Best Golf Simulation Software: Here’s Your Best Choice

Looking for a simulator software for your indoor golf setup? You’ve come to the right place. This is your one-stop guide on golf simulator software. 

After exploring a lot of articles and community forums and watching some YouTube videos, I’ve gathered the top 5 golf simulation software for you.

Without any further ado, let’s hop into it. 

Best Overall Simulation Software: E6 Connect

We have listed E6 Connect as the best simulation software based on its unlimited features and satisfied community reviews.

The software comes with a library of 15 base courses on PC and 27 courses on iOS, including famous courses like Bethpage Black, Manuma Kea, and Bay Hill, which can be expanded to over 90+ courses by paying an annual subscription.

All these golf courses are mapped using LiDAR technology to bring originality and realism to the fairways that you intend to play on your golf simulator.

If you want to have some fun, the software facilitates you with mini-games, online events, and real-time peer-to-peer play that can handle up to eight members. 

The only thing you’re going to miss is the tournament play, but if you’re not much of an extrovert, you’re good to go with it.

E6 Connect allows you to customize a lot of settings, including ball size, ball speed, gimmie range, mulligans, course conditions, wind speeds, and much more, to enhance your experience.

The graphics quality of E6 Connect is unbeatable with its cutting-edge visuals and 4K support, which gives you a very sharp detail of the environment. 

E6 Connect runs on both PC and iOS and is compatible with golf simulators like SkyTrak, FlightScope, Trugolf Vista/Truflight 2, and Uneekor QED.

E6 Connect comes with various price packages ranging from $300 to $2,500. 

Source: E6golf


✅ Multiplayer support
✅ Online events
✅ LiDAR mapping
✅ 4K support
✅ Massive library of mini-games
✅ Multiple customization options
✅ iOS compatibility


❌ Tournament play is not available

Runner-Up Golf Simulation Software: TGC 2019

TGC 2019 is very popular among the golfing communities due to multiple reasons, including its vast library of over 170,000 golf courses and amazing features like online multiplayer, local multiplayer, and range/chipping/putting practice.

The coolest feature of TGC 2019 is “Create-A-Course,” which allows you to create your own golf course where you can customize the theme, terrain, layout, and other golf course conditions as you want.

TGC 2019 supports 4K graphics with better lighting, contrast, sharpness, and detail compared with many other software.

Have a look at the TGC 2019 PGA Tour in this YouTube video by HBStudiosDeveloper:

The software runs only on PC and is compatible with famous golf simulators like SkyTrak, ProTee, Ernest Sports, and FlightScope. 

The price of TGC 2019 ranges from $395 to $995, depending on the package.

Source: SkyTrak Golf 


✅ Multiplayer support
✅ Online events
✅ Allows you to design a course
✅ Massive golf course library
✅ 4K support
✅ Multiple customization options


❌ No iOS compatibility

Next-Gen Golf Simulation Software: GSPro

GSPro is new to the market, but it’s one of the rising simulation software these days because of its amazing 4K graphics and advanced ball physics.

The golf course library consists of 158 courses, which mostly include real-world courses, and all of them are created using LiDAR technology to give realistic recreations.

It also has course designer support where you can play unlimited courses created by the golfing community, and if you’re good at it, you can build yourself one.

GSPro comes with some of the coolest features, including local play, tournaments to compete in PGA Tours, practice mode, and online play, to give you an ultimate golfing experience.

The graphics quality of GSPro is almost equal to TGC 2019 and E6 Connect with 4K support and cutting-edge graphics; however, you may experience rare glitches as the software is still in the development phase.

The software is only compatible with PC and mainly runs on Uneekor and FlightScope launch monitors, but the DIY Program allows you to integrate GSPro with any system using open API. 

You also need Uneekor QED, EXY XO, or FlightScope Radar to run it. 

Here’s a detailed walkthrough of GSPro by Golf Simulator Videos YouTube channel:

GSPro comes with two price packages: a subscription package that costs $250 per year and a lifetime add-on that includes a one-time $550 payment with an annual subscription.

Source: GSPro


✅ DIY support
✅ Course designer support
✅ Improving golf course library
✅ Stunning graphics with 4K support
✅ Multiple customization options
✅ Tournament play


❌ Under development phase
❌ Works with limited launch monitors
❌ No iOS compatibility

Best Golf Simulation Software for Entertainment: Creative Golf 3D 

Creative Golf 3D is more of a fun tool than a practical golf simulator and is mainly focused on providing quality time with friends or family.

The base version comes with 15 real and 19 entertainment and practice golf courses, but an additional fee can expand your access to 120+ international golf courses where you can play in real-world conditions.

