Best Golf Simulator Hitting Mats

If you practice your golf game on an indoor golf setup, you’d probably want to hit the surface which is closest to the real golf course surface, and that’s where hitting mats come in.

These mats give you a smooth and rhythmic swing feeling which improves your assessment of golf when you’re playing on a real golf course.

Looking for some buying advice on golf simulator hitting maps? I’ve got you.

After going through several blog posts, community forums, and YouTube videos, I’ve shortlisted the five best golf simulator hitting mats available in the market.

Without any further delay, let’s hop into it. 

Best Overall: SwingTurf Golf Hitting Mat

I have placed SwingTurf at the top of the list not only because of its many qualities but also because of its excellent user reviews.

After getting feedback from thousands of users and testing the best-quality mats available in the market, Rain or Shine Golf has come up with this product to give maximum performance with a real golf course feel.

This mat offers minimum recoil and vibration due to its premium fiber build that allows you to play your shots smoothly and swiftly.

The turf gives you a real grass feel with accurate feedback on poor shots so you can analyze your shots properly while practicing your game.

One of the coolest things about SwingTurf is that you can place a real wooden tee anywhere on your mat. So if you want to hit irons or woods, this mat has got your back.

The only thing that may annoy you about this mat is that it doesn’t have any base, so you may need anti-sliding materials to keep it from moving over sliding surfaces.

SwingTurf comes in two different sizes with a thickness of 1⅝” (approximately 2″), with two different price packages and a three-year warranty.

The 5’x5′ variant is preferred for frequent use and gives the best value for money, starting at $549, which is relatively cheaper than other available options.

However, the 4’x9′, starting at $899, is the most popular option for all kinds of simulator setups and also provides accommodation for lefties. 

Here’s a detailed review by GarageGolf YouTube channel on SwingTurf:

Unboxing and first impressions start @ 3:10.


✅ Realistic fairway-like feel 

✅ Relative low price starting at $549

✅ Long-lasting durability + 3-year warranty

✅ Relatively portable and easy to move

✅ Can use a real tee


❌ Doesn’t have a base system

Runner-Up: Fiberbuilt Grass Series 4’x7′ Studio Mat

Credit to Fiberbuilt Golf

Our second-best pick is one of the best-reviewed hitting mats by a lot of professionals and customers.

It’s a 4’x7′ single-sided hitting mat that’s perfect for your home golf simulators and outdoor net practicing.

The mat offers a 4’x4′ performance turf stance mat, a 1’x4′ hitting section of genuine fiber grass with four tee holes, and a 2’x4′ performance spacer mat with easy lock connections.

The premium fiber-built grass allows golfers to swing down, which generates pure ball contact and gives the closest feeling to the fairway.

However, you can’t put a real wooden tee which may limit your experience, but you’ll get over it once you get comfortable with this hitting mat.

You can also practice hitting while keeping your ball flight numbers close to real fairway grass.

Fiberbuilt also brings a medical benefit by reducing the risk of injury as it’s designed to have no club bouncing off the turf.

The durability of this hitting mat is unmatched as it can withstand almost 300,000 swings before showing any wear.

Well, that’s tough!

Check out the Fiberbuilt studio mat in this YouTube video by the manufacturer:

Overall, the Fiberbuilt studio mat is listed among the high-performance mats which offer the best quality, and you can skip SwingTurf if you’re willing to spend some extra dollars on it. 


✅ Realistic fairway-like feel

✅ Durable (withstands 300,000 swings)

✅ Suitable for simulator setups and outdoor nets

✅ Easy to set up (requires no tools)


❌ Can’t place a real wooden tee

❌ Relatively expensive

Best American-Made Golf Hitting Mat: SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat

The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat is a 100% American-made golf hitting mat that provides maximum quality and realism.

The hitting strip of this mat is designed to match world-class fairways like Augusta National or Pinehurst.

A thin layer of ABS polyurethane and a one-inch thick layer of teeline turf allow the mat to provide better turf density without being too heavy.

Due to it being lightweight, users have initially complained about its slippery nature and bad outdoor experience, but once you get used to it, it’s not a big deal.

This YouTube video by The Indoor Golf Shop shows how to secure your SIGPRO golf mat to the floor to reduce sliding:

Vibrations at the impact are minimized by three compression slots present at the bottom of the mat to give a smooth and swift go-through.

One of the coolest features of SIGPRO is that you can modify its hitting strip with SIGPRO Softy, SIGPRO 3D, or Preferred Hitting, which can be purchased separately.

SIGPRO comes in two different sizes, 4’x10′ and 4’x7′, which support both left-handed and right-handed users.

Get an overview of SIGPRO Softy in this YouTube video by The Indoor Golf Shop:


✅ 100% American made best quality

✅ Realistic feel

✅ Better turf density

✅ Replaceable hitting strip


❌ Slips over smooth surfaces due to its lightweight nature

❌ Better suited to indoor setups 

Best Budget-Friendly Golf Hitting Mat: The Net Return Pro Turf Mat

The Net Return Pro Turf Mat is mind-blowing because of its vast utility and affordability at the same time.

