FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor: Detailed Review

If you’re planning to buy a pocket-friendly golf launch monitor, you need to compromise on a few things in terms of utility and performance, but FlightScope X3 seems to save you from that. 

Unable to comprehend? No worries! This conclusive guide includes everything that you need to know about this golf launch monitor. 

Let’s dive into it! 

FlightScope X3: Overview

Recommended by PGA golfer Bryson Dechambeau, FlightScope X3 is the perfect choice for golfers who want to master their skill in a challenging environment. 

With its patent fusion technology paired with 3D Doppler radar, this launch monitor is all set to deliver accurate and instantaneous feedback on every shot. 

In addition, it uses motion sensor cameras in combination with high-res image processing technology to record every shot in real time and provide precise metrics to help you step up your game. 

It also has a Wedge D-Plane data feature that helps you improve missed wedge shots by providing reliable Wedge D-Plane data.

Another cool feature of FlightScope X3 is that it allows you to adjust metric values for any data parameter so you can practice consistently in a smarter way. 

To expand your golfing experience, the launch monitor offers support for industry-leading golf simulation software such as TGC 2019, GSPro, and E6 Connect that open your access to your favorite golf courses, putting and chipping areas, mini-games, and online events.

Furthermore, there’s also an environment optimization feature which lets you adjust your environment so you can train for various weather conditions.

The launch monitor delivers the most in terms of build quality with its solid and portable design, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor practice sessions. 

Have a look at the mind-blowing features of FlightScope X3 in this YouTube video by GolfSpotlight:

A wholesome experience! 

Prominent Features

✅ Fusion technology with 3D Doppler radar system

✅ High-resolution image processing

✅ Wegde D-Plane data metrics

✅ Simultaneous club and ball data

✅ Data margins

✅ Supports various golf simulation software

✅ Environment optimization feature

✅ Portable design

Setting Up FlightScope X3

Don’t know how to set up your FlightScope X3 golf launch monitor? I’ve got you! 

Save yourself from the extra hassle by following these simple steps while assembling your FlightScope X3.

Turn On Your FlightScope X3

  • Hold the X3 unit and press the latch under the unit to release the leg.
  • Pull the leg down and outward until it fully extends.
  • Place it on the ground or floor in its intended operating position.
  • The unit will automatically adjust its level according to the slope of the ground or floor while starting up.

Set Position and Alignment

  • Choose your tee position.
  • Select a target line from the ball to a target.
  • Place the X3 behind the tee with its internal camera hole over the target line.
  • Keep a 9 ft–14 ft distance for normal golf shots.
  • Keep a 6 ft–8 ft distance for a normal short game.

Aim Your FlightScope X3

  • In the app, select Alignment and view the image.
  • Move and rotate the X3 to point the image center line along the target line.
  • Make sure the vertical line is in line with both the ball and the target.

Set Operating Mode

Select your preferred units of measurements and desired play mode before starting your practice session. 

The play modes include:

  • Outdoor Mode
  • Indoor Mode
  • Short Indoor Mode
  • Normalized Mode

Source: Manualslib

Measurable Data Points on FlightScope X3

Source: FlightScope

Measurable Club Data

  • Club speed
  • Club path
  • Angle of attack
  • Dynamic loft
  • Spin loft
  • Low point
  • Face to target
  • Face to path
  • Club speed profile
  • Club acceleration profile
  • Horizontal and vertical swing plane

Measurable Ball Data

  • Ball speed
  • Carry distance
  • Roll distance
  • Total distance
  • Spin rate
  • Spin axis
  • Launch angle
  • Launch direction
  • Vertical descent
  • Lateral landing
  • Skills distance to pin
  • Skills score
  • Flight time and curve
  • Shot type and dispersion
  • Apex height

Source: FlightScope

Accuracy Analysis of FlightScope X3 

The accuracy of Trugolf Vista 12 is second to none, and many PGA golfers recommend it as a great coaching tool. However, I’d choose to have an in-depth accuracy analysis of this golf launch monitor before giving a final verdict. 

