6 Best Golf Launch Monitors Under $1000

Having an indoor golf simulator setup is a dream for every golfer, but not all can afford it mainly because of their high prices. 

But don’t let this make you give up on your dream, because with the advancement in golf simulator technology, many budget solutions have emerged in the scenario, allowing you to practice golf like a professional. 

Let’s explore the six best golf launch monitors under $1000 in 2023 through this conclusive guide.

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How Reliable Are $1000 Launch Monitors?

Before we discuss our best choices for golf launch monitors, let’s focus on their reliability. For that, I’m going to dive deep into a comparative analysis between a cheap and an expensive golf launch monitor. 

FlightScope Mevo+ (Price: $2000) 

Credited to FlightScope Mevo

Prominent Features

  • Uses patent fusion technology in combination with a 3D Doppler radar system
  • Measures club and ball data
  • Multiple game modes, including custom challenges
  • E6 Connet software 
  • Offers portability

Measurable Data Points

  • Ball speed
  • Carry, roll, and total distance
  • Angle of descent
  • Smash factor
  • Clubhead speed
  • Back spin, side spin, spin axis, spin loft
  • Side angle / horizontal launch angle / vertical launch angle / launch direction
  • Distance offline
  • 3D flightpath with an apex height 

Need more insight on Mevo+? Watch this YouTube video by Carl’s Place:


PRGR HS-130A Launch Monitor ($200)

Credited to Amazon

Prominent Features

  • Uses Doppler radar technology
  • Measures data points
  • Doesn’t require internet connectivity
  • Offers great portability

Measurable Data Points

  • Swing speed
  • Ball speed
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance
  • Smash factor

Watch this YouTube video by MrShortGame Golf to explore more about this affordable launch monitor:

Does the job! 

The Comparison

Now that you’ve gone through the nitty-gritty of both the FlighScope Mevo+ and PRGR, it’s time for the verdict. 

There’s no doubt that the Mevo+ delivers more in terms of accuracy and measurable data points. 

In addition, the E6 Connect software provides a great edge in boosting the overall golfing experience through multiple game modes and challenges. 

On the other hand, the HS-130A Golf Launch Monitor only focuses on the basics and measures only a few data points. 

Also, there’s no software support, which limits your golfing experience to only basic golf practice. 

However, the price gap between the two justifies it all because when you’re looking at a $200 price tag, that’s all you get. 

So it nails the basics, which is enough if you’re focused on your game improvement.

Overall Best Golf Launch Monitor Under $1000: Garmin Approach R10

Credited to Rain or Shine Golf

The Garmin Approach R10 golf launch monitor is best known for its huge impact on the golf industry by revolutionizing the golf launch monitor technology. 

It’s the first golf launch monitor to bring critical club and ball data measurement under a $1000 price tag, making it a popular choice for most golfers. 

Here’s a happy review from the Golf Simulator Forum:

I have it set up in my garage and I can hit every club including driver. Lots of fun. For putting I just practice on my putting mat or hit the course.


Coming to its utility, the launch monitor comes with a tripod stand and is placed about eight feet behind the ball to capture the ball’s movement and provide instant results. 

It also has golf simulation software support, allowing you to play multiple golf courses using E6 Connect or TGC 2019. 

Next is its portability. You can pair the Garmin Approach 10 with an indoor simulator setup and take it to the golf course for an outdoor driving range experience. 

Here’s a glimpse of @simonjwhite30’s golf simulator experience with Garmin Approach 10”

It’s the best!

Another cool thing about this golf launch monitor is its mobile app that can be used to track performance data, share results, socialize with other golfers by participating in tournaments, and much more. 

Although it doesn’t beat the best golf launch monitors in the market, for $600, it’s a great deal.


✅ Measures data points

✅ Supports golf simulation software

✅ Mobile app

✅ Economical price


❌ Doesn’t beat premium launch monitors

Runner-Up Golf Launch Monitor Under $1000: FlightScope Mevo

Credited to FlightScope Mevo

If you’re looking for a portable golf launch monitor that provides unparalleled accuracy and fits your budget, the FlightScope Mevo golf launch monitor can be your perfect choice. 

