Best Golf Simulator for Garage: How to Build One?

Having a golf simulator system gives you a great competitive edge over golfers who don’t have it because it has all the necessary tools that you need to practice golf.

Almost every professional golfer owns a top-of-the-line simulator system, but for a normal golfer, it’s not that simple.

It requires a dedicated space in your home which not all golfers have, so the best place to install it is in your garage.

So without further ado, let’s explore the best golf simulator systems for your home garage. 

Best Golf Simulators for Your Garage

Golf simulators deliver the maximum golfing experience by taking minimum space, but you need an area that is at least enough for swinging your club without any hurdles.

That’s why I have come up with varying choices for varying spaces.

1) Best Overall Golf Simulator for Your Garage: FlightScope Mevo+

Credit to FlightScope Mevo

I have ranked FlightScope Mevo Plus as the best golf simulator system for the garage not only because it’s GolfDisgest’s “Editor’s Choice” for 2021 but also because of its unmatched accuracy that makes it popular among golfers.

Using its patent fusion technology that works with a combination of 3D doppler radar and image processing, you can get accurate feedback and data analysis on every shot.

This analytical data can be further used for performance tracking by comparing your history to your current performance. 

You can also create and beat custom challenges using the FS Skills app that comes with Mevo+ to improve various aspects of your game in a competitive environment. 

To further enhance your golfing experience, this golf launch monitor includes an E6 Connect subscription, which opens your access to six custom golf courses, 17 practice ranges, and many fun games. 

Mevo+ delivers the best in terms of size and portability. It comes as a handy device that doesn’t include a net, screen, or hitting mat. 

Most of you would see it as a con, which it is, but I see it as a blessing in disguise!

It gives you the opportunity to use a custom hitting mat, net, and screen that fits best in your space. However, this is likely to cost you some extra money, but from the performance point of view, it’s worth it.

Witness the accuracy of FlightScope Mevo+ in this Youtube video by Carl’s Place:

The results say it all! 10/10 on accuracy. 


✅3D doppler radar and image processing

✅Measures analytical data

✅Creates custom challenges

✅E6 Connect subscription 

✅Offers great portability


❌Doesn’t include a hitting mat and impact screen

2) Best Budget Golf Simulator for Your Garage: Phigolf Home Simulator

Credit to PlayBetter

If you don’t want to invest too much in a golf simulator system but still want one that gives you all the perks of a standard launch monitor, the Phigolf Home Golf Simulator is your best pick.

Instead of using an actual golf club and ball, this simulator system introduces a 9-Axis 3D swing sensor stick that reinvents the way of practicing golf.

You can determine your swing speed, angle of attack, and impact position in real time by using the Phigolf sensor that instantly projects every shot on the swing analysis screen.

The coolest feature of this golf simulator is that you can remotely play a round of golf with your friend from anywhere you want, and the experience is further enriched by the photorealistic graphics provided by WGT 2019 and E6 Connect. 

It allows you to access 80+ golf courses, a lot of fun games, and online tournaments where you can enjoy and learn golf through multiple techniques.

Dive deep into the detailed review of the Phigolf Home Simulator by BRETT MILLER:

Different but very effective!

The package includes:

  • Phigolf sensor
  • Swing trainer club 
  • Mini USB charging cable
  • Carrying lanyard
  • Manual

Overall, it’s a great option to consider, especially when you want a simulator system for the least possible price. 


✅9-Axis 3D swing sensor

✅Allows remote play

✅Photorealistic graphics

✅Access to multiple golf courses

✅Affordable price


❌Doesn’t use actual golf clubs and balls

3) Best Golf Simulator to Have Fun: SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Credit to SkyTrak Golf

For those who’re looking for a personal golf simulator system that provides entertainment in addition to necessary practicing tools, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is a considerable choice.

It uses photometric technology to give instant, real-time shot analysis and highly accurate ball flight data.

In addition, you can combine your launch monitor with a high-definition simulation package to take the fun to the next level.

To offer abundant game improvement and practice features, it generates accurate results by measuring important data points such as carry distance, ball speed, club head speed, launch angle, and much more just like top-end, expensive models.

SkyTrak works amazingly with various golf simulation software, including E6 Connect, WGT (World Golf Tour), Fitness Golf, and The Golf Club 2019, where you can play famous golf courses such as Pebble Beach and Augusta National. 

