Best Portable Miniature Putt-Putt Golf Sets

Putt-putt golf is a low-intensity game for everyone to have fun with.

Whether you’re a regular golfer who’s building his short game or a leisure golfer who just wants a mini-golf setup in his backyard for occasional fun, buying a miniature-golf set is the best way to go. 

However, finding the perfect one for you can be a hassle with so many options available… But hey, no worries! 

I’m here with the top 5 putt-putt miniature golf sets that you won’t want to miss out on. 

Let’s hop into it.

Best Overall: Neon Executive Portable Golf Putter Set Kit

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Labeled as Amazon’s Choice, the Neon Executive Putter Set is the day’s winner because it’s everything a golfer can ask for when it comes to mini-golf. 

The package includes a putter, two golf balls, and a putting hole, all packed in a premium-quality case that’s small enough to be carried with one hand. 

The case has straps inside that hold the golf equipment for maximum protection.

Wondering how it fits in the bag? Watch this:

To ensure durability, the putter and the putting hole are made with good-quality aluminum material, so you can use them for a long time to sharpen your putting skills. 

However, the light weight of the putting hole needs to be improved so that it stays in place while you’re having a putting practice session. 

If you want to kill extra time at the office or you’re planning a trip with friends, the Neon Executive Putter Set can be your ultimate partner. 


✅ Made of premium aluminum

✅ Portable nature

✅ Includes complete kit

✅ Includes protective case

✅ Good for home and office use


❌ Putting hole is lightweight

Best for Kids: Champion Sports Putt-Putt Golf Set 

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The best thing you can buy your golf enthusiast kid is a Champion Sports putt-putt golf set. 

This miniature golf set includes 18 putting holes, 18 soft indoor golf balls, and 6 putters 

that are perfect for hardwood and carpet floors, making it great for indoor practice.

The equipment is made of solid quality BPA-free plastic, so it’s safe for boys and girls of all ages. 

The putters come in six different colors with matching targets and balls so you can play with up to six players for more fun.

Whether it’s for party games at your child’s birthday or for a healthy golf activity at school, it’s a perfect choice.


✅ BPA-free plastic build

✅ Made of durable material

✅ Multi-coloured

✅ Good for children


❌ Highly-priced

Notable Mention: GoSports Pure Putt Challenge Mini Golf Course

Credit to Amazon

The GoSports Pure Putt Challenge is an exciting new putting game for all golfers who want more than just a simple putting practice. 

The package includes 16 premium colorful golf balls, a scoreboard, and a large 10-foot premium putting rug that’s printed like a mini golf course to add realism to your game. 

It also comes in another design for shuffleboard and curling for maximum fun.

You can add up to four players to play different putting challenges, making it the best choice for a home or office putting setup. 

To ensure durability, the rug is woven with premium material that can be easily rolled out so you can take it anywhere you want. 

A lot of golfers like it for its utility and unique way of putting that adds fun to their game.


✅ Good-quality material

✅ Colourful practice balls

✅ Can be played by up to 4 players

✅ 2 game options: Original Pure Putt Challenge and ShuffleBoard & Curling


❌Doesn’t include putters

Other Products to Consider

Best Portable Putting Cups: JEF World of Golf Automatic Putting Cup

Credit to Amazon

Want to practice golf anywhere, anytime? Buying a JEF Putting Cup can make that possible.

This lightweight and minimalist putting cup is designed for maximum portability so you can play putting no matter where you are.

It works on a battery to provide a ball return feature, which makes it easy to practice putting… All you need is a ball and a putter!

The product is made durable with A-grade plastic material, and to bring some realism, it features a green mat with white markings which improve alignment.

Want to know how it works? Watch this YouTube video by lehllle


✅ Portable nature

✅ Durable material

✅ Automatic ball return feature

✅ Minimalistic design

✅ Reasonable price


❌ Doesn’t include putters and balls

❌ Battery is cheap

Best Budget Putting Cups: GoSports Pure Putt Challenge Putting Cups 

Credit to Amazon

For most golfers, their only putting requirement is good-quality putting cups because they already have putters and practice balls. 

If you’re one of them, just buy these Go Sports putting cups and you’ll have the best putting setup for a reasonable price. 

The set includes three USGA regulation-size putting cups to replicate original putting holes, and they’re made of soft plastic material so you don’t encounter any cracking after long-term use.

To aid your practice sessions, the cups also feature small red flags that ensure maximum visibility for long-range putting. 

You can use them anywhere, be it outdoor or indoor putting setups, along with your putting green mat. 

As for its price, it isn’t the cheapest, but it’s the most economical one for a quality product like that. 


✅ Made of soft plastic for long-term use

✅ Includes flags for visibility

✅ Good for indoor and outdoor use

✅ Reasonable price


❌ Doesn’t include balls and putters

Buying Guide

Buying a putt-putt golf set is not as easy as it may look. You have to know the product details and go for the best one, but luckily, I have taken care of that part for you. 

All you need is to ensure that what you’re buying is the exact thing you want, and for that, there are some rules.

Always check for the quality of the product. It may be costly, but money can buy you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about its life and performance. 

Second, always check for utility! You don’t want a product that gives you a limited usage. 

The third is the price. If the product is cheap, don’t expect too much from it. The more you spend, the more you get, but don’t go for overpriced products. 

Now you’re ready to buy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I practice putt-putt golf at home?

Buying a miniature golf set can help you practice putt-putt golf at home. These sets are made portable so you can practice anywhere you want.

Why is mini-golf so hard?

Mini-golf requires a lot of focus and strategy to tackle a series of hurdles to complete the course. That’s why many people find it hard.

Which club is used for putting?

Wedges are the standard clubs used for putting. Sometimes you may need a low iron or wood, so make sure to bring all your clubs to the course.

Final Thoughts

Buying a putt-putt golf set can make a huge difference to your putting game and can be a lot of fun if you want to spend some free time in a golf activity. 

If your kid is a golf enthusiast, a miniature golf set can be an effective training tool to build persistence and the basic ability to play golf. That’s why I’ve listed one for kids.

Whatever the reason, a putt-putt golf set is “basic.” So don’t wait and go buy one!

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