Best Golf Mats for Simulators and Home Use: Let’s Find Yours!

Practicing golf on a simulator system is the best way to improve your skills from the comfort of your home, but as with everything else, it has its requirements. 

For instance, a golf mat! 

You’d not want to hit a hard surface and end up destroying your club. That’s exactly why you need a golf mat — to have a realistic golf experience to help you better analyze your game.

With many great options available in the market, most golfers are always looking for buying advice on the best golf mats for their simulators and home practice.

If you’re one of them, hop in this one-stop guide.

Best Overall Golf Mat: Fiberbuilt Glass Series Studio Mat 

Credit to Fiber Built Golf

I’ve ranked Fiberbuilt as the winner of the day not only because of its top-notch quality and high performance but also because of its utility for both golf nets and simulator systems.

Reviewed as one of the best golf mats by many professionals and users, this 4′ x 7′ single-sided golf mat makes a perfect accessory for indoor and outdoor practice sessions. 

Offering a 4′ x 4′ performance turf stance mat, a 1′ x 4′ hitting section of genuine fiber grass, and a 2′ x 4′ performance spacer mat, Fiberbuilt allows golfers to swing down, generating pure ball contact to give the closest feeling to the fairway.

You can also practice hitting while keeping your ball flight numbers close to real fairway grass.

The only thing that may limit your golfing experience is that you can’t put on a real wooden tee, but once you get comfortable with this hitting mat, nothing can stop you from playing your best round of golf.

An amazing feature of the Fiberbuilt golf mat is its medicated design, which reduces the risk of injury by not allowing the club to bounce off the turf.

The mat has unmatched durability, which is evident by its capacity to withstand almost 300,000 swings before showing any wear.

Here’s a short introduction to Fiberbuilt Studio Mats by The Indoor Golf Shop YouTube channel:

Well, that was quite a mat!


✅Top-notch quality

✅Good for simulator systems

✅Good for practice nets

✅Medicated design

✅Durable (can withstand 300,000 swings)


❌ Can’t place a real wooden tee

Runner-Up Golf Mat: Real Feel Country Club Elite

The Real Feel Country Club Elite golf mat is one of the best-selling golf mats in the market because of its highly effective features that take your golfing experience to new heights.

The mat is built to eliminate the bouncing issues that most golfers encounter while playing indoor golf so that you can have realistic gameplay while you’re practicing at home.

Even if you miss a shot while you’re golfing, the club–turf interaction is genuine enough to give you proper feedback on your shots.

Another cool feature of the Real Feel Country Club Elite mat is that it encourages effective ball striking, which is made possible by increasing the depth of the surface; however, it is hard and may be tough on your joints if you have any medical issues. 

One of the greatest improvements in this golf mat is the ability to play on a real wooden tee, which may be the reason that most golfers buy it for indoor golf simulators.

Thinking about the size of the mat? If you’re worried because of less space, there’s no need for it as this mat comes in six different sizes, ranging from 3′ x 4′ to 5′ x 10′, to satisfy all your needs. 

To ensure portability, the mat is made with lightweight material which doesn’t wrinkle on folding but enables the mat to move when you swing on it, which may be a nuisance while you’re practicing. 

Overall, it is a great product and delivers value for money.

Garage Golf shares a detailed review of the Real Feel Country Club mat in this YouTube video:

See, the stats say it all! 


✅Eliminates bouncing issues

✅Genuine feedback on shots

✅Can place a real wooden tee

✅Available in multiple sizes

✅Portable design


❌ Tends to move while swinging

❌ Tough on joints

Best Budget Golf Mat: Net Return Pro Turf Mat

Every golfer wants the best golf mat for himself, and the best costs the most… but not anymore! 

The Net Return Pro Turf Mat is designed to provide good quality at an affordable cost, which makes it one of the favorite choices in golf mats.

This 6′ x 10′ mat was originally made to be used with the Net Return Pro Net series, but it works great with golf simulator setups and practice ranges. You can also use it as a putting green with the available accessories.

To add portability, it has a 5 mm foam backing which can be folded and stored easily at any place, making it a perfect pick for outdoor use.

In terms of performance, the mat can handle ball speeds of up to 255 mph and is a little harsh due to the hard grass provided for strength which enables it to take 250,000 swings without any wear.

This means that you would not be enjoying the luxury of best-selling mats by any means, but the golfing experience feels justified with the price point.

Watch Paul Crawley outlining the features and benefits of the Net Return Pro Mat in this YouTube video:

That’s exactly what works as it’s described!


