Best Indoor Golf Lessons Online: Finding Better Ways To Train

Improving your golf game is a great hassle as it requires constant dedication and practice, but the struggle doesn’t end there. 

You need certain knowledge of the game to know what to practice, and that’s where golf lessons come in.

Many golfers take golf lessons, but since they’re costly, not everyone can afford them, so the only solution that suits you best is taking online golf lessons.

Don’t know where to find them? No problem because I’m here to give you the best indoor golf lessons online.

Let’s learn some golf! 

1) Best Indoor Golf Instruction Courses Online

A great way to learn golf from the comfort of your home is by taking online golf instruction courses because they provide all the essentials that you need to step up your golf game.

Here are some of the best online golf instruction courses that you can take:

The Perfect Golf Swing – Timeless Golf Instruction by Udemy 

Taught by a pro golfer, Jim McLellan, the Perfect Golf Swing is an internationally recognized, best-selling golf course that has helped many golfers to improve their game.

The course consists of two volumes that follow a specific set of instructions to contribute to your golf skills by teaching you golf swing basics.

Volume 1 focuses on the basics of your golf game by delivering the right knowledge of golf through 10 video lessons. It also makes you unlearn all the wrong instructions related to golf that have been on your mind.

Volume 2 takes your game to the next level by increasing difficulty and distance and fixing your slice, chipping, putting, and much more.

To make your learning process effective through interactive sessions, Jim is always available to answer any query posted on Udemy. 

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just a beginner, this course is available for you at Udemy for a reasonable price.

The course includes:

✅1.5 hours of on-demand video

✅Full lifetime access

✅Access on mobile and TV

✅Certificate of completion

RotarySwing C4 Ballstriking Consistency Course 

The C4 Ballstriking Consistency Course is a brilliant online option for a golfer who wants to hit laser-straight shots in less time.

Powered by RotarySwing, which has helped more than 400,000 people improve their golf swing, this course teaches you the best golf in four different phases.

The first phase focuses on building your consistency through different drilling exercises and video lessons which include the fundamentals of consistency.

The second phase further enhances your game by teaching you how to master shot shaping and trajectory control with ease. 

In the third phase, you learn about hitting straight shots with perfect sequence and effortless speed for compression. 

Before entering the fourth phase, you’ll be a well-trained golfer; however, to play the right shot, you need to gain 100% confidence, and that’s what this phase teaches you. 

In addition to the phase-wise instructions, the C4 Ballstriking mastery program uses an AI-based system that recognizes your swing errors and provides recommendations that are unique to your swing.

Another great feature of the C4 Ballstriking Course is its up-to-date curriculum. The course lessons are updated from time to time; however, the basics remain the same. 

To buy this course, you can opt for two different payment plans, including a monthly and an annual subscription with a seven days free trial, which can be canceled anytime. 

The course includes: 

✅Full access to DEAD Drill and AXIOM Program

✅Full community access

✅RepTracker to keep track of your progress

✅Free swing reviews from a certified instructor

Rebellion Golf With Monte Scheinblum

If you want an overwhelming choice of online lessons to amplify your golf game, I’ll recommend you join the Rebellion Golf Improvement Program. 

Developed by Monte Scheinblum, one of the best golf teachers in California, this golf improvement program focuses on building your game through multiple online learning methods.

These methods include single videos, online lessons, improvement programs, live lessons, and much more, where you can learn according to your ease and compatibility.

To facilitate the learning process, these lessons are shared with you via email so you can take them whenever and wherever you want.

Once you’re done with the lessons, the program tests you with various golf challenges to determine the level of your improvement.

Another great feature of this program is its blog, which keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments in golf techniques and teaching methods. 

You can also post your questions for Monte Scheinblum on the Rebellion Golf website to have expert advice on your playing style. 

The subscription process has been made easy with a monthly and an annual subscription plan which can be canceled at certain times so you don’t lose your money if you’re not compatible with the course.

The course includes: 

✅Streaming videos 

✅Remote live lessons

✅Private lessons

2) YouTube Golf Instructions

Taking online golf instruction courses is great, but that costs money which not every golfer is willing to pay. 

The best alternative to these golf instruction courses are YouTube lessons that are free.

Seems like the problem is solved! 

Many PGA teachers have YouTube channels where they share various golf instructions that play an important role in stepping up your golf game.

Want to learn golf on YouTube? Here are the top 3 YouTube channels: 

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels Golf has mastered the art of creating quality content on golf, which has made it the most popular golf channel on YouTube, with more than two million subscribers.

To improve your game, the channel provides various playlists which have a set of lectures focused on swing, slice, and driver holding styles.

Aside from these lectures, you can also explore more by watching challenge videos where Rick Shiels challenges popular PGA golfers. 

In addition, the channel uploads videos of the Rick Shiels Golf Show podcast, where you can learn various things about golf through interesting podcast sessions. 