Watch this YouTube video by Andrew Jensen to see the accuracy of this golf launch monitor:

Very precise!

With its 3D Doppler radar and image processing technology, this golf launch monitor delivers instant feedback and data analysis on every shot. 

You can further use this analytical data for performance tracking by comparing your history to your current performance. 

In addition, it allows the creation of custom challenges using the FS Skills app that comes with the package to improve various aspects of your game in a competitive environment. 

The entertainment doesn’t end here because the golf launch monitor includes an E6 Connect subscription, which opens your access to six custom golf courses, 17 practice ranges, and many fun games. 

Coming to its downside, the lunch monitor doesn’t include a net, screen, or hitting mat, but this opens your gateway to a custom golf simulator setup which would be a wise choice if you’re planning budget-wise.


✅Measures data points

✅3D Doppler radar technology

✅Includes E6 Connect 

✅Creates custom challenges


❌ Doesn’t include a net, screen, or hitting mat 

❌ Doesn’t beat premium launch monitors

Best for Online Play: Phigolf WGT Edition Mobile & Home Golf Simulator

Credited to Amazon

Phigolf’s Home Golf Simulator is the best choice for golfers who have a thirst for learning golf in a competitive online environment.

With its vast network of over 20 million players looking for a challenge, you can connect and play with multiple golfers in real time.

This simulator system reinvents the way of practicing golf by introducing a 9-Axis 3D swing sensor stick instead of using an actual golf club and ball.

You can evaluate your swing speed, angle of attack, and impact position in real time by using the Phigolf sensor that instantly projects every shot on the swing analysis screen.

It also allows you to remotely play a round of golf with your friend from anywhere you want, and the experience is further elevated by the high-definition graphics provided by WGT 2019 and E6 Connect simulator software. 

Dive deep into New Nine Golf’s golfing experience with the Phigolf home simulator in this YouTube video:

Good for its price!


✅ 9-Axis 3D swing sensor

✅ Measures data points

✅ Supports simulator software

✅ Online play


❌ Not a traditional launch monitor 

❌ Limited data points

Best Minimalist Golf Launch Monitor Under $1000: Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar

Credited to Amazon

For those golfers who don’t want too much out of their golf launch monitor except a few metrics to improve the mechanics of their game, Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar is worth a shot. 

Particularly designed to measure the club head speed and swing tempo, this minimalist golf launch monitor provides precise feedback with accurate reading to level up your game. 

You can measure the club speed anywhere between 40 and 200 mph, and the best thing is that it doesn’t always need real golf balls. 

Play with a birdie ball or a sponge ball, it’s all the same for Swing Speed!

Another cool thing about this golf launch monitor is its small and portable size that fits in both indoor and outdoor environments, allowing you to practice anytime you want. 

Coming to its downside, the launch monitor doesn’t support any graphics, which means that you won’t have any software-based experience with it. 

If you can compromise with that, it’s good value for money. 

Watch this YouTube video by Walter Blake Knoblock to see Sports Sensor Swing Speed Reader in action: 

Simple and basic!


✅ Accurate and precise feedback

✅ Measures club speed b/w 40–200 mph

✅ Doesn’t require original golf balls

✅ Offers portability


❌ Doesn’t support graphics

❌ Limited data points

Best for Beginner Golfers: Blast Motion Swing Analyzer

Credited to Amazon

Unable to get your golf swing and stroke right? Every beginner has to struggle with it, but this can be reduced by using the Blast Golf Swing & Stoke Analyzer. 

Unlike any traditional golf launch monitor, it starts recording your swing as you attach the analyzer to the grip of your club. 

This data is further displayed on your smartphone or tablet via its mobile app where you can track your performance and view data history for comparing results to improve your game.

Not only this, but you can also level up by learning new techniques through in-app training content uploaded by professional golfers and coaches.

