Best Portable Golf Ball Washers and Cleaners

Imagine that you’re playing a great round of golf and your performance starts getting poor. 

Is there something wrong with your skills? Maybe! But if not, then something is going on with your equipment.

For instance, golf balls collect dirt and mud from the ground, which most golfers neglect, and that’s where they fall. 

Cleaning your golf balls is important because the dimples need to make contact with your clubhead at a specific angle, which otherwise gets disturbed and affects your shot. 

Lucky for you, some companies manufacture golf ball cleaners, and I have come up with the top 4 of them in this article. 

No more dirty balls! 

Why You Should Clean Your Balls (The Golf Ones!)

A golf ball is itself a small piece of gear, which means that even a little extra amount of weight can alter its predetermined flight path.

It also promotes less-distance travel as the weight of the balls increases with the mud particles attached to them. 

Also, if your performance abilities are getting disturbed only because your golf balls aren’t clean, there’s no point in taking a swing because it will never give you the right outcome. 

Because of this, it’s necessary to clean your golf balls before you play a round of golf.

Best Overall Portable Golf Ball Washer: Clean Flight Golf Cleaner

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I’ve ranked Clean Flight as the winner of the day not only because of its quality build but also because of its great functionality that every golfer would want.

Made with high-impact polystyrene and stainless steel material to provide durability on the outside, this golf ball cleaner contains a variable brush system on the inside which allows the ball to oscillate for proper cleaning. 

To make it more effective, it uses a soap cleaning solution that not only cleans your golf balls but also keeps them germ-free.

If you’re worried about getting your hands wet, there’s no need to because the container is 100% leakproof and doesn’t allow the liquid to flow out while you’re cleaning your golf balls.

In terms of portability, the Clean Flight Golf Cleaner delivers the most with its small size that is almost equal to a coffee mug which you can easily attach to your golf bag using its carabiner strap and take it anywhere you want. 

The only downside of this product is its weight, which can be a nuisance for some golfers, but if you can adjust to that, it’s the best thing you can buy on the market. 

The package includes the cleaner and a 30 ml cleaning solution, which can be purchased from Clean Flight Golf’s official website for a reasonable price.

Here’s a detailed review of this golf ball cleaner:

The best you can ask for!


✅ High-quality build

✅ Variable brush system

✅ Includes cleaning solution

✅ Germ-free cleaning

✅ No leakage

✅ Includes nylon strap


❌ Heavy

Runner-Up Portable Golf Ball Washer: The Twister Golf Ball Cleaner 

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If you’re looking for a golf ball cleaner that delivers all the great qualities but costs less, the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner is your best choice.

It’s made with durable plastic material which gives it solid quality without gaining too much weight, so you can easily use it anywhere. 

The cleaning mechanism uses twist-action internal brushes and cleaning liquid to clean the dirt and mud on your golf ball; however, you’ll have to buy a separate cleaning solution because the package doesn’t include that.

Another cool feature of this golf ball cleaner is its leakproof design so you don’t get uncomfortable while cleaning your golf balls. 

If you want to take it on the golf course or attach it to your golf cart, just use the hook that comes with it and you’re done. 

The only downside of the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner is its maintenance, which may have recurring costs like greasing the brush assembly. If you can cope with that, it’s a great deal.

You can buy this golf ball cleaner from The Twister Company’s website or on Amazon for an affordable price. 

Watch Mike Bresnahan reviewing the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner in this YouTube video:

 Super easy to use!


✅ Durable material

✅ Twist-action brush system

✅ Leakproof design

✅ Hook for portability


❌ Requires maintenance 

❌ Doesn’t include cleaning solution

Best Pocket Golf Ball Cleaner: Ballzee Pocket Ball Cleaner

Credit to Amazon

The Ballzee Pocket Ball Cleaner is an award-winning product that’s made in a unique way to deliver portability and functionality.

This tiny product can easily fit in your pocket, and you can instantly scrub off dirt and debris from your golf ball whenever you want. 

However, if you want to attach it to your golf bag or cart, there’s no way to do that because it is very small and doesn’t include any hook or strap. 

The cleaner is made dry on the outside and wet on the inside so you don’t have to use extra products like cleaning solutions with it.

In terms of design, the cleaner delivers the most, including various colors and custom prints, so you can get your favorite styles on demand.

The cost of this pocket golf ball cleaner is very affordable, even less than a sleeve of golf balls, and you can directly buy it from the Ballzee store or on Amazon. 