Here’s how a podcast goes on Rick Shiels Golf:

A journey to the depths of golf!

Overall, it’s the largest YouTube platform where you can interestingly learn golf without having to take any typical instructions. 


Started by two experienced PGA golfers, Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, this YouTube channel follows a disciplined routine of uploading instructional golf videos.

It covers an array of topics, including coaching, biomechanics, and fitness, which are all very important in stepping up your golf game. 

One of the best sections of this YouTube channel is “Beginner Zone,” which is particularly developed for beginner golfers to teach them the very basics of golf through short informative videos.

Here’s a little demonstration of what I just explained:

That was basic!

Meandmygolf has been around for 10 years and seems committed to staying for a long time in this game. 

Peter Finch Golf

Peter Finch Golf has been around for many years as one of the largest golf channels on YouTube that regularly uploads vlogs and informative content with PGA players to give you expert insights on golf.

If you get bored with lengthy golf lectures, then this channel can be the right pick for you because it has an entirely different way of teaching.

There is a section called “Quick Golf Tips,” where you can find short videos based on correcting small things that affect your game. 

For instance, check out this YouTube video:

Purely technical advice! 

In addition, there are golf challenge videos, informative videos, golf equipment videos, and much more to make things interesting for you. 

All in all, it’s a fun way to learn golf!

3) Other Ways to Improve Golf

Use Training Aids

To master a specific skill in golf, you need to practice it besides taking online golf lectures, and there are several ways to do this. 

For instance, using training aids like Lag Shot Clubs can bring fruitful results to your golf game by providing smart feedback on your swing.

You can also improve your accuracy and tempo by practicing with these clubs regularly.

A simple trick is to take your club and perform what you’ve learned in your online lecture.

These clubs also come with video training lectures for golfers who’re not taking any online lectures but still want to train with these clubs.

You can find these clubs on Amazon for both left- and right-hand support.

Get a Golf Simulator System

The golf simulator system is one of the greatest innovations in golf that has revolutionized the golf culture by bringing a lot of stuff to your fingertips. 

You can have all the stats required to analyze your game, which makes it the easiest way to improve your game.

Many famous PGA golfers like Tiger Woods, Mike Malaska, and Roy Mcllroy practice golf using this system to maintain their game.

Though it’s an expensive way to practice, there are golf simulators like TruGolf Vista and SkyTrak that are relatively cheaper than high-end simulators and are enough for practicing basic golf.

Hop into this YouTube video by GOLFZON to see a golf simulator system in action: 

 That thing opens unlimited possibilities for a golfer!

Explore Golf-Related Content

As everything begins with literature, so does golf.

Exploring golf-related content like books, magazines, and blogs can be an effective way to amp up your game.

You can easily access them on the internet to gain more exposure in the field of golf, which ultimately benefits you in practice. 

Some famous recommendations are Golf Styles, Women’s Golf Journal, Golfweek, and Golf Tips. Just pick a magazine or book of your choice and follow it to keep yourself up-to-date with everything in the golf world. 

How to Pick the Best Golf Lessons Online

With plenty of content available on the web, it becomes somewhat difficult to choose the best golf lessons for yourself.

But hey! I’m here to solve this dilemma for you. Let’s break it down into sections to make it easy for you.

Identify Your Weakness

The first thing you need is to pinpoint the areas where you lack because once you become problem-aware, you’ll only look for related content. 

This also gives you a competitive edge while playing with other golfers because when you know your weaknesses, you can prevent the opponent from beating you there. 

Select What Suits You the Best

In the next step, choose the most appropriate course and strictly follow it to gain experience and command. 

Once you know the best course for you, you’ll be more confident to step into the next phase.

Check for Credibility 

An important factor in determining whether the selected course works for you or not is its credibility. 

With open access to social media, many people have created YouTube channels and blogs related to golf, but not everyone is selling authentic information.

Before taking an online course, browse its contents, check the golfer’s profile, and make sure that the method has helped people in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get better at indoor golf?

Getting better at indoor golf is a bit tricky, but you can do great by starting small. Taking online golf instruction and following it properly can change a lot about your game.

Do golf simulators make you better?

A golf simulator is an interesting way to practice golf from the comfort of your home, and it brings surprising improvements to your game.

The historical data provided by a simulator system can effectively shape your shots through comparative analysis.

Is indoor golf realistic?

Indoor golf is played on golf simulator systems that are backed by high-end technology to provide realistic features and accurate results.

Final Thoughts

I have listed almost every important thing that you need to know about online golf lessons, including the best instruction courses, golf YouTube channels, alternatives, and tips. 

You can pick any of these methods, but make sure that your decision is based on your compatibility and not the hype because what suits the majority may not suit you.

Always bear in mind that no matter how brilliant the lesson you take, it won’t bring you results unless you practice because it’s the only thing that makes man better.

Catch you in the next one!

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