In terms of price, the SkyTrak Launch monitor is a real catch; in fact, it is even cheaper than the Phigolf Home Simulator, but you need to buy a separate hitting mat, golf club, and impact screen to make it fully functional in your home garage.

Check out this detailed review of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor by ClearShot Golf:

A complete golfer’s entertainment package!


✅Photometric technology 

✅Measures data points

✅Works with multiple golf simulation software

✅Affordable price


❌Doesn’t include a hitting mat and impact screen

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying A Simulator

Before buying a golf simulator for your garage, there are certain parameters that you need to address, and if you don’t know about them, you’re more likely to have problems with your simulator setup.

Considering the following factors can save you from that fuss.

1) Garage Space

The first thing you need to make sure of before buying a golf simulator is that you have enough space for it. 

Typically, the smallest measurements you’ll need to put a golf simulator in your garage are:

  • Floor width: 15 feet
  • Ceiling height: 10 feet
  • Hitting wall to nearest obstruction: 6–7 feet
  • Distance b/w mat and screen: 8–9 feet

If you try to use less space, there is a chance of success, but you’ll not get accurate results, and there’s always a risk of damaging your golf clubs while practicing.

2) Temperature

Imagine practicing golf in your garage on winter days and your feet are freezing… That’s a big hurdle in your way of becoming an experienced golfer. 

Similarly, on hot summer days, the golf simulator space that you built to have fun in can become hell.

If there’s even a slight chance of you getting into any of these scenarios, it’s better to take precautions such as installing an electric heater or an air conditioner to maintain the temperature of the facility so you don’t have any trouble while practicing. 

3) Functionality

Checking the functionality of a golf simulator before buying it can save you from the dissatisfaction that may come with it. 

Different products on the market offer different features, and everyone doesn’t buy golf simulators for the same reasons. 

If some people want to practice, others just want to spend quality time by playing fun games on it. 

4) Budget

Buying a golf simulator costs a fair amount of money and going beyond your limit isn’t recommended, especially if you’re not too much into golf. 

Also, it’s not just the cost of the product but also the fitting costs and space adjustments that add up to your total cost and make it a big figure. 

Act wisely on that! 

How to Build a Garage Golf Simulator Setup

Getting a golf simulator setup installed in your home is one thing, but when it comes to building an effective indoor golf simulator setup in your garage, you need to think smart. 

The goal is to get maximum output with minimum investment, so you need to focus on the essentials rather than putting extra stuff and wasting money.

All you need for your garage golf simulator setup are:

  • Enough space (where you can install your setup) 
  • Impact screen or golf-hitting net 
  • Projector
  • Hitting mat
  • Portable launch monitor
  • A golf simulator PC
  • Drivers, irons, and golf balls 

All these essentials will cost you somewhere around $1,500, which sounds economical for a golf simulator setup like this. 

You’ll have all the fundamental facilities to practice your short game, swing, tempo, and everything you need to improve your golf game. 

If you want more from your indoor golf simulator setup, there are a variety of simulator setups that you can opt for depending on your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is required for a golf simulator?

A golf simulator requires a launch monitor, a golf simulator screen, a golf mat, a computer, and a projector screen. You can also use golf nets with a golf simulator system. 

What is the ideal space for a golf simulator setup?

For a golf simulator to run at its full potential, the minimum required space is 10′ W x 10′ H x 9.5′ L. You can also put your simulator in less space, but it will affect your performance by not giving accurate results. 

What do you wear to indoor golf simulators?

You can wear casual attire in a casual environment; however, wearing golf shoes can give you extra grip and help in playing better full swings.

Final Thoughts

Winding up this discussion, I’d say that for golfers who want to train in an indoor practice facility but don’t have a dedicated space for it, setting up a golf simulator in their garage is the best opportunity to practice golf from the comfort of their home.

Also, it doesn’t cost too much like the top-notch simulator setups, and with a lot of variety on the market, every golfer can experience this piece of amazing technology.

You can pick any of the above-reviewed golf simulator setups according to your preference, but I’ll leave you with some recommendations. 

For those who don’t want to compromise on quality, the FlightScope Mevo+ is the right choice, but if there’s something limiting your options, such as functionality or budget, I’ll suggest you go with the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. 

Catch you in the next one!

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