Furthermore, you can access Blast Motion Academy for more insight into golf techniques. 

Although this swing and stroke analyzer is essentially made for beginners, experienced golfers can also brew game-changing results by switching between various difficulty levels from Intermediate to Instructor.

The downside of the Blast Motion Swing Analyzer is that there’s no graphics support that comes with it, but you can still record every swing and watch it anytime through a video function. 

Want to know more about it? Hop into this YouTube video by MrShortGame Golf:

Not your typical launch monitor! 


✅ Accurate swing measurement 

✅ Live data on the mobile app

✅ Offers online training content

✅ Offers portability 


❌ Not a traditional launch monitor 

❌ No graphics support

Notable Mention: OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator 

Credited to Amazon

If you’re aiming to buy a full golf simulator setup for under $1000, then you’re in luck because OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator has got your back.

The setup includes a golf launch monitor, a hitting mat, and an optical golf swing pad to provide you with a full-fledged golf simulation experience. 

With its 16 high-speed sensors to record club and ball data, the simulator provides instant and precise feedback on every shot. 

Connecting the OptiShot 2 to your PC is simple and easy. Just plug in the launch monitor to your laptop or golf simulator PC via a USB cable and start practicing golf. 

The next thing you’ll love about this golf simulator is the software support. You can play up to six game modes and 15 virtual golf courses in ultrarealistic graphics for an exceptional golfing experience. 

The only thing wrong with the software is that it doesn’t support iOS and Mac OS, which adds the extra cost of buying a PC. 

Another shortcoming of this golf simulator is the inability of sensors to measure ball speed, which limits the total number of measurable data points. 

Otherwise, it’s one of the best golf simulators on the market. Here’s a quick review of OptiShot 2 by Dub Golf:

Not your typical launch monitor! 


✅ Full-fledged golf simulation experience

✅ Measures data points

✅ Allows graphics support

✅ Easy connection


❌ Doesn’t support iOS and Mac OS

❌ No ball speed measurement 

Comparison of the Best Launch Monitors Under $1000

Garmin Approach 10FlightScope MevoPhigolf WGT EditionSports Sensor Blast MotionOptiShot 2
Measurable Data PointsAllAllLimitedLimitedLimitedAll
Indoor PerformanceExcellentGreatGreatGoodGreatGreat
Outdoor PerformanceGreatGreatGoodGoodGoodGood
PortabilityYesYesYesYesYesYes (Limited)
Not your typical launch monitor! 

Things to Consider Before Buying 

Aside from discussing the best golf launch monitors under $1000, it’s important to talk about the factors that affect your overall experience. 


The first thing to consider when looking for a golf launch monitor is your usage type. 

If you intend to use it indoors, then a launch monitor with less clearance and free ball flight would be suitable for you.

For outdoor use, golf launch monitors with durable construction are recommended as they tend to get damaged in the open. 


Features are important if you’re looking for extra output from your golf launch monitor because they provide maximum accessibility to the virtual golf world.

A golf launch monitor that measures multiple data points, supports a golf simulation software, and provides mobile app interference is comparatively better than an ordinary launch monitor with few metrics. 

However, this also generates a price gap, so you’ll need to prioritize accordingly. 


Want to carry your golf launch monitor with you? Yes? Then you should look for one that has a small and lightweight design. 

Almost every golf launch monitor under $1000 is small and portable, which allows you to practice indoors or take it to a driving range. 


Budget comes as the final decision maker, but you can find various golf launch monitors for even a $200 price tag. 

However, don’t expect the features and performance of a $700–$1000 golf launch monitor from it. 

If your golf launch monitor filters through these parameters, I’ll give it a green signal.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read this article about the best golf launch monitors under $1000, I can safely say that building a golf simulator setup for a cheap price won’t be a problem for you. 

Keep in mind that it’s not just the launch monitor that counts. You’ll have to buy a projector, an impact screen, and a golf simulator PC for a complete setup, which will have additional costs.

However, if you’re focused on quality, the market is open for you.

Happy golfing!

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