Creative Golf 3D differentiates itself from other software with its unique features such as training mode, course play, and tournaments, as well as its mini-games such as demolition golf, fairy tale golf, and mini-golf. 

You can enjoy all these features and fun games with your friends through a multiplayer option available in the software. 

The graphics of Creative Golf 3D contain some unrealistic elements and are not realistic as some of the leading softwares like E6 Connect TCG 2019 or GS Pro, but they’re enough for having fun.

Creative Golf 3D is only available for PC and runs on launch monitors like SkyTrak, FlightScope, Uneekor, and Foresight Monitos.

In terms of pricing, Creative Golf 3D offers flexible packages ranging from $225 to $1,500, and an annual library fee of $170 is charged for the golf course library. 


✅ Over 120+ international golf courses
✅ Exclusive features and fun games
✅ Multiplayer support


❌ Unrealistic graphics
❌ No iOS compatibility
❌ No 4K support

Notable Mention: WGT Golf

World Golf Tour (WGT) is a very limited software which is only compatible with the SkyTrak launch monitor and can be played as a standalone game on PC, Android, or iOS devices, but still, it’s worth mentioning.

It comes with a library of 18 golf courses, including St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Olympic Cub, and many other real-world golf courses, which almost beats top-notch software like E6 Connect and TGC 2019.

WGT has limitations in terms of features, but its basic features such as stroke play, closest-to-the-pin challenges, and practice range challenges will give you a wonderful experience especially with the online play option.

Customization is also very limited, but you can view important metrics like green speed, pin locations, ball data, wind strength and direction, spin rate, speed, and launch.

WGT offers ultra photo-realistic graphics to make each recreation close to real life and may even feel that you’re watching a live broadcast, but there are no hole flyovers and different camera angles for viewing, which doesn’t feel so good.

You can download the WGT app through the App Store for virtual play, but to run it on your launch monitor, you need an iPad with 3D graphics support.

Compatible iPad models With 3D Support:

  • Ipad Air 
  • iPad Air2 
  • iPad Mini 2/3/4 
  • iPad Pro

Here’s a WGT game tutorial by Jason Young:

The software offers two budget-friendly packages: a $199 one-year plan and a $599 three-year plan. 

Source: SkyTrak Golf


✅ Skill challenges
✅ Online events
✅ Photo-realistic graphics
✅ Available practice areas
✅ Simple and easy to use


❌ Multiplayer not available
❌ Limited customization
❌ Limited to SkyTrak

Simulator Software Must-Haves: A Buying Guide

Before you pick one of the above listed simulation softwares for your launch monitor, you must look for the key elements to decide if it will work for you or not.


Most simulation software like E6 Connect, The Golf Club, GsPro, etc. require high processing power to run, so they’re always compatible with PC, but you’ll have to check for their minimum system requirements before buying any of them.

Software like WGT and E6 Connect also run on iOS and Android, but I personally won’t recommend using Android or iOS because it has limited options for all supported software. But if you don’t have any option besides iOS devices, go for E6 Connect.


If you just want to practice with some realistic graphics, WGT will do great for you. But if you just want to have some fun, a software like Creative Golf 3D won’t leave you wanting. 

Features should be considered depending on your requirements and the utility of the software.


Graphics enhance the quality of your experience, especially when you’re playing virtual replicas of the most famous golf courses, but you might have to choose between graphics and features. 

Software like E6 Connect and GSPro with 4K compatibility can satisfy your expectations, but when it comes to features, there are software like TGC 2019 and Creative Golf 3D which offer a lot more.


The more you spend, the more fruits you’ll get; that’s what it is.

Before you spend any extra penny on a simulation software, analyze your priorities and pick one according to them.

If you just want driving range experience with a few basic features, you don’t have to spend extra money because it all comes with the basic package in all simulation software. But if you want more, you’ll have to spend more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does E6 come with TruGolf launch monitors?

TruGolf comes with a minimum one-year basic subscription to E6 Connect in both professional and portable category launch monitors. 

Do you need internet for TGC 2019?

Every offline golf course will run without internet, but you’ll need a stable internet connection to play online courses.

Can you play Augusta National on E6 Connect?

Yes, Augusta National can be played on E6 Connect and TGC 2019, and many others also include this golf course in their basic library of golf courses. 


Now that you have read this article, you must have realized that every simulation software has its unique strengths and some flaws. 

By having a side-by-side comparison, you can easily assess which simulation software will work for you.

For a golfer who wants the ultimate golfing experience, E6 Connect is best as it nails the basics. But if you’re much of a tech guy, GSPro may be your best pick because of its customization options and DIY support. 

If you just want to have fun with friends or enjoy with your kids at home, Creative Golf 3D can be the best entertainer for you.This is all from my side. Happy golfing!

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