Best Golf Balls for Golf Simulator: Top Picks!

Not all golf balls are the same!

That’s why, using the right golf ball with your simulator system is important for obtaining accurate results.

Wondering where to find them? You’re already there!

Dive deep into this conclusive guide to learn everything about the best golf balls for your golf simulator. 

With me! 

What Is The Best Golf Ball for a Golf Simulator?

I evaluated seven golf balls based on the following parameters:

  • Compatibility with indoor golfing
  • Build quality
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Price

Five of them made the list. 

Taylormade TP5 got the top position because of its advanced 3-piece solid construction which provides longevity, forgiveness and an unmatched performance. 

I placed Titleist Pro 5 at the RunnerUp position. It offers accurate results, durability and a soft finish. 

Rest assured, all of the golf balls listed in this buying guide work great with golf simulators, have their own unique set of benefits and are vetted expertly based on the above parameters.

Here are my top 5 golf balls for golf simulators:

1. Overall Best: Taylormade TP5

2. Runner Up: Titleist Pro V1

3. Best All-Round Performer: Callaway Chrome Soft

4. Best Budget Pick: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

5. Most Advanced: Bridgestone Tour B RX

1. Overall Best: Taylormade TP5

Credit to TaylorMade

Made by Taylormade, the TP5 is a top-tier golf ball to use with a golf simulator system. 

With its improved aerodynamics, better greenside spin, and soft feel, the ball takes the bar to the next level. 

It has a compression rate of 85 which makes it suitable for mid to high swing speeds. 

Furthermore, it enables the ball to provide fast launch speed and a medium spin rate. 

Coming towards its construction, Taylormade TP5 is made of five layers; 

  • A large Speed-Layer core with three layers to minimize drag and improve carry distance.    
  • An ultra-soft cover of 2k urethane layers to provide longevity and a premium feel. 

This type of build makes it most favorable for drivers. 

However, it may not suit short irons in some cases. 

Taylormade TP5 is available in multiple customization options, including white, yellow, and American flag editions. 

If that’s not enough, you can also go for a totally personalized look.  

Jump into this YouTube video by Rick Shiels Golf to learn more about Taylormade TP5;

What’s left to say when Rick Shields approves it?   

Prominent Features

  • Moderate Compression rate
  • Suitable for mid-high swing speeds
  • Five-layered construction
  • Most favorable to use with drivers


✅ Improved aerodynamics

✅ Premium construction 

✅ Multiple personalization options 

✅ Good for all types of golfers 


❌ Doesn’t suit short irons

❌ Expansive price 

Although Taylormade TP5 costs extra money, it delivers a quality construction and premium features. 

If you ask me, it’s a big yes!   

2. Runner Up: Titleist Pro V1

Credit to Titleist

Titleist Pro V1 is popular among renowned golfers for its advanced features and premium quality.  

The ball delivered an unmatched performance with a higher compression rate of around 90. 

This means that you can expect the most accurate results in terms of long distances, greenside spin, long-game spin, and ball trajectory.  

Titleist Pro V1 features a solid build with its advanced three-layered construction. 

The first layer is made of a high-gradient core which is soft in the center and hard on the outside.

This core is covered with a casing layer which has high flexibility to enhance the overall speed.

Lastly, there’s a urethane covering to provide improved ball control, particularly in short games.  

Because of this construction, it lowers a high ball flight and reduces the spin with short irons, making it unfavorable for amateur golfers. 

Coming towards personalization, the ball offers a lot. 

You can either select from the default color options or go for a total custom finish. 

Want to see Titleist Pro V1 in action? Watch this YouTube video from Tour Experience Golf;

Astonishing results! 

Prominent Features

  • Offers a high compressional rate
  • Offers 3-piece construction
  • Provides accurate results 


✅ Premium build 

✅ Offers high flexibility

✅ Available in multiple colors

✅ Affordable price


❌ Not suitable for amateur golfers

Besides the fact that Titleist Pro V1 isn’t good for beginners, it’s still one of the most efficient golf balls that you can use with your golf simulator. 

Particularly if you’re a pro, you should buy it! 

3. Best All-Round Performer: Callaway Chrome Soft 

Credit to Callaway

Want your golf balls to perform with all of your golf clubs? Go purchase Callaway Chrome Soft! 

Whether it’s irons, drivers, or woods, the ball offers optimum performance with all golf clubs because of its patent precision technology.  

With a low compression rate of 70, the ball has a signature soft feel and provides incredible forgiveness on every shot.   

In addition, it provides more distance off the tee, low-spinning iron shots, and improved greenside control. 

The best thing about Callaway Chrome Soft is it’s 3-layered build which includes; 

  • A hyperelastic SoftFast core supported by a mantle layer for professional-level speed, spin, and control
  • A soft urethane cover for premium feel and longevity     

Although its construction makes it a good choice for all-level golfers, it has some drawbacks. 

You may have to face some spin drop-offs and speed control problems in short games. 

Coming towards its design, the ball features a HEXTour Aero dimple design and is available in multiple colors. 

Here’s a YouTube video from Tour Experience Golf for more insight on Callaway Chrome Soft: 

Chrome Soft lives up to its reputation!  

Prominent Features

  • Features precision technology for optimum performance
  • It has a moderate compression rate
  • Offers 3-piece construction 
  • Features HEXTour Aero dimple


✅ Solid construction

✅ Good for all golfers 

✅ Advanced Precision Technology 

✅ Available in multiple colors


❌ Speed control problems may occur in the short game

❌Rarely give spin drop-offs

Overall Callaway Chrome Soft delivers the best all-round performance with your golf simulators.

