budget price categories, aren’t equipped with the best technology and have limited features. 

Whereas top-of-the-line simulators like the Trutrack 2 come with the latest technological upgrades and features.    

4. Setup 

Lastly, it’s important to note that you’ve correctly set up your golf simulator. 

Make sure that the launch monitor is rightly positioned and that there’s proper exposure in the room. 

In case you’re using a ceiling-mounted launch monitor like Uneekor QED, make sure to have a proper fitting.

Do Golf Simulators Go Wrong?

Although golf simulators are mostly accurate, they can go wrong sometimes!  

Typically, it depends on the surroundings of your golf simulator system.  

If you’re using an indoor golf simulator in low light and insufficient space, it’s not going to deliver accurate results.

In addition to this, environmental factors, including temperature and humidity, also affect the distance of your shot. 

Secondly, you’ve to check that you’re using the right equipment for your golf simulator. 

For instance, using a golf-hitting mat that’s incompatible with your launch monitor can compromise its accuracy.  

Lastly, if the technology of your golf launch monitor is outdated, it may find difficulty in coping with the latest demands. 

How to Improve the Accuracy of Golf Simulators?

You can improve the accuracy of your golf simulator if you’re well-informed about it. 

It all depends on how you manage your device! 

While setting up your launch monitor, make sure to thoroughly read the instructions, guides, and other important details about it.  

Once you get to know your device, you’ll know what it needs to deliver the best results.    

Frequently Asked Questions

How do environmental factors impact the accuracy of a golf simulator?

Environmental factors like temperature and humidity can alter the distance of a shot by 23-30 yards, affecting the accuracy of golf simulators. 

How accurate are golf simulators on average?

On average, golf simulators give 90%+ accurate results. 

Why do golf simulators go wrong?

Golf simulators can produce false results if they’re not set up as per their requirements. 

Final Thoughts: How Accurate Are Golf Simulators?

Besides the fact that not all golf simulators are equally precise, their average accuracy is above 90%. 

With that said you can easily count on any simulator system for practicing along with statistical data. 

As I’ve laid down every deep detail on “how accurate golf simulators are?” in this conclusive guide, you can always refer to it as a beacon. 

Still, have queries? Hop into the comment box!   

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