Big Moss Indoor Putting Greens: Worth It or Not?

If you’re looking for some putting green options, you might have come across Big Moss products which are often considered top-of-the-line indoor putting green products.

Many professionals and golf instructors have endorsed Big Moss indoor putting greens. For instance, Michael Breed, a professional golf instructor, and TV host can be seen using Big Moss in his TV shows. 

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With all that hype, the question still stands: Is it really that good?

To find out, we’ll have to dig a little deeper into Big Moss putting greens, and after extensive research on the topic, I’ve come up with everything you’re looking for.

Let’s get into it.

Big Moss: Product Overview

Credit to Big Moss

Big Moss putting greens are an excellent solution for creating a realistic putting surface that allows you to practice putting everywhere. 

You can play a quick round before your next meeting at the office.

These greens are built to last with premium-quality grass that stimulates real driving range conditions and heavy rubber material that enhances the grip and durability of the product.

To improve your putting experience, these putting greens come with a 1.5″ uphill slope so that the ball will roll accurately on the surface and stay in the cup after being shot. 

Although Big Moss mats are mainly used for putting practice, they also give an excellent chipping experience. 

This is made possible by the chipping mat and balls that come with Big Moss products. The balls are hard enough to take the required flight while chipping and soft enough to be gentle with your putting green.

Here’s a quick YouTube video by jager1455 demonstrating the chipping experience with Big Moss:

Big Moss delivers the most in terms of variety with its premium-quality product line in different categories, including putting, chipping, and training greens. To have a better idea, let’s look at them.

Big Moss “Let’s Do This” Putting Green

Credit to Big Moss Golf

Let’s Do This is an advanced putting green designed by PGA instructor Michael Breed for both left-handed and right-handed golfers. It comes in a rectangular shape with three putting holes to give you plenty of area for putting practice. 

The unique modification in this putting green is the string drill that acts as a guide to align your shots according to the center and is a fantastic feature to improve your short game.

The package includes:

✅3′ x 10′ Michael Breed–designed training green with 3 cups

✅2 PVC backstops equipped with a string kit for use with the string drill

✅Chipping mat

✅3 brake pads

✅Chipping balls

✅Manual that includes Michael’s training tips and drills

Source: Big Moss Golf

Big Moss Focus Point Putting Green

Credit to Big Moss Golf

This 1′ x 5 ½’ putting green is designed to train your mind to narrow down your focus to small objects by using the tunnel-vision technique that makes small-sized holes look large so you can easily access and hit your target. 

It comes with integrated surface guidelines to pinpoint your accuracy and ball path toward the center and an uphill grade that promotes a firm stroke.

The package includes:

✅1′ W x 5 ½’ L Focus Point mat

✅Manual that includes Focus Point training tips and drills

Source: Big Moss Golf

Big Moss Birdie Path Putting Green

Credit to Big Moss Golf

Birdie Path is another brilliant solution developed by Michael Breed to build a strong putting stroke that is reliable under pressure.

The 2′ x 8′ putting green offers integrated colored guidelines and string drills to aid setup, swing path, face angle, and other targeting skills. It also includes target dots to improve tempo and stroke length so you can bring perfection to your putting.

The package includes:

✅Birdie Path training green

✅Putting end

✅Cup end

✅Break pads

✅Chipping mat

✅String drill

✅Manual that includes Focus Point training tips and drills

Source: Big Moss Golf

Big Moss The Original V2 Putting Green

Credit to Big Moss Golf

The V2 putting green is precisely designed to give a perfect putting and chipping experience to junior golfers, beginners, and those with limited space.

It’s made with non-wrinkle material which makes it indestructible even after you roll out the mat for storage and looks like freshly cut grass that stimulates original practice range experience.

With the help of brake pads that can provide hundreds of terrain conditions, this putting green provides a realistic putting and chipping experience and is best for top-notch practice solutions.

The package includes:

✅3′ x 9′ putting green


✅2 limited-flight chipping balls

✅Chipping mat

✅Brake pads


✅Cup sleeves

✅Manual that includes V2 training tips and drills

Source: Big Moss Golf

Big Moss Cost Analysis: Is It Fairly Priced?

Before getting into the cost analysis, let’s look at the prices of Big Moss products first:

Big Moss let’s Do It Putting Green $249
Big Moss Focus Point Putting Green $89
Big Moss Birdie Path Putting Green $209
Big Moss Original V2 Putting Green$189
Source: Big Moss Golf 

So the products range from $90 to $250, which is not too costly, but you’d at least think once before spending. So what matters most is value for money

Comparing it with other putting greens like BirdieBall that fall in the $90–$350 price tags, Big Moss has a lot more to deliver in terms of quality, durability, features, and economy.

If you look at the putting greens that you’re getting for this price range, it’s safe to say that Big Moss putting greens are fairly priced.

Third-Party Reviews

Now that we’ve covered almost everything about Big Moss putting greens on paper, it’s time to know how it performs in reality.

The best way to know is to check for the community’s sentiment related to the product. Point280 clearly seems to recommend Big Moss in this forum discussion:

am looking a reasonable price indoor putting mat that can be setup with custom breaks. Anyone come cross a good product for this?


Check out Big Moss


Considering this, I have to say that the unbiased perspective also goes with Big Moss, which makes it a reliable purchase.


Can you putt on Big Moss?

Big Moss putting greens are exclusively built for putting practice, with some ability to handle chips. They come with fantastic drills to aid your putting and chipping skills. 

How do you roll a Big Moss putting green?

Big Moss putting greens feature unwrinkled material that allows them to maintain a smooth surface so you can easily roll them for storage or mobility.

Can you chip on a putting mat?

Yes, you can chip on a putting mat. They’re primarily built for putting practices, but they can also handle some chipping.

Are indoor putting greens worth it?

For someone who wants to improve their short game by practicing at home, indoor putting mats are worth it. 

Final Thoughts

Practice makes a man perfect, and there are no shortcuts to skill development, but you can still crack it down by working smart.

Owning an indoor putting green will save you extra practicing hours at the golf club. You can play a quick round whenever you find some free time from work. 

The cost of keeping a putting green is also fair for what it delivers, which makes it a reasonable purchase. 

Overall, whether you want to develop your short game or just want an indoor mat for leisure golfing, I would recommend Big Moss indoor putting greens.

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