4. Best Budget Pick: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Credit to Amazon

If you’re looking for a golf ball that performs well but doesn’t break the bank, Srixon Soft Feel might be your best choice. 

Featuring a 338 dimple pattern which reduces drag and increases launch, the ball provides more stability and penetration through each shot.   

Additionally, It gives a soft feel and solid spin control. 

Because it’s a two-layered construction, it shows less responsiveness and is not hard enough to compete with premium golf balls in terms of durability; however, it comes with its own perks! 

The 2-piece construction includes; 

  • A FastLayer soft core with a firm outer shell for increased ball speed. 
  • A thin outer layer of ionomer acts as a cover and gives better spin control. 

Srixon Soft Feel only comes in white; however, if you want a colorful look, you can buy the lady soft feel variant, which comes in pink and yellow. 

To have more insight, hop into this YouTube video by Today’s Golfer;

Here’s some valuable advice! 

Prominent Features

  • Features 388 dual dimple pattern for improved stability
  • The base layer consists of a FastLayer core and a hard shell
  • It also comes in soft lady version 


✅ Stable Trajectory

✅ Soft feel

✅ FastLayer core

✅ Available in multiple colors

✅ Economical price


❌ Less durability 

❌ Less responsiveness

In short, if you’re looking for a budget golf ball that doesn’t compromise on performance, Srixon Soft Feel can be a reliable choice. 

5. Most Advanced: Bridgestone Tour B RX 

Credit to Bridgestone

Bridgestone Tour B RX uses the most advanced tech to provide robust performance and explosive velocity.  

With a balanced compression rating of 75, the ball still manages to give maximum distance on slower shots, making it excellent for both beginner and pro golfers.  

This is made possible by it’s three-piece construction which contains; 

  • A compression core to gain initial ball speed and extra forgiveness
  • A cover layer to support the core and a SMART REACTIV iQ cover for enhanced performance. 

Not only this, but it also features a dual-dimple technology to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics for efficient trajectory.  

As it’s a performance-focused golf ball, it doesn’t offer much in terms of personalization. 

Plus, it comes at a higher price for its extra features, most of which are only useful in outdoor sessions.

Here’s a YouTube video by TGW The Golf Warehouse for more information on Bridgestone Tour B RX;

The balls have got some potential! 

Prominent Features

  • It has a moderate compression rate
  • Features SMART REACTIV iQ cover 
  • Features advanced dual-dimple technology


✅ Robust construction

✅ Enhanced aerodynamics

✅ Advanced dual-dimple technology

✅ Forgiving feel


❌ Doesn’t offer customization

❌ High price

Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls may not have extra features like customization; however, when it comes to basics, it’s a 10/10.   

Quick Comparison of the Best Golf Balls for Golf Simulator

Besides reviewing, I’ve also rated the best golf balls for a golf simulator in a quick comparison.

ProductsTaylormade TP5Titleist Pro V1Callaway Chrome SoftSrixon Soft Feel Golf BallsBridgestone Tour B RX
MaterialUrethane Urethane UrethaneSurlyn IonomerUrethane
Construction5-layered 3-layered3-layered2-layered3-layered
Compression Rate8590706075

How to Purchase the Best Golf Balls for a Golf Simulator? A Buying Guide! 

Before buying a golf ball for your golf simulator, consider a few important factors that might save you from possible trouble. 

Don’t know about them? Lemme help!   

1. Compression Rate

A myth about compression rate is that it decides the swing speed, whereas it only decides the softness and hardness of a golf ball. 

A rule of thumb for beginners is to buy a golf ball with lower compression and higher swing speeds. 

If you’re a pro, you’ll do well with high-compression golf balls. 

2. Cover Quality

The cover quality of your golf ball can impact its performance in several ways.

Urethane covers tend to provide more spin, better ball control, and a premium soft feel.

On the other side, Surlyn covers give more speed and increased distance.     

When it comes to this, prioritize what is more important for you! 

3. Dimples

Every golf ball comes with its specific dimple design, which affects its aerodynamics. 

A golf ball having 300 to 400 dimples is recommended for increased lift and a stable trajectory.    

4. Price

Last but not least, the price of a golf ball may shape your experience with it. 

Costly golf balls have premium construction, a better feel, and performance as compared to cheap golf balls. 

However, it doesn’t mean that cheap golf balls aren’t worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use practice balls with golf simulators?

Yes, practice balls can be used with golf simulators however, they don’t give accurate results due to reduced weight and softer construction. 

Which golf balls are better for amateur golfers?

Typically, amateur golfers are advised to go for low-compression golf balls as they’re soft and easy to play.  

What kind of golf balls are more durable?

Golf balls made of urethane have a premium finish that tends to last longer, compared to any other material. 

Wrapping Up: Best Golf Balls For Golf Simulator

There’s no restriction to using specific golf balls with a golf simulator. 

However, if you do use them, you’ll have significantly improved performance and realism in your game.   

As I’ve laid down all the necessary information about the best golf balls for golf simulators, I’m sure you won’t have difficulty making a purchase decision.  

Still can’t figure it out? Follow this! 

If you’re a beginner, look for a golf ball like Callaway Chrome Soft or Bridgestone Tour B RX with a softer to moderate compression rate and more forgiveness.

Experienced golfers can do great with high-compression golf balls like Taylormade TP5 and Titleist Pro V1.

For those who’re on a budget, I recommend using Srixon Soft Feel golf balls.

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