✅Large size

✅Can be used both indoors and outdoors

✅Can be used as a putting green

✅Roll up and store like a carpet



❌ Feels harsh due to the hard grass

❌ Doesn’t perform like best-selling mats

Best Portable Golf Mat: Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Mat

Credit to Fiberbuilt Golf

If you’re a golfer who likes portability but wants the benefits of a regular-sized mat, the Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Mat is for you.

This 1.77′ x 1.33′ small-sized mat is made in an oval shape to provide freedom to hit in every possible direction and works great with both indoor and outdoor practice setups.

Though you can’t use it as your putting green, the mat features a built-in tee assembly that can be used to turn it into a larger golf mat, and unlike other portable mats, this golf mat firmly sticks to the surface so you can have productive practice sessions.

Another great feature of this product that provides value for money is its durability, which allows it to withstand almost 300,000 shots without any sign of wear and tear.

To provide the same realistic impact conditions, the company has built this mat with the same turf used in their premium studio mats, increasing its ability to play a variety of shots with maximum shockproofing. 

Here’s a quick walkthrough of Fiberbuilt’s Flight Deck Mat at the PGA Merchandise 2017:

What’s left to say when the PGA Merchandise gives it a green signal?


✅ Portable size

✅ Can be used both indoors and outdoors

✅ Sticks well due to built-in tee assembly

✅ Can withstand 300,000 shots

✅ Realistic impact conditions


❌ Can’t be used as a putting green

Notable Mention: SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat

Credit to Shop Indoor Golf

For golfers who’ve been complaining about golf mats being too forgiving and not being able to take a tee, SIGPRO has designed the perfect golf mat.

This 100% American-made golf mat comes in two different sizes (4′ x 10′ and 4′ x 7′) to accommodate your needs for both outdoor and indoor practice setups, with support for both left-and right-handed golfers.

To enhance user experience, the mat is built with high-quality turf which has foam inserted in its middle to give the most realistic feel. However, the hitting strip of this mat may require replacement after a certain time. 

Want to maximize its life span? Watch this YouTube video by The Indoor Golf Shop:

Tips start at 0:08.

In addition, the compression slots provided at the bottom of the mat make it easy and comfortable by minimizing the harsh vibrations produced while hitting.

As for its quality, most golfers who’ve used it give it a green signal, considering its origin and the material used in its manufacturing.

The only downside of the SIGPRO Softy is its price, as it is expensive enough to make you think twice before buying it. But if you can get your hands on it, I recommend that you consider it along with the other best-selling golf mats.


✅ Premium quality

✅ Multiple sizes 

✅ Can be used indoors and outdoors

✅ Support for left- and right-handed golfers

✅ Compression slots for comfort


❌ Highly-priced

❌ Hitting strip may need replacement

Buying Guide: Selecting the Right Golf Mat

If you’re going to invest in a golf mat, you must be sure that it’s right for you.

So how do you know it? I’ll tell you because that’s what I do!

The first thing you should look for is the durability of the golf mat because a cheap-quality mat doesn’t give exact results, which entirely defeats the purpose of buying it.

The second is functionality. Look for a mat that fits best with your golf simulator system and your outdoor golf setup. Buying a golf mat with multiple functions will be more fruitful than buying a limited one.

The third is the budget. You shouldn’t go for a great mat that is way too expensive for you. There are fine-quality mats that come at a relatively low price. Buying one that suits your pocket is always a wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to practice golf on a mat or grass?

Practicing on a golf mat improves your game, but it may wear down your club faster than grass. Also, mats are harder than grass, so you may find it tougher on your wrists.

How long does a golf mat last?

Usually, a good-quality golf mat should last from three to five years. That’s why most mats come with a three-year warranty.

Can you leave a golf mat outside?

Golf mats can be left outside if they’re built for outdoor golf setups because they can withstand any kind of weather, including rain. However, if it’s not the case, you’ll need to take care of your golf mats in such climatic conditions.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure that after reading this article, you won’t have any more confusion when buying a golf mat. 

To make it more convenient for you, I’ll leave you with some recommendations.

If you want the best golf mats for your simulator system and money is no object, you should go for the best-selling mats such as the Fiberbuilt Glass Series Studio Mat or the Real Feel Country Club Elite.

If money is a concern, there’s no better option than the Net Return Pro Turf Mat as it maintains a balance between quality and price. 

For those who want to move with their golf mat, I’d recommend them to go for the Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Mat

That’s my take on the subject matter. Catch you in the next one!

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