The mat comes in a 6’x10′ size with a ¾” thickness, which is large enough to open up many possibilities.

It was originally made to be used with the Net Return Pro Series net, but you can use it with golf simulator setups and practice ranges, and it has enough room to be used as a putting green with the available accessories.

The mat is portable and can be easily rolled up and stored without taking much space, which makes it perfectly suitable for outdoor use. 

The quality and performance of the mat cover the basic parameters. It can withstand 250,000 swings and handle ball speeds up to 255 mph. It feels a little rough though.

You can purchase this mat at for around $600, which is half the price of most top-rated hitting mats.

Watch the Net Return Pro mat at the PGA Merchandise 2017 in this YouTube video:


✅ Durable and easy to set up

✅ Can be used indoor or outdoor

✅ Can be used as a putting green

✅ Roll up and store like a carpet

✅ Budget-friendly


❌ Feels a little rough

❌ Doesn’t beat the performance of best-selling hitting mats

Notable Mention: Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Mat

Credit to Fiberbuilt Golf

If you’re someone who just wants a turf to hit without any extra, you should consider buying a Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Mat.

It’s a 1.77’x1.33′ oval-shaped mat that allows you to hit in literally any direction.

With its small size and next-level portability, you can easily pair it with indoor simulators, nets, or outdoor practice ranges.

This mat is made of genuine Fiberbuilt grass to give you a real fairway feeling, but you can’t use it as a fully functional hitting mat or putting green on other Fiberbuilt models.

A tee assembly system with pre-drilled assembly stabilizer holes allows you to fix the mat to grass or any other surface so that your mat would stick to the surface during your hitting sessions.

As it comes from the house of Fiberbuilt, the durability of the mat is unquestionably brilliant; it can withstand 300,000 shots before wearing out.

In terms of the price point, it’s the cheapest mat available in the market at around $100. 

Check out Fiberbuilt’s practice station at the PGA Merchandise 2017 featuring the Flight Deck Mat in this YouTube video by the company:


✅ Real fairway feel

✅ Can be used both indoors or outdoors

✅ Portable size

✅ Sticks well due to stabilizer holes

✅ Budget-friendly


❌ Doesn’t have enough area to act as a fully functional hitting mat 

❌ Can’t be used as putting green

Buying Guide: How to Select a Hitting Mat

Before investing in a golf-hitting mat, you must consider some important factors that affect your experience and expectations with it. 

Let’s have a brief look at them.


If your hitting mat is not durable, it will probably develop some dip or divot which hardens your hitting.

So you should avoid mats that can’t withstand enough shots and have a cheap base system to have a better golfing experience.

I’d recommend you to look for the SwingTurf Golf Hitting Mat or the Fiberbuilt Grass Studio Mat because of their unmatched durability that can withstand almost 300,000 shots.


A realistic feel is one of the most important aspects of a hitting mat, so you should always look for a mat with a consistent feel and realistic turf interaction to avoid sore joints or other injuries.

Also, if your mat is close enough to the real fairway, you can have a better assessment of your golf game.

SwingTurf Golf Hitting Mat and SIGPRO Softy are one of the best-reviewed hitting mats in terms of a soft and realistic feel. 


Size should be considered depending on your requirements. If you have a larger surface area, then you should opt for larger sizes. But for small spaces, a variety of mats with different properties are available to match your requirements. 

Larger mats are more expensive, but they have various benefits, including better emulation of real golf course conditions, more surface area to take the wear and tear of shots, and a better stance while playing the shots.

Also, with the availability of portable mats like The Net Return Pro Turf Mat, it’s recommended to go for hitting mats with larger sizes.


In the end, everything comes to the budget. As the quality of the product increases, the cost increases with it. 

If you don’t want to spend $1,000 on hitting mats, there are cheaper options like the Net Return Pro Turf Mat and 5’x5′ SwingTurf Golf Hitting Mat which cost around $600 and give value for money.

If you can afford to spend extra dollars, the Fiberbuilt Grass Series 4’x7’ Studio Mat would be a wise choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my golf mats from slipping?

To prevent your golf mats from slipping, you can adhere them to the floor using vinyl glue or high-quality rubber. Taping your mat can also help them to stick to the surface.

How can I practice golf without a driving range?

You can practice at home by performing a range of simple drills, chipping in the backyard, or using an indoor putting mat. 

Invest in a good-quality golf net for your home practice setup where you can work on your full swing in a fairly compact area.

Can I hit golf balls off the carpet?

You can certainly hit golf balls off carpets, but this might result in poor shots, and you’ll not have a proper assessment of your game. If you’re hitting the shots perfectly, the mats should feel pure.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read the article this far, I can say that you’re now well aware of the importance of a hitting mat. 

It’s the closest experience to a real golf course, and if you’re a golfer who wants to practice golf without getting out to the course, a golf hitting mat is a must-have accessory for you.

I’ve discussed some of the best mats available in the market. You can refer to the buying guide to pick the best mat that meets your preferences.

Happy golfing!


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