For golfers who want a quick and compact-sized golf ball cleaner, the Ballzee Pocket Ball Cleaner is your pick.

Witness the magic of this golf ball cleaner by hopping into this YouTube video by Peter von Panda:

The fastest way to clean your golf balls!


✅ Pocket sized for maximum portability

✅ Doesn’t use cleaning solutions

✅ Stays dry on the outside 

✅ Custom design options

✅ Affordable price


❌ Doesn’t Include hook or strap

Best All-in-One Portable Golf Ball Cleaner: Club Clean Ball & Club Cleaner

Credit to Amazon

For golfers who’re not satisfied with just a golf ball cleaner and want the all-in-one package which also includes a golf club cleaner, the Club Clean Ball & Club Cleaner is your best choice.

It includes two washing chambers for simultaneous cleaning of your golf ball and club so you don’t have to wait for your next shot when you’re out on the golf course.

Made with tough polypropylene material for a durable finish, the cleaner also features a textured lid that allows a firm grip while cleaning the balls. 

The brushes at the inside chamber are also made with the same material for maximum cleaning of dirt and stains without putting any scratches on your golf balls. 

In terms of portability, Club Clean doesn’t offer too much. You can place it in your home or garage setup; however, if you wish to carry it to the golf course, you’ll need a golf cart where you can mount it and move it anywhere with you. 

The quality of the product is evidenced by its reputation in the market for supplying golf ball cleaners for almost 30 years and as a worldwide name in the industry. 

You can buy this product on Amazon in various color options. The price of this golf ball cleaner is relatively high, but it’s a great value for money.


✅All-in-one ball and club cleaner

✅Polypropylene brushes for maximum cleaning

✅Premium quality

✅Textured lid for grip

✅Available in multiple colors


✅ Doesn’t offer much portability 

❌ High price

How to Clean Your Golf Balls

Now that you have the best golf ball cleaner for cleaning your golf ball, do you know how to use it? No? Well, that’s a piece of cake! 

  • All you need is a dirty golf ball, a cleaner, and a dry cloth or towel. 
  • Put the ball in the cleaner and let it perform its job. 
  • After that, take out the ball and wipe it with a dry towel or cloth.
  • Enjoy your shot!

Before you clean your golf ball, make sure to take a few precautions for a hassle-free cleaning: 

  • It’s better if you know the rules for cleaning golf balls if you’re on a golf course.
  • Avoid filling the golf ball cleaner with too much water; otherwise, it may leak.

Buying Guide

Buying a golf ball washer may be a normal thing for a leisure golfer, but a serious golfer takes it seriously, and that’s why it’s important to help them find the right product.

If you’re also serious about it, this buying guide may simplify things for you.

The first thing you’ll want from a golf ball washer is functionality. If it performs its job properly, it’s a great choice. 

The next thing you should see is its durability because the product should last at least three to five years; otherwise, it’s a waste of money.

Portability is also important if you may intend to take it to a golf course or any other place. For this, your golf ball washer must be handy and easily carried.

Last but not least is the budget. If it doesn’t fit your pocket, it’s not a good choice for you, no matter how good it is for others. Always look for a product that maintains a balance between price and quality. 

If your selected product meets these criteria, go buy it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do golf ball washers work?

Most golf ball washers use brushes and cleaning solutions to wash dirt and mud from golf balls; however, others only act as dry towels to wipe out dust.

Why do we need to clean golf balls?

Cleaning golf balls doesn’t only make them look better but also makes them perform better. Your chances of playing a good round of golf increase with a clean golf ball.

What kind of liquid is used in a golf ball washer?

A golf ball washer normally uses a soap-based cleaning solution for proper cleaning of golf balls, but you can also use water for small, pocket-sized cleaners.

Final Thoughts

So here we are with all the essential knowledge on golf ball cleaners, and if you’ve read it this far, I’m sure you’re capable of choosing the best golf ball cleaner for yourself. 

If you ask me, I’ll recommend you to buy the Clean Flight Golf Club Cleaner as it offers great quality for a reasonable price, but if you want to go for a small and handy product, the Ballzee Pocket Ball Cleaner is the perfect choice for you.

In the end, the main objective is to clean your golf balls, and all the cleaners that I’ve discussed above are capable of doing that well.

So every choice you make is a great choice unless it doesn’t work for you. 

Catch you in the next one! 

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