Let’s watch this YouTube video by Cutmangolf as reference to our accuracy test:

Looks like a tough competition!

After comparing FlightScope X3 with the TrackMan launch monitor, which is well known for its accuracy, the results are surprisingly satisfying. 

As you can see, the response on ball striking was quick, the simulations were smooth, and the data metrics were also very close.

Talking about outdoor performance, FlightScope X3 managed to capture every shot with high accuracy. 

Although there were some variations during the test, considering the real-world conditions, this can’t be counted as a drawback. 

Based on these facts, I’ll give it a green signal! 

Compatible Software With FlightScope X3

FlightScope X3 offers maximum golf simulation software compatibility by including support for industry-leading software such as E6 Connect, TGC 2019, and GSPro. 

Here’s a brief overview of each:

E6 Connect Simulation Software

Credit to E6 Golf

Paired with the industry-leading golf simulation software E6 Connect, the Uneekor QED delivers ultimate performance in ultrarealistic 4K visuals that’s more than enough to satisfy your hunger for virtual golf.

The Package Includes:

  • 27 famous golf courses (90+ in expanded subscription)
  • 17 practice areas 
  • Putting and chipping areas 
  • Mini-games
  • Practice modes (like stroke play and best ball)
  • Online play

Watch Par2Pro play a hole on the Uneekor QED using E6 Connect in this YouTube video:

Mind-blowing graphics! 

TGC 2019 Simulation Software

With over 170,000 golf courses and the ability to customize or design new courses, TGC 2019 is the favorite choice of golfers who are always looking for something new. 

It has great graphics and multiple game modes to give you a full-fledged golfing experience. 

Here’s a short YouTube video by The Learning Tee showing the integration of Uneekor QED with TGC 2019:


The Package Includes:

  • TGC library of over 170,000 courses
  • Range, chipping, or putting practice
  • Live worldwide tournaments
  • Online play

GSPro Simulation Software

Source: GSPro

GSPro features advanced ball physics and 4K image resolution to give you a real-life golf simulation experience.

The software is popular for its unique feature that allows custom course creation and online play within the GS community.

The Package Includes:

  • 300+ user created courses
  • Multiple game modes
  • Open API developer access
  • Local and online play 
  • Live worldwide tournaments

Cost Analysis of FlightScope X3

Although FlightScope X3 is categorized as a budget-friendly launch monitor, this might only be one side of the picture.

Let’s do an analysis to investigate whether this $15,000 golf launch monitor is worth the money or not, starting with the basics.

The FlightScope X3 performs excellently in terms of accuracy, precision, and measuring critical data metrics. 

In addition, it has extra features such as Environmental Optimizer and Wedge D-Plane measurement, which give it an edge over other launch monitors in this price category. 

In terms of software support, it provides multiple options to choose from, including TGC 2019, GSPro, and E6 Connect. 

Another notable feature of this golf launch monitor is its utility in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Speaking of costs, $15,000 is reasonable for this wholesome package, but this may not be budget-friendly for some golfers as you have other options such as Uneekor EYE XO and TruGolf Vista 8 under the $10,000 price tag.

However, these launch monitors lack some FlightScope X3 features, which again justify its price. 

So is it worth the money? I’d say yes! Because it has got everything you need to level up your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you practice putting on FlightScope X3?

Yes, FlightScope X3 is equipped with the necessary tools to handle putting, allowing you to practice and master your short game.

Is FlightScope X3 suitable for outdoor use?

With its portable design and up-to-date hardware, FlightScope X3 is made to perform in both indoor and outdoor practice sessions.

Can you use FlightScope X3 while charging?

Yes, FlightScope X3 can be used while it’s plugged into a power source.


I can safely say that after going through this conclusive guide, you have enough knowledge about the FlightScope X3 to make a purchase decision about it.

In my opinion, it is an incredible device that offers brilliant performance, unbeatable accuracy, and a portable design… all for a reasonable price.

Based on these parameters, it’s a win-win situation! 

Catch